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Ozaki Kaori
Monthly Afternoon
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Japan Released:2013/03/25(Mon) Monthly Afternoon / End:2013/07/25
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1. http://afternoon.moae.jp/lineup/187 (Translation)
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2015/02/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13069 Host:12986 Browser: 7860
A manga that was previously recommended at a bookstore and bought an impulse If you could be moved with a very pure story I would like to see it even then but maybe it is aesthetics that I do not do it

Poor and healthy heroine cute ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is "highest"

2014/08/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2396 Host:2223 Browser: 7471
Father of a football juvenile who had been transferred to in February of 5th grader got no girls to listen to anything after refusing confession of girls who had the most power in the class.
After that, after school in July we also approached the summer vacation of the sixth grade. The girl who was talking to the only vine was Rika.
Life is the tallest among girls in the class, a child that looks adult. But there was a certain secret that no one could tell her.
What is the secret to be revealed while the distance between the two people is getting shorter and the action of getting to know it?
Summer of elementary school sixth graders. A classmate who was just a little grown up.It is a book of refreshing reverberation that I knew the secret of Rikyu but it is a bitter but it does not feel disappointing.

A love story of a summer that primary school student is the protagonist. ...... Even if I say the elementary school student's love story, the image does not come out.
Even if I say elementary school girlfriend's love, around himself, it suits me sorely because it is scattered about such kind of rumors that "everyone you like 〓〓〓〓〓〓things." Because it was only that kind of thing.
Because it is so, Ritsumei, as an elementary school student, both men are grown up and I did not feel like elementary schoolers much. Even if you turn a line-up, even one action. But, rather than being there, there was something that got to come.

It is a work which completes in 1 volume in all five stories, and the story starts moving from 3 stories to the highlight of this work.
The reason why we did not have a good coordination with the new coach and I got caught in the training camp and got back home was a life science home where two young brothers and one couple lived in a student house, living together and shrinking the distance with the students However,
Natsuru got to know a certain secret that one student had held in a crowd, desperately trying hard to preserve the student until painfully raised until violence after summer vacation was over.
When I got rid of violence, I cried towards my mother, but as I cried, the scene I told you "What if I can only do it even if I know it is bad !?" was the most favorite place in the work It is.
Painfulness and longevity of that scene are reading and it makes me feel painful until then.

And after the summer vacation, Rika despairs to know that he was betrayed by his only father's father.
To such a girl inviting to go out and going out with three people including 1 brother and cat, including cat, but eventually a sad outcome was waiting for the runaway ...

In the middle of the work, it seems sad to see the appearance of two happy appearances and sad and painful appearance several times, so it makes me feel sad a little, but the sadness that I have ever blown off at the last scene.
It is about a few months since the student became separated from the student, when he entered junior high school. A scene where a student calls Natsuru because he saw a dream of entering a professional soccer team and playing an active part.
Two people dragged somewhere dark feelings until now, but it was a fresh start that saw hope in the future of the two people.

Bright illustrations and bitter sad stories that make you feel less dark, and the last scene that makes you feel hope are impressive.
As long as this last scene was missing, I just loved this last thing just because it was a painful and sad story.
Although I do not make it feel like an elementary school student, it is a one-summer love story of elementary school student who is bitter at first. It is a work I'd like to recommend because this is the season when summer is over.