[Comics]Space Battleship YAMATO 2199 Higan no ace

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Mayumi Azuma
Tatsuro Nakanishi
Yuki Nobuharu
Mag Garden Corporation
Japan Released:2013/07/30(Tue) COMIC BLADE / End:2014/04/30
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2015/12/03 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Yamamoto Rei (Old Mr. Akira) who changed from an old man to a woman in the Gaiden work of "2199" is a comic version of the main character, but although quiet, although passion for pilot was made active as Rei very strong .. .

[good point]

Such a usual thing is silent though I think that the author 's thought to Ling that the passion secret in secret to anyone can not be defeated and that fan service was done well.

[Bad point]

Originally for the fans, originally 2199 itself, in a bad meaning in the present era, since it has strong sense of silly moon forced only to forcibly, in that sense it seems a little color glasses or because the cold viewpoint has not changed, a story There is no interesting feeling, and the impression that it is forcibly impressed is also strong, too.

Ling is ancient or Kato, or feminine love in Hirata ... too much was not translated in the main part, it was only a thing called "works for Ling Chan fans".

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It was a remake of the popular animation on the awakened viewpoint and completeness to 2199, so I tried hardly to make it, but - but in 2199 the feeling of sadness like the first work Yamato and the theme of progressing from despair have been drastically thinned Because it is a translation of the main character of Yamamoto Rei-chan in such a place just because it has become a work far from impression, it is a comic that can only be enjoyed except Ling Fan.

It is certain that it is a controversial work if it does not really become Ling Moe to the setting and a style that aims at just because it is Rei who felt like a cool Moe character. It seems that 2199 saw the lack of feelings of sadness and old fashioned feelings and bad feelings of life and living being even lacking, and it seems that it may be normal in bad meaning that such things can be done.

By the way, the old work, Akira Yamamoto, was shot before the warp test, was helped by ancient times, joined Yamato as a rebel group for the earth in "Farewell (and part 2)", protect the ancient in the comet empire warfare Although it is killed in the battle, it is only possible to imagine that Rei of this work is ken (or will make it altogether at the producer's convenience) due to things like Yamamoto of the old work.