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Yukihisa Motojima
Japan Released:1989 Weekly Shonen Magazine / End:1993
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2013/05/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18742 Host:18482 Browser: 5345
The impressive horse racing story of Professor Kozu Motoshima serialized at Weekly Shonen Magazine in 89 - 93. "Sylphide" born after the difficult birth from the former Fusaga Southern Wind in Chiba 's Morikawa Ranch was attacked by a fatal asahi tendonitis as a competitive horse. However, Hayao 's hard work endeavors to overcome and run. However, the Morikawa ranch carries a lot of debts, the presence of horses and ranches such as Sylphade is dangerous. Hayao stops high school entrance and pledges to run as a jockey and a derby with Sylphide.

This work was drawn as a moving masterpiece as a new horse racing at the magazine incorporating spoons in the latter half of the 1980s, and it is a work depicting the contact and friendship between humans and animals. Looking at the title and the story contents, the magazine seems to be a work I wanted with a long-term serial view in mind.

The story is a horse race story that depicts the friends' horseman "Hayao Morikawa" and the racehorse "Sylphide" friendship, and also the fight against rivals, depriving the eighth of the jumping principle "friendship, effort, victory", impressed by it It finishes as a combined work, and it reminds me of the transmission of the heart between the person and the animal who tended to forget until then. While growing while touching the surroundings, there were also a lot of developments that were fairly stolen, but it has become a very favorable content that we will achieve growth in the process. I was impressed by the last run of the Arc de Triomphe. The decisive battle with the rival `Maximum 'was also very worth seeing.

This work was very well done as a horse racing manga, and it is a work that can be impressed, so the evaluation is [very good]. With the success of this work, I will head to the work linked to "Silver myth Mars" and Sylphide and the world.

2013/04/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31691 Host:31813 Browser: 4894
[good point]
Basically it is tough and hot, there are also good times, the fact that reality catches up with manga in about ten years later (the Arc de Triomphe and the overseas GI conquest of the Japanese horse) is said to have been ahead of the times,

[Bad point]
The impression of the race scene, I feel that there is not much sense of running, the things that are fine are as stated by others, things that the author's knowledge is biased, things that do not even have names The other horsemen is too incompetent Probably it is a professional),

[Comprehensive evaluation]
This author draws in detail the part that I know, but the unknown part is severely headed hard. Moreover, although it is getting the cooperation of the Japan Racing Association (JRA) and Raffians, it is likely that it will not be.

So it's really bad when others are wrong like other guys have already written, self-explanatory, incoherent, bad gut feeling etc will be issued. In short, cartoons do too overdoing, do not you?
For example, if you hit another face of a horse with a whip or interfere with it or do it in reality during the race, it will be disqualified. Also, although I drew himself with a story that I can not give out to GI without having won 30 victories at Derby, Shimamura can do it although I do only about 5 victories at Arima Memorandum Is the memory loss or dementia? .
The cause of the death of Silpheed is probably common sense if it is a rancher official, and it probably will not even know that. In the first place, it is almost impossible for reality that it is a shallow tendonitis since the horse was born ...

But at a good time there is a red kit that is the past of Oka in front of Derby, and there is also a conversation round of Oka and Yuki Jun after fracture at Maximum Arima Memorial, so good times are fine.
Another fierce fight of 1 centimeter difference in Derby is 1996. It is also reality such as 2009 Sprinters S. The difference of 2 cm is the Emperor Award of Autumn of 2008. The difference of 3 cm is Elizabeth Queen's Cup of 1994. The difference of 4 cm is 1999 Arima Memorial. Since it is 2000 Derby etc., that is not an overproduction.
The story is not too much a story, is not it? It is almost impossible in the human world, but in the world of horse racing it is a reality that cheap (1 million to 20 million) horses run unexpectedly is a common story but it is a high story (〓〓〓billion yen) Horse does not run at all It is also common thing.

