[Comics]Mamotte Shugogetten Retrouvailles: 2005/05/28 TAKARAYA

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The passionate fans of these comics suspect that the ghostwriter is drawing these comics now.
Passionate fans suspect that, as for Chapter 3 or subsequent ones, the ghostwriter is drawing comics.
They also carried out handwriting analysis and compared a real author's case with a ghostwriter's case.
The passionate fan already knows the history and full name about the ghostwriter who is imitation.
Consequently, they are sure that the ghostwriter is drawing these comics now.
But, the author and publishing company of these comics are not commented at all about this affair.
By the reason for saying so, doubt is deepening further.
"Mamotte Syugogetten" was a wonderful comic.
However, after the author was frustrated, it lost charm.
The situation which became worse could be improved, when the ghostwriter of imitation is dismissed and Minene Sakurano which is an actual author draws these comics.
Many fans think so.
This cartoon ended at last.
The truth was indistinct to the last minute.
It is regrettable.

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