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Motoka Murakami
Japan Released:1977 Weekly Shonen Sunday / End:1979
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2010/11/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16587 Host:16249 Browser: 4483
Mr. Motoharu Murakami's initial hit work. I feel like a smaller hit rather than a big hit.

In the opening part, the blood type of the main character Ken is Bombay.The setting called Brad creates a certain sense of tension, but somewhat mediocre.
Ken once completed an accident, such as a completed genius character, such as showing a run that does not feel blank or trauma despite being retired,
It is a type that is often seen in the 70's drama touch in the period when the picture of the author is still not solid yet although the picture is also high in level.

However, as the character's deeper progresses in the middle, the author's color will come out that will also follow the subsequent work.
In the case of this work, however, it is a form of "F1 racer with aspect of problem child due to high pride" (lol.
It is hard to understand what you are thinking from Ken and dissonance is occurring with team staff,
My colleague 's rock is sipping a sponsor, and this is hated again in the team.
The jealous racer Pepe who appeared after him is disliked between the racers among the racers, cheekiness of youthfulness.
However, because of the poor people, as a competitive rival against Rokko 's backbone concerning money and Ken who has a passion for heat, Peppe' s rapid growth has felt human - smelling charm,
That's why Ken's suffering after losing them was a very easy empathy as a reader.

Sadly, in the end, Ken who was reputed as "a destructive genius" from the former won the race as usual, carrying the death of them.
I will not say that he will kill, but I can leave the life and death to the imagination of the reader like "Tomorrow's Joe" "Sprinter"
Or it would have been more exciting to make it take the form of pulling up to the last episode like "F".
Besides, the conflict with the sponsor is Aya Noya, the relationship with my sister embracing emotions more than brothers and sisters is a work that could be aimed at the upper tension, such as a falling place too much, so small The feeling of being gathered is regrettable.

I think that you can feel Mr. Murakami Motoka's eminence as a cartoonist. "Good".

2004/11/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5401 Host:5224 Browser: 3846
No, it is a race manga of the stage where the F1 Grand Prix of nostalgia and around 77 - 8 years is the stage. Although the hero is a special blood type and to see the condition of the new machine, it is possible to put a mechanic on the side pod and unreasonable setting and stuttulation can be seen, but the race scene full of humanism was quite interesting In the modern F1 of organization & strategy I will not be able to draw such a story I think the car on which the hero rides is not the fastest Lotus at that time but following the designs around McLaren and Brabham is now an interesting tokyo is the hobby of the author