Around the beginning of the serialization, the actual horses of the ashi were real females.Mejiro Tintan.Siby Cross etc. Although sometimes a strong one appeared, it started to serialize Tamamocros in the previous year 1988. Oguri cap is a big success Also, there was a time when the strong Ashigaya era had arrived since Medira McQueen and Biwahayahide followed (Oguri Roman too).

No way, the author also said that the content of the development like a dream that Japanese horses will win in the real world of the world (overseas GI) will be realized in about ten years (1998 - 1999) reality (seeing the pearl. Texualut. El Condor Pasaru Agnes World) You probably did not think.

2011/09/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13355 Host:13227 Browser: 10238
Although I read it when I was a high school student after the series was finished, although occasionally there were fine scenes funny but often I read a lot of supporting episodes, a lot of episodes of supporting roles also made a lot of success, the making is polite I can say that.
Aside from the story of a rival jockey evening you can ride Tanimuri for a while from the debut of Sylphide's jockey, and in the Asahi Cup it is like a villain or Oka where a stinky episode of Uen who was mounted on Kazama gold and a small smell of wind The horse owner of the face was made to appear, and the supporting race horse also took up the stories of kuta, Yumetaro and Baron and was rich.
Tanimura's Tsukimi Award's obsession and revenge at the Kobe Newspaper Cup, retirement due to Maximum's breakdown.
Yoshiwara 's pace lap is crazy to be a brain - like horse riding or a short - distance horse but the emperor' s prize awaits the spring in the end to preserve the stamina and brought it to three clothes. Either way I was satisfied.

The Tsukiyuki Prize and Derby were very hot with a battle of rapture, and in the Derby I thought that the judge desperately wanted to tell the difference of 1 cm desperately was reading and it was interesting.
Even in real horse races, there are occasional dramas that differ by 1 cm so now I think that it was shocking and unexpected that it was not a sylphide but a different horse that attached the first black star to the Maximum with St. Lights Commemoration is not it.
I do not think so much at the Kikuka Award, but the tactics going through the Baba's great outdoor is not a ridiculous horse rhythm now and I ride on a something unexpectedly feasible. Since the tactics going through outer races is occasionally also in reality

Was it something bad that you deliberately tried to skew to Silpheed by several heads of Spring Stakes? That bad thing would be a serious rule violation that would be a big problem. Severe punishment will be given to stakeholders if it is normal.
I thought that it was strange to go to the NHK Cup after a mystery run, although I was hurt.
It was a lot of high pace in the race scene and rival horses, except for a couple of heads I could not keep up with the high pace people and I felt outside Kaya. It is impossible for everyone of Mobu jockey who runs at the pace at which they do not have half as much as Kikka Award.
Activities strongest Strongest horse race Hinumaboku does not know the Sylphide camp, rival too much knowledge Even though evening horse fractured horses are not known to be involved in life and horse race related people suddenly lose knowledge as amateurs at the time of serial reading I thought it was strange even if it was.
At Nakayama Memorial Shimamura returned Hinumaboku with a promise with Yuki, the act of running Himumaboku at 1,400 meters on a horse and making it running intentionally and exhausting the race, if it should be defeated by anything, it was a violent thing that did not evolve into allegedly suspicious prosecution.
Maximum conditions for departure of the monthly prize are too good, only 2 books won 2 races, only the winnings of the Asahi Cup victory Maximum can run and the Keiza Cup 3-year-old stakes and 2 in Asahi Cup 2 Kazama gold can not run I think that it is strange in calculating the book's prize.
At the time Maximum's prize money of the Asahi Cup was only 40 million in 1989, even if it plus a prize of a new horse plus the prize money of 24 million Kazama Gold is Keisei Cup 3 Year Old Stake's 1st arrival 30,000,000 and 2 Asahi Cup 2 16 million and a new horse or victory and the winning prize is 27 million and Kazama gold has a higher priority ... first of all GII hose is excluded from the monthly prize and can not think normally.
It is my selfish judgment due to the content of the race in the Saint Light memorial but the silent generation has caused allegations at a low level
Although the race of 2,200 meters but running at a pace of 3000 meters and losing to Shao Tsang Long by 2.3 seconds difference, the time of other horses who did not have any tooth on Maximum was far behind Maximum 2 minutes 15 seconds 3 I think it is late.
I wonder if the horse who is completely defeated by Maxim who ran at 3000 m pace is just low level.
On the way of Arima commemoration If you think the lap is oversuggesting The halfway time of 1200 m was 1 minute 7 seconds 08
Suddenly one haulon 15 seconds is impossible to be sudden while the middle time of 1,400 m is also 1 min 23 s 0 and 1200 m impossible time.
I think that the middle time of 1600 m was 1 minute 32 seconds 2, 1 Halon 9 seconds 2, unreasonable and unreasonable, probably the people who were reading at that time thought it was strange.

