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Other media: Literature:Threads of Destiny / Drama:Akai ito / JP movie:Akai ito
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Goma Books
Japan Released:2008/11/05(Wed)
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2010/09/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Many works try to empathize with girls' comics by giving a real feeling.
But until now, "Why are mediocrity hero motivated, do you get along well?"
Or was it just being thought that "Whatever a good girlfriend sticks to with such a strange opponent, or is it going to hurt a serious eye?"
It is felt that the actual condition of the hero and the event occurring to her are not balanced for singing reality.
That's why I thought that there was no way to be extreme because it was a cartoon,
Once I wanted to read girls' comic books that will develop "convincing cause-and-effect reports". It is this work that fulfilled it.

The main character.Shimoku is a person who will be able to respond to the request of the other party if it is cried by a weak person.
Even in the scenes where it becomes harder afterwards if it meets the requirement it will not be able to take a resolute attitude and will pick up an ad hoc tenderness.
I can not truncate other things for what I want to protect most, even I can not choose the most important thing,
There is sweetness aside and thinness of crisis consciousness.
That's why she is liked as a light boy such as Kakuta.Kota. Taka chan, "If you strongly ask for it, you will be given pleasures"
Serious childhood friend who is my first love partner, Yuya could not have liked how sweetness was perceived.
And she was attacked by men because of low crisis awareness, and driven herself into suicide.
Just because the problem is raised to make the story exciting, the thinking and actions of germinating gloves are returned as they are making the current situation,
It was my first time to make comics feel deeply.
Inevitably "After being sweet and living hulafully for other people as well as others, it is hard work.
You must be a human who can make a severe decision at the time of emergency. "

And, in terms of the skill of making a process until the problem occurs, this work is supreme ...
Handling after the problem has occurred, it is very bad way of solving!
Because most of things are ended with "I will be okay as everyone gently watch over you."
Problems of the world will not manage anything but feelings alone,
Professional help and appropriate training. There will also be problems that can be solved only after treatment,
Although it is also an amateur, the author does not draw that "concrete solution" at all.
I wonder why the jump is good and the landing is bad, also why.
Even though landing was also appropriate, it was a comic "with realistic convincingness" at best

In the translation, "the process until the problem occurs" as "highest", "until the problem occurs until solving" is "very bad"
The overall evaluation is "good".