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Other media: Anime:Space Knight: Tekkaman Blade (Uchu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade) / Game:Space knight Tekkaman blade SFC ver
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Studio Ox Tanizaki Akira
Tatsunoko Productions
Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,Ltd.
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Japan Released:1992 Comic comp
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2014/06/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a comicalization of "Space Knight Tecuman Blade".
However, it is too different from the anime Tekkaman Blade, and the characters that become the essential feature of the work such as Shinya and Miyuki are omitted.
However, it seems that it may be useless if it is said that there is nothing it can do, as it is supposed to be drawn in the state before broadcast that there is not much information about the animation to be broadcasted well.
Also, I felt the effort that I tried my best with a direction different from animation, not knowing anything.

Well, first of all, Fritz talks about Tekkaman Dagger takes more time than the original.
Or, half of the manga is a fight with Fritz. Pegas dedicated to Dagger Peggy Dagger also got involved in full-scale talks, so it was amazing to dig deep Fritz, which was instantly killed by the original work.
Anyway, there is Tukkomi place of this comic version and it is an interesting place.
I do not understand where this extraordinary Fritz love comes from, just watching the main part.
Although Fritz as a human being is also painted with a picture, it seems that it is a squid idiot that remains in the impact by just looking at somehow, something "Oh, that guy is a good guy ...".

However, while the decision with Fritz and Daggerpegas was polite, the other enemies collapsed with grasshoppers.
Although Tekkaman Reims was an original dog, it was a dog, but if it is a manga, it will be done in a moment by putting together three people (yet still being honest, it is slightly more intelligent than the animation 's Ranus who was just thrust).
Tekkaman Evil seems to have decided that it is impossible to draw a setting called "Takaya's twin brother" in a short serial period, and it was set like "Takaya's clone".
Also, the setting of Tekkaman Rapier was changed from the setting "Takaya's sister Miyuki" to what, "Mily which is a clone of dead Miyuki".
Although it was said that "It looks like Milly and Miyuki" in the original animation, it seems that it does not resemble anything even if it sees anything and that setting eventually did not get used to it until then ... but it was quite like this development I was surprised.

The picture was a bit like an American comic impression.
Or, they all look like foreigners. I wonder if it is like Amekomi ... something strange.
There were places where it was difficult to see because there was a lot of fraying and it was difficult to see what was going on.

Evaluation is "normal".
In the second half, it was the thing that the deployment was overdone too much, but I think that the content of the modification is not bad as the parallel of the main part.