It was good that the evaluation was hot and the race scene was basically decent, but since there was also an incident that crushed the neck occasionally, it made it good for that.

2011/01/09 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7013 Host:6757 Browser: 12340
Reading in a paperback book.

The royal road story of a horse racing manga that rivals walk a classical road.
Since the start is 1989, Oguri Cap ~ Mejiro. I think that popularity came out with Bourbon at the heyday of horseracing. I think that it was easy to empathize if the white horse body of Silpheed was also from Oguri fan.

However, contents are quite unreasonable.
As a matter of course what is written in the comment, a female jockey who will send out the sylpheed with a piece sign at the Arc de Triomphe "Win it! It is exactly Pocahn.
It is a winning match ... I can not. . . Piece ... It's not after the goal ...
This was the most impossible thing. If riding is OK, this is horse racing cartoon. I could only think that it was blaspheming.

Horse racing cartoons will inevitably compare to not being so many.
Therefore, Makibao, Yuuko's gate, even though I think about the matter above IKKI, evaluation is normal rather than bad because I do not think it's over.

2009/03/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6048 Host:5919 Browser: 5979
[Comprehensive evaluation] If this manga is represented by "hot blood", Mr. Yukubo's gate is "real", Shabu horse "humanity", this cartoon is "royal road" ....

The hero and Sylphide defeat the rival which struggles more and more while suffering from the bad condition of the leg's inborn condition, and finally challenge the Arc de Triomphe award .... Well, it is exactly the royal road! It is a work that scientific, rudimentary mistakes are conspicuous (it seems to be), but in the story it did not have medium slackness and might have run through like a wind with full speed. (Makibao is the second part, Yusubo is getting sluggish since Bom Crazy.)

I do not recommend it to the horse racing fan, but judging from the density of its density, the evaluation is "very good".

Even so, the breast muscle of the horse is too amazing. (It becomes even worse in Mars, and it becomes blatant.)

2009/02/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4325 Host:4289 Browser: 5234
Although it is a comic of horse racing, I like pictures more than that Makibao.
As the development is very solid, the excitement, the point of crying is firmly pressed down,
People who are interested in this genre will not lose even if they read it.
I am sorry that the sequel is now alright. (It does not evaluate)

2009/01/25 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 54537 Host:54483 Browser: 6302
If you understand even a little about existence called horse racing,
A manga that understands how much you desecrate the racehorse.

Once in a while, I read somewhere that people called Suda Takao criticized this comic book as metaxso, but I also agreed to read this manga.
(Rubbing salt into a racehorse)

I think that those who evaluate this manga are people who do not know horse racing or who have a broad mind so much.

2008/05/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34084 Browser: 2218(Mobile)
Horse racing cartoon which is lightly becoming a spoon comic.

Although the part where the horse is made to express the emotion according to the convenience of man is not understood, since he was a cartoon, I thought that it was useless.

Although it is a good talk when reading to the end, there are too many human selfish ideas in the story, there is a part that can not be emotionally transferred.

I enjoyed having fun, the evaluation is "good".

2008/04/07 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8858 Host:8682 Browser: 7653
Works that I read when I got into horse racing a little.
At the time there was a memory that I was impressed, but the more I learn the horse race, the more ignorance of this author's horse race and somehow I feel like it was drawn as it is said "This is the story of the royal road of horse racing" It will not.

