[Comics]Lesson of evil (Aku no Kyouten)

Other media: Literature:Lesson of the evil (Aku no Kyouten) / Drama:Aku no Kyouten Joshou / JP movie:Aku no Kyouten
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Yusuke Kishi
Japan Released:2012/05/07(Mon) Good!Afternoon
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2015/12/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17299 Host:17270 Browser: 5171
With the ability also, Renumi Seiji who has good reputation from outside people variously backed up,
A story of making a final massacre festival.
Is it the same line as Death Note's Yagami Light and Geass' Lelouch?
It is a story that a person who seems to be very good is a devil and a muddle of magic.

[good point]
1. Graphic skill
2. State of manipulation of personnel

[Bad point]
1. People introduction. Commentary on one pattern
2. Hunting time is one pattern
3. Lotus Musou.
4. Absence of rival.
5. It is impossible for past crime and concealment work
6. I do not understand the reasons for homicide.

1. Introduction of people.The commentary is not so bad, but the person's introduction.The commentary may have been somewhat one pattern.
When writing the feelings of that character it was the same writing style every time.

2. The hunting time is also one of the hints of the hunting time of the lotus one in the latter half.
You know beforehand who will survive in the massacre.
Along with that,

3. Whether it is not interesting a little is also certainly not funny Sonoda Isao professed him to beat him, Takashi Nakamura's guitar electric shocks and Kubota Nana have been beaten head by the shootstock,
Other than almost unscathed.
Of course, it would be easy to kill one-on-one opponents without resistance,
Lotus flesh is physical, mental, aware, there is a feeling that it is all too good.
There is also a mistake to overlook the recording of AED, Morse code, prey of corpse,
After all, no one can survive without being able to defeat the lotus fruit.

4. With rival absent military force, Mr. Isao Sonoda could have been the only one who could defeat Honomi,
That teacher did not do political things like back work. There was no rival over there.
There is no such thing as Death Note 's L in a comprehensive sense, and the Muso condition of Lianumi continues from beginning to end.

5. After past crime and concealment work is impossible, I think about past murder, but I think that it was indeed impossible.
It will be bald, normally.
I think that the work before the slaughter will also be balanced.
Especially, I changed the contents of PET bottle to kerosene,
To buy such a large amount of kerosene and replace with light tigers,
It is quite conspicuous already, I will see traces of the trace, I think that an eyewitness example will come out.
It takes time to execute, and if you are touched by others when switching, you can not defend.
As expected, there was a lot of workmanship that was impossible.

6. I do not understand the reasons for homicide.
In many cases it was hard to kill later.
Although it is a psychopath, it can not be helped.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well, even if it is bad, I could enjoy it.
It is a work that I was able to read until the end with chitin.

2013/07/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
Pikalesque roman by a vicious teacher.
The generation who was enthusiastic about "Death Note" at the time of junior high and high school students now is a college student ~ a new American society person, so will the main target be around here?

The main character, Renomi Seiji is a refreshing adolescent teacher and will deal with various troubles in school,
At the same time, a dangerous person who intends to realize substantial domination within the school. Students with calculated charisma and talks.The teacher increases the number of sympathies and instructs poor students "nothing will be solved with violence" while using the strategy in the shadow to shuffle them socially while admonishing them.

Absolute rival like L against Night Shintoku is absent and it is a form where plural characters having a habit of "ha ha ha" are arranged in the absence,
At the moment, the original story's authors firmly set up the plot, impressing each person's personality with a high drawing power well.
(Although it is unknown whether Japanese movies are unexplored, it is possible to draw out the charm of a comic version well)

Strongly speaking, since the stimulus is strong, the thing to tell the story is small in choosing a reader and tallying characters (lol.
Although it does not talk if the character is useless by widening the large wrapping cloth only on the scale.
With "good" than "very good".