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Kotetsu Akane
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Japan Released:2011/02/26(Sat) DENGEKI DAIOH / End:2012/02/26
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2016/11/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was a story that set Kisaragi Chihaya as the main among quite a few idols in Comic Carizing of "Idol Master 2". Producer role also was a person who had a different impression from the feeling I saw in animation, but since the original game is probably a work of player = producer, it will not go to the medium here.
Well, since I have not particularly played the original, I read only with a vague image.

Well, anyway, the producer was almost clearly related to Chihaya, so it was easy to read the first story that the focus of the story was narrowed down. Some comic books of "idolmaster" were cartoons for "fans" trying to push out the attractiveness of multiplayer idol, but for the current work, the viewpoint has been narrowed very much It is easy to read.
Even when depicting other idol 's personality settings, it is used to describe' differences 'and' complex 'that they have in Chihaya' s point of view, so idols other than Chihaya will never be made a horse and show their case I think that it is good, and it is also good that the producer is an exclusive idol of Chihaya. It was easy to pay attention to their special bonds, and I sympathized with the appearance of producers that can compensate Chihaya's problem well.
In short, it is also a struggle for adult men who pushes her growth while one girl is suffering. Although it is a story that supports unilaterally, if she can see the shining appearance on the stage, the producer is good.

Although it seems not touched much, the younger brother who tried to become an idol also lightly touched heavy past and trauma which is dead in a traffic accident. The whole atmosphere did not put too heavy settings on the front, but focused on soft descriptions, but it's not bright as well, is not it?
I think that I was drawn to be able to be seen without overly painting the painful thing very much while focusing on the growing story well.
As a depiction of a gag, I think that it is probably a cartoon of a book's book, but the most laughable thing is where Mr. Ogiri took back drinking drunk images. People other than producers and Chihaya were not touched up in this volume in general, but it was fun to read it as if I were writing a lot of characters as it was a bonus.

Evaluation is "good".
I think that it was almost impossible and it was an easy-to-see royal road Imamus comic.
There seems to be quite a lot of comicalize, actually I read somewhat, but it was in the middle that the story came into my head frantically ....