When the hero made his debut, he was criticized as "can not win" in 2 rounds from the debut from the debut, but ... it is a newcomer debut with super expectations after you made a debut with a horse race and won 2 consecutive races in 4 rounds. It is!
Even if it is developed in a race, it is useless to try to escape, "You are good here after all" and finally go to the last direction, there is nothing but a compromise.

Surely the story of this manga is "royal road". I think that I am drawing a story of the best horse race which is perhaps the easiest to image.
However, this author does not convey "love" to "horse racing".
I really understand that it is a burning blade.

Makibao of the same horse racing cartoon is a gag comic but I feel love.

2007/05/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10986 Host:10912 Browser: 6287
It is nostalgic, I still love it.
Because I am easy to get bored in my own case, comic books that became even a little boring are thrown away soon, but this work is still one of the few comic books that are preserved preciously.

From now on, I felt that Mr. Maino's skill was not good at that time, but there was a fun story that surpassed it. The hero's Hayao is never blessed with talent as a jockey.
Racehorse Sillfield also had a weapon called the end of the threat, but it was a horse with many flaws.
Every time I was excited to see how this combination grows and grows while overcoming various setbacks.
The story of the triumphal arch award, which was the last race, was a masterpiece. I was impressed by the desperate run full of fighting spirit which does not take the handpick of Sylphode one eye blind.

Regrettably, the last thing is that the Sylphade was killed in accident. If possible, I wanted to talk about leaving behind the rest of my life leisurely. Another disappointing thing is that as a sequel to this story the horse's story about Mars was created. I think that this sequel was a complete snake feet.

Overall evaluation is "highest" without complaint.

2007/05/30 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17891 Browser: 4772(Mobile)
Works with horse racing as a theme.

This work is the story of a horse race that I read for the first time. Well, indeed, there are many problems on the story. The drawing power was not very good. However, it was not clumsy and easy to see.
However, there are many other problems ... support role of Hinumaboku for example. That afflicted Sylphide that much, and in the end it lost to Sylphide, but it was a judgment of allegation after being subtle in photographic judgment. Nevertheless, rivals came out and got struck. Horse carnivorousness is impossible. It is understandable that it becomes ferocious, bites and tears meat, but eating it .... What on digestive structure ....

The race is also awesome. It feels like to get over there so far ... and the silpheed reverses too much. There was not so much deep so far .... It is a derby or a jackpot. While I tried Arc de Triomphe, it was glowing hotly. Maximum was the most decent (in a strong horse).

Evaluation will be "very bad". There were many strange things in the story. There is not much kneaded story, there is no hint. However, there was also a place to be excited and the painting was still a level that was easy to see, so let's make this evaluation.

2006/10/08 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4054 Host:4117 Browser: 7333
Horse race knowledge is too short.
Because the horse that won the heavy award lost the trial,
I can not take classic ...
There is no fear of raising a strange place.
Anyone who knows horse racing, it is only what I think is impossible.
Well, it's a childish guy's fake cartoon.
Mistakes were not corrected even in the story evolution even with a waste paper book everything.
Horse racing comic worst garbage scrap

2006/09/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4961 Host:4911 Browser: 5234
Although it is a manga, it is a work that influenced Japanese horse racing, although it is not as high Seiko, as Oguri cap.

It is not only the race scene but the depth of the depth which carefully depicted the past, effort etc of characters other than the protagonist is a feature.
The most impressive thing is Arima commemoration that Maximum fractured, Tatsumura's obsession is a remarkable monthly prize.

In the process, the artist's skill, momentum is watchful, such as use of actual horse and event such as keystone, cherry star ou and arranging added, the scenes where Sylphide is defeated remain in good sense.

Aside, I think that Hayao's altered appearance after Sylphide died is a bit overkill.

