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Mitsuteru Yokoyama Koudansha
Japan Released:1965 Shonen Book / End:1967
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2006/06/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Space Exploration by Masters Although it may sound good to hear about Romantic Manga, its contents are hard and developed to overcome training to go to space and the obstacles accompanying it. Moreover, it smells the scent of science fiction movies of the 50's such as "Andromeda ..." of the movie of unknown threats and pathogens ... and "Moon world conquest", and draws it in realism Also interesting.

If this is Mr. Zenzo Matsumoto's work, it will not pierce the realistic and severe point of this work, and the parts such as the actual ship or spaceship and airplane ... are very interesting and heavy contents.
It seems that the fact that it suffers from the stigma of daring to survive alone to defend the future is that "the pilot is lonely".
The form of the hero who is being tossed around by those who have both habits and two quirks and growing while being swayed is "the happiness of mankind, but the shadow brings it ... but the shadow ... ..." the dark side of science versatility It can be said that the point that I was thinking is the point, and even now there are many defects and distortions of such science universalism (such as rocket accidents, nuclear power plant troubles etc.), and such a severe science of human society The part that the dark part and the things that science brings is not only happiness is showing heavy this work.

Because of such a style, this work may have given shock to children who had dreams in space at that time.
Even if it sees how it is for contents for adults, there is a military place and it is not the universe world full of dreams and romantics of Zenzo Matsumoto, and that heavy SF feeling and hard human pattern are different in this work It seems like it was showing as a work, and it seemed that such heavyness might be close to that of "after infinite revoisers" (Revias has neither characters nor the world view).

Perhaps there was a part called "Do not make such a dreamless universe adventure!", This work is not a long-time serialized translation, so even though Yokoyama's comic books are not very popular, I made this work a lot of resistance, I think that no comics were issued. Every child out of the kid is more like a fantasy universe full of dreams and romance than this hard SF World.

However, while touching the taboo, the space works of Mr. Zenzo Matsumoto stand out somewhat inconveniently, this work disposes of such elements, heavy style, limitation of science, and the universe is not a gentle place for mankind It is meaningful to draw things like that, it is possible to say that the story of this work was completed by making it a hard and dangerous universe in severe unlike the Zen Matsumoto universe.

Accidents have actually occurred in manned spaceships such as Soyuz 1, Challenger and Colombia in Apollo 1 and Apollo 13, and there are many cases where reflections and tasks are piled up against it, and many such space pilots This work can be fully evaluated in terms of hard work of drawing dreams and reality of reality, and it can be said that the part which depicted the gap between the dreams given by science and reality was left to a great extent in the mind.

Except for the pattern and mecha design it is retro, this work showed the real flavor of real science fiction.