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Other media: Anime:Place to Place (Acchi Kocchi)
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Comics rank of 2006 Rank 89in 397 titles
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Japan Released:2006/12/09(Sat) MANGA TIME KIRARA
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1. http://www.dokidokivisual.com/comics/book/index.php?cid=166 (Translation)
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2012/08/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36387 Host:36280 Browser: 2413(Mobile)
It is an evaluation of this comic but it was a pattern with a habit compared to animation.

Until Sakaki appears in the middle stage for the first time in a harem state that is exactly one boys and three girls, and at this time there are many depictions of violence and there is a lot of depictions of violence, rather than a warm heartedly feeling the violence part I got it.

That is why the size of the existence of Sakaki was really important. With the presence of him, the variations of the talk spread out, and I was able to smile as well as animation as well.

Also, the pattern with this habit can make the change of facial expressions more conspicuous and you can also enjoy different ways from animation.

There is a fairly rude part with doing little story of Valentine while being a loose cartoon of the everyday system, and in the handwork of this kind of work is specialized in gag and the violence part is also the emergence of Sakaki It was able to be laughed frankly without being acknowledged by.

However, because the tempo is too relaxed, it is awkward for some talks to be boring all the time for a while, so the outrage is intense.

Also, I was sorry that the feeling of Nyonyo that was in animation is not much felt by original manga. Once in a situation, it is perfect, but it is difficult for manga to express movement with dynamic feeling like animation as well.

Evaluation is "good" I will.

As an aside, it was good that the kindergarten of the extra was overflowing with the sense of warmth as well as animation.

2011/04/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19896 Host:19998 Browser: 6314
First of all, Tsumugi is really cute ....
Even this kind of thing like a Japanese adolescent man's point is stuck still.
Conversely other characters think that shadows are thin, and even with Henji to Hen?
No, it is exaggerating I am sorry and I thought of it.

Drawing on the example of four frames of everyday system, the drawing is flat and not stable.
It is not something like a minus point because it does not matter too much because of the everyday system.
Just is the sticking of the tone a little sloppy.

I do not think that it is interesting because it is a daily system with no story, but I feel that it is fun.
Anyway, it is Mr. Tsumiki.
My ecstasy of ecstasy is quite good. That is why I bought it.
There are very few manga which was hit by so-called cover paper buying,
Personally, I think that this work is classified and it is not problematic.
I mean, principals are not even trying to get along, I will take a peaceful skin snip.
Envied like ... There seems to be a sense of incompatibility ... for now I'm limited to manga.
When all the skinship characters come out in movies or animation,
Anything is disgusting ahead I am.
No ... Is it Tsumiki Mr. Limited? I suppose it looks like an embarrassing confession ....
I think that it was good to buy anyhow.

2011/02/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17216 Host:17169 Browser: 7352
A young boy who is a son, a girl who is in love with I and I. Tsumiki.
It is a work whose evaluation is divided depending on whether these two love patterns can be enjoyed or not.

Although it is a book classified as a love comedy, as for the comedy part of which it is not a love relationship,
Wasting of excessive physical and technical abilities (and nosebleeds) are eye-catching,
Overall there is not notable interestingness,
Heroine. Tsumiki has a strong desire to monopolize, it is hard to have favorable feeling, such as appealing to force as soon as possible,
As for the character as well as gag, there is no special goodness.

However, although Tsumiki is ever in love with I, she can not easily become obedient,
On the other hand, I do not notice such love of Tsumiki at all, usually touching the persimmon with the feeling that he loves cats and small animals,
I sink the tsunami in a killing phrase that occasionally emanates.
Even if such a small amount of climbing and idling, and various idle runs on the way, there is a dropping place in the end in the end,
Personally I think that it is quite interesting.

Those who like the Tsundere heroine and the insensitive hero's love comedy, I think that it is not bad to read this work.

2009/01/08 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8240 Host:8264 Browser: 8090
I will refrain from evaluating because it is not yet completed, but I think that this work picks people to read.
Personally it is the best, but it can not be said that it is excellent as a gag cartoon,
It is also subtle as a Moe cartoon, and may be somewhat unsatisfactory for those seeking such things.

However, the character of this work is very interesting and funny at all.
In other words, it is healed.

From such a point of view, this work is very attractive to me.
Therefore, I will consider it as "a comment from a position I think is good".