2006/07/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 658 Host:357 Browser: 2775(Mobile)
When I was serialized in magazine, it was a disagreeable work. However, when the series ended and the magazine ceased to be read, it came to think that "This work was Ryosaku" when it passed a long time.
Human dramas such as horsemen, horse owner and trainer were good! There are many talks about trust, bonds and crying of competing horses and people (horsemen) with families supporting jockeys.
However, I thought that it was impossible for horse special training and racing .... After that, is it strange that the hero Jockey Hayao is in a state attached to the sylpheed? I think that if you are a horseman, you ride a lot more competing horses .... There are somewhat contradictory places, but it is a hot and moving and good work. And I got interested in horse racing. I still talk about "sylpheed" with my older brother when I'm watching the horse race relay (lol)

2006/04/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
It seems that horse racing is about one year around Derby (I prefer Arima Memorial and Spring Emperor Award).
Well it understands, even in manga it has that tendency, and I like the talk before Derby than the story after the derby.
It was fun to talk about rival trainers, but I did not go until I was enthusiastic.

2006/01/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2176 Host:2125 Browser: 5234
I liked it a long time ago and I think that it is still a good work. However, looking at the calmly, the evaluation is "good" because it is far away from the actual situation of the current horse race world because of too much unreasonable points and the flow of the times it is far away I will stop.

I think that the relationship between the rival as well as the sight of the human horse is still good. You can win the Maximum at last at the Three Crown Last Chrysanthemum Award, or face the strongest horse Rashuba in the first expedition tournament, the way the talk flows and how to make a point of view is very good. I was truly moved by the final triumphal arch award winning scene.

However, it is impossible to compromise the truly crowded part such as training method "It is not a wallet man", but it can not be compromised by Rashaba's "20 horse-drawn English Derby victory" and "human eating horse" No matter how much manga you are very interested in "this is overkill".
If these settings are a bit more realistic, it is a work that is possible to "very good" or "highest", so that's a shame.

Still it is a work that can be moved, so if you are looking for works that can cry please do come see it.

2005/08/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41750 Host:41707 Browser: 5234
It is a manga with horse racing as a theme, but there is not much reality about horses positioning. The jockey is drawn quite realistically. However, as human drama + exchange with horses is the subject matter, I think that it is not enough to make a problem.
After I became a stallion, I thought that death is a cartoon though it puts one head.
However, I guess I will cheer if these horses are ... In any case I am training too much a horse.

2005/07/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25820 Host:25563 Browser: 4925
It became hot. After all it is the last leg. End leg. A few years ago Negishi stakes' broad-a-pel's end leg ....

Oops that's it. It is full of contradiction as I read it now. Anyway "Sylphide Junior". Well, is there a lot of one letter? (Laugh).
Still the work was quite funny. Since the story captures not only Sylphyde and Hayao but also horse owner side, jockey side, crowd side, and TV side in one race (so it originally took about several minutes to race about two minutes) Because it swelled.

The good thing would not have let Derby win. Or, that is the only work that the hero did not win Derby as far as he knew. At this point I thought I was going to talk to the Arc de Triomphe, but if I take a derby, the inflation of strength will take place in the country, so the chrysanthemum would have been lazy, anyway.

A work that goes out to a big stage through growth, because the author inevitably comes to the main character, (for example, C 〓〓〓who passed undefeared to world youth) The reader will hesitate after the author's self-satisfaction , The main character lost a little bit, there were faults, I got attachment. That's why I was sad last time.

2005/05/22 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10676 Host:10866 Browser: 6287
Somehow it is "impressed" "severe" "spoil" So you have written all the merits so, from the other side by chance.

The main character horse (?) Sylphide has the characteristic that it is called "end leg" "chasing horse".

"End leg" that explodes at once in a squeeze ... ... ............ Dragon Ball speaking energetic balls, Dempsey roll if it's the first step or satellite cannon if it's Gundam X ... In short it's the end of the sylphade If it is a battle cartoon, it hits a "mortal work" that wanders at once the power that has accumulated.
Furthermore, the tactic of betting on the last sport most frequently used in the story.

In the end of the race (battle), the final leg (the "Special Move" mentioned earlier) shortens the distance and draws the rival horse closely (giving a big blow to the enemy) and letting it out (win), the painfulness of the reverse victory ............... Because it is also set to have characteristics that are good at reverse winning from the beginning, you can enjoy its refreshing many times with no collapse.
In other words, this work "Wind Sylphide" is exactly the same as a cartoon that seems to be a juvenile manga which also runs "Hita of the Battle Manga" exactly ............ Even if I said anything, "I can not get through" There was hardly any race that I did not leave it behind.

