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Mine Yoshizaki
Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Japan Released:1995 Comic Newtype / End:1997
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2007/09/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Galactic Strongest "Space Sword Knife" Brothers of successor candidates. Cunning and beautiful elder brother,
The 100th Universe (Hyakuvenue) is a natural brother, Parky X,
He was dissatisfied with the fact that he was selected as a successor and tried to murder.
X Hebei, who was hit by a hundred rows of traps and was released into outer space, reached the super fighting planet Cruz, gaining friends with the goodness of natural people and being caught up in the battle.
Battle? Gag cartoon.

[good point]
The author's picture has stabilized around this time. Pictures are good, but others are tough.

[Bad point]
A gag that has not become a gag. Abruptly, the axis shakes from the next to the next, unfollowable unfolding in a bad sense. Impressions of immature comic masters, the number of mouth is many, impression like listening to the cold shabberi where the story is overwhelmed.
The original work of Yoshizaki Kannon's laughter? Well, it works to help understand immature at the time.
Not a calculated laugh but rather an insane character is a runaway (to say that it is too much to say)
Leave it to it, a creative technique like a series of writing appears. At the time of serialization was mainly ceased due to issues of the magazine side, but even in the complete version, the flow is not changed, so the drawbacks are the same.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"bad". Yoshizaki Kannon is attracted by poison, parody, black stuff put in 4 frames from long ago, but when drawing a manga normally, it got bored faint. Although the character had only the "setting", there was a work to make the character feel real from character, but it clearly understood the work. It is not convincing indeed how X hee hee is loved and waking up to friendship by his colleagues. In addition, because the character of X-keei is not standing by "setting" alone, "natural blur" also appears empty.
The current Keroro sergeant can read because the characterization of the Keroro platoon has exacted a strong sense of presence by virtue of the words, so it brought in the neta cartoon format further "remodeled arbitrarily". Well, it is hard to recommend other than the direction to think about the creator transition of the author.