[Comics]Mstsdsburo of the Wind (Kaze no Matasaburo)

Other media: Anime:Kaze no Matasaburou / Literature:Kaze No Matasaburo
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Syu Katayama
Kenji Miyazawa
Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Japan Released:1998/06/01(Mon)
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2005/12/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a short editing book that included the original work by Miyazawa Kenji 's "Kaze no Tablo", "Ten Power of Jinbutsu", "Tenjo no Genjutsu" plus author original works.
There is "Ginga Railroad Night" in the same series of comics.

"Yabusaburo of the Wind"
Impression that chewed the original and became easier to read. There are also many parts that have been revealed to that extent. Is it a problem of the number of pages?
Person's name will not come out except "Takada Saburo".
Children 's expression is becoming softer than the original. The cruelty occasionally seen at that age was in Kenji Miyazawa ....
Saburo also is drawn as an ordinary child than the original.
I felt sadness that the mysterious phenomena that occurred around him, and the reactions that floated a little from the surroundings were scarcely cut away.
I think that it is a particularly impressive part in the scene, "Rain is crispy rain Sanbu", "Wind is dragonfly Saburo", original, but here also did not exist. I feel lonely.

"Ten power of gold stone"
I like it the most in this book. As a result of mangaization, I also read the original work, but it was a really beautiful work.
It is very fairy tale and it is also a praise for the land.
The text of Kenji Miyazawa has been quoted a lot, the impression that Kenji is stronger than "Kazu Saabu of the wind".
Author 's paintings and composition are also well matched.
Scenes where plants and scallops sing are beautiful. Poetry and manga are certainly fused.
It appealed deeply to vision.

"The genjutsu of the tulip"
It is a mysterious work what to say.
I also read the original, but the impression that I could not grasp well, I remembered remained.
Like a daydream or an addictive drug. In fact, I think that it is such a novel.
Compared to the above two works, a shade of thick shades. Represent the outline with strong sunlight and the shadows that can be made by it.
Tulip was a little scary plant, depending on what you see ....
But it is a strange work. The speech of words is still unique and beautiful though.

"Spring funeral story"
This is the author's original. It is not Kenji Miyazawa work.
Apparently it seems to be linking with the manga recorded in the other author's book.
Very short comic without ballistic.
A little aesthetic. An agreement with the old wooden school building at night is a thing that was used around, but as the author's painting power is high, it is such a fear as to be attracted to.
However, it seems that a slight expression of bruising is involved in "expression that the corpse is buried under the cherry tree".

Miyazawa Kenji 's evaluation as a cartoonized work is "good".
After reading the original, I get a lot of interests, but even if I subtract it, I think that it is comprehensive Ryosaku.