2005/01/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7936 Host:7849 Browser: 5237
Work that dragged me into the world of horse racing (laugh) No, I just support my favorite horse without paying any money. I thought he liked stay gold. Oops I told you.

A horse called Sylphide who was born with a serious problem as a racehorse on the leg tries hard and climbs to the world level.
You can enjoy it without getting tired because it packed variously. I felt the hero riding a horse.
Silpheed is amazing! Winning! There is nothing like that. It loses properly and there are also weak points.
Because the hero is a jockey, I will ride not only Sylphide but also other horses, so I will talk about other horses.
I liked the story of Yumenotalo and Baron. Oh, it was not a hero who was riding Baron but a newcomer.

By the way, although it is the seed of the sylpheed, I usually do not do the horse sowing under the witness ...
In the work, "At the other young people are two people ..." atmosphere. Well, if various things happen to draw in real (laugh)

Finally, I cried to the brave appearance of Rashuba.

2004/08/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18453 Host:18387 Browser: 3875
It was a manga that I could read and say whether it should be a spokon horse racing version.
Overcoming the fatal shortcomings as a racehorse, drawing a hot bond with the hero Morikawa jockey is a very hot cartoon.
A surface that is too far apart is ... I am spending a considerable amount of pages on a straight line ....
The Arc de Triomphe award was good! I remembered Elcon.
Even the last one .... It is totally too transient to end in that form (tears)

It is an old horse, but I remember something like a sea bird ~ I just listened to talking and watching a book ....
It is a horse who won seven wins and won seven, but the member who won the overwhelming strength such as the Arc de Triomphe prize, Rupin awards (mostly horses) also won the victory in the members who can say it is the highest ever, even now even the world's strongest The horse is said to be said to be sea bird ....
Although this horse is a matter of retirement, it was supposed to live as a stallion, but only a few active horses were able to come out (a bull female named Ale France was born) but then missing Then, as a result of the survey it sold to the meat factory ... It was a horrible end of a fame.

SILFIDO was active as well in the same way, but at the end it felt faint ... I felt sad but it was sad ....
As a horse racing manga I was impressed that it was a good manga.

2004/05/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23017 Host:22964 Browser: 3875
I think that the fun of horse racing is a good work that is obediently transmitted.
Horses of the leading role do not easily overcome easily, and there are also many times that they lose regretly at the end of the death battle with rivals.
I like that real feeling quite a lot.
However, I think that the author is going to kill the horse too much ...

2004/05/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45790 Host:45582 Browser: 5978
This cartoon, a lot of training and special training towards the target game is surprisingly large, and together with a severe aspect saying that sometimes I lose despite showing that much effort, "Hajime no Ippo" Sports that are drawn carefully like the manga elements are obscured and hidden ......... things are pretty much unreasonable and often torn.
I rediscovered things that I was attracted to say so while I read it again

2004/05/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53719 Host:53728 Browser: 3875
I was writing a bit like a bond between a horse and a human being, and I was quite impressed.
Perhaps it does not matter if you do not know horse racing at all.
When borrowing a horse race game with Sylphard, Maximum, Hinumabok and Rashuba, I often borrowed a name.
The Japanese version was also good, but the overseas edition was even better. Although it was an intensely driven horse, he escaped the Arc de Triomphe a prize and was tramped. I remembered the silpheed when El Condor Pasar's Arc de Triomphe awards. I just retired this horse here exactly.
The triumph of the Arc de Triomphe, retirement, and tragedy that did not predict that.
Horse racing is sports and romance of blood.

Mars of the sequel was not good, but ...

2004/05/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32756 Host:32739 Browser: 2746(Mobile)
As a horse racing comic, I like it as a human drama. I could not stop crying, it was good.

I like this author as well, how did the "subaru of the sky" became? Did it end? I do not see comics ...