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Japan Released:2008/05/16(Fri) / End:2011/03/16
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1. http://www.mangaz.com/book/detail/44191 (Translation)
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2016/06/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I saw it at the out-of-print cartoon library as well as the artist who was already evaluated below, but it was a content that could be said to be the exchange period with a domestic cat or a Nora dog by a cat lover's author

As I have actually kept a cat, the author surely knows that the personality is different and the personality exists by the cat. Although I was thinking while reading, (whatever I am)

It was a long and long work as an actual-essay essay-style work that the narration such as the time series was unclear and normally a few years later. It might have been quite dark style when it became one book

Since the author seems to have been feeding irresponsibly to Nora, I wanted you to take responsibility properly if you keep it, but the number of really cute cats is amazing! Of course not only regular rice and various expenses It seems that the price will be amazing if you do castration or contraceptive surgery. And it's enough to worry while being strangled

There is no bad person to like cats! I do not mean to say anything exaggerating, but I thought that the author loves cats through the work and it is a good work

2016/06/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44336 Host:44389 Browser: 9081
Since it is about 1 volume in total, I tried reading it at the cartoon library Z.
The author is an adult manga artist, but in regard to this work, it was not about the work of an adult manga, especially in a real story work depicting exchanges with warm cats. Besides, Shinji Katakura of "Penn Tai" is also an original painter of an adult game.
Well, since I also kept a former Nora cat, I knew this also today and I read it, I think it was pretty good.

At first, this author seems to be in places where many stray cats live, so it seems that the stray cat who came to the house is taken over as "family". Actually I do not have to feed the stray cats, perhaps I feel like a region that is tolerant in that neighborhood, and even things like taking care of taking care of cats other than cats who only get food and gone away will also have trouble There is a gray zone with a personal feeling.
Depending on the cat, there are some stray cats who have come into the house and do not try to leave until they feed. Many other stray cats who seemed to know it came.
Well, is it a feeling that "Ichigo with cats" is drawn in this work?
As it is like Rupo cartoon, when saying "A new cat has arrived", this time it will end with a lonesome event, such as "the stray cat went somewhere and was not returned" or "passed away" There are also cats. It was a story that the cats who were always fighting always fighting like the story that died the next day to follow.
It seems that I have met many cats, and by introducing special memories in each one of them, I was able to enjoy having a drama as it is in a true story.
It is quite a difficult story to get in touch with difficult cats like this, I myself have been experiencing quite recently, so I read it quite convincingly.

The picture was also pretty cute, but when you saw the cover it was clear that the owner was a glasses daughter ... (lol)
To put it more, I thought it was an owner or a veterinarian.

Evaluation is "good".
It would be out of print for a while, but I would like a booklet (lol)
Shall I find it for second - hand use ...?