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Ryohei Saigan
Japan Released:1982/09/24(Fri)
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2010/12/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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A mysterious story from the time my brother-in-law brother and I met a mysterious cat, Alligator Maru, sometimes makes me cry or a scary story.
There are many incidents that women are attacked by vampires, and my sister doubts the editor of his older brother (brother is a manga artist), but his name is also doubtful. Actually, the surprising person was a vampire I was surprised, and this editor became quasi-regular.
It was a cartoon that appeared pretty dangerous people such as Geteto chef who planned to eat with aiming for the cynic power of crocodile inside.
In my opinion, my brother-in-law sister was sick to invite impressive developments, and it was a very reassuring and loving character that alligator Maru himself has various powers.
I think that it is a memory mistake, but surely "The citizen who took away my brother's friend in town by manipulated by the bonsai by the bonsai deprived of the bonsai trying to kill the friends of the cactus It protected everyone's story "is moving and remains in the mind.

2007/09/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Among the short edits of Mr. Ryohei Nishikishi, three works of laughter and occult are properly incorporated into this work in a heartwarming style.
If you briefly explain the overview, it is a story that depicts a number of manga artist Higashiyama Kosuke and his sister's involvement who have encountered a cat named Crocodile as one that can be enjoyed as a single body, even if it can be read through a series You can enjoy it. So step by step ...

"Great legacy"
It seems to be Mr. Ryohei Nishikishi who likes mystery work.
The expansion of the story somewhere that smells the influence of the mystery novel The murder case which put out as many as eight victims and the bizarre garbled cat wanni Maru appeared and the development was quite exciting but I felt a little strange.

"The secret of my neighbor"
I remembered the fear of seizing the bottom that a shabby salaried man living next door made copies of his wife based on hair and skin, misundering each other and killing each time.
As an idea, it is similar to Fuel Miller of "Doraemon", but because it was a familiar substitute of a copy machine, it is easy to hide a hint,
More than anything, I was able to realize that the same idea would be different thing up to now depending on processing.

"to the sky"
I did not give up giving up flying in the sky I gave up on a girl who was a love affair I had become a cartoonist until I gave up but my son's life did not feel any sadness.
Even if I sacrifice everything in my life, I will replace my father who could not dance the sky,
My son who fulfilled that dream beautifully ...
It would be more salvation than anything else for this parent and child to be able to do the work making use of that ability.

"Footsteps of the night"
Works on which vampires appeared, including those written by Mr. Ryohei Seiboshi, have read some but the editor-in-chief of Higashiyama exclusively took an inconspicuous attitude and its true identity actually turned out to be a great priest of the church That is surprising.
No matter how wonderful you are before your life, if you're doing terrible things that much, that is just a demon spirit ...

"The mystery of the crocodile"
It is a story that he interacted with the chairman of the gangster cartoon Yakuza drawn by the hero's Higashiyama Kosuke and the coincidentally similar champion of the yakuza.
In the beginning I thought that it was a scandalous incident and in reality it was a brilliant person and a brilliant and talented group chairman.
When dead in another conflict of gangsters said to a hero manga artist "Such a thing of evil like this, please do not let the chairman of that manga die cool at best ..."
This line is numb. It was a story that made me think about what a villain is.

The hero's sister is obsessed with the mouse ghost, repeating bizarre behavior.
Even in the overseas drama "High School. Wolf", there was a parody of the original "Exorcito" but as the head spun out like that, or I did not imitate scattering vomit, I felt a bit simple .
Shoplifting It is not a shame to push it a bit too strongly to combine such minor troubles at once with evil spirits and haunting phenomena (I think that prostitution is overkill indeed ...)

"Cook of Hell"
Should I say it is a story that struggles of the cook who tried to eat crocodile ...
I could not hide surprises when I learned that Anon, who seems to be generous to give fish, is actually a ridiculous chef who loves gettemono.
Even though it was put in the oven, the appearance of crocodile alligator circle seemed to be funny.

"Red clouds"
A story of a dead mother becoming too much a monster thinking of her son.
I do not know the desire to watch over my son, becoming a red cloud, but I felt something like ego rather than love to kill my human being who seemed to have a disadvantage to my son at random.
In the end it is reminiscent of somewhere "Black Jack" 's "The child of the devil goddess" that the act which I went through damages my child even more.

"Great Buddha Island"
Believing in the hoax of nuclear war, the fishing village really fell to the fishing village where the underground shelter, the flying saucer, and the suits that came out in special effects movies had even been made.
At the end I tried to destroy crocodile or Higashiyama brother sister for secret keeping but suddenly the mouse wasted my effort so far and I feel sorry for anything.
Human beings are cute for themselves, but we should not be involved with people who are not involved with that ...

There is something that can be linked to hits such as "the third sunset" or "Kamakura tale"
It was short but it was making a rich story.
Given the development of the later work etc, this short collection may be called roots of Mr. Ryohei Nishikishi.