[Comics]Kage Hinata ni Saku

Other media: Literature:Kagehinata ni saku / JP movie:Kage Hinata Ni Saku
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Comics rank of 2008 Rank 256in 275 titles
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Gekidan Hitori
Japan Released:2008/01/24(Thu)
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2011/10/13 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19398 Host:19369 Browser: 11721
Novel version is unread. Theater version has been viewed.
This work seems to be a comic call of the theater version. There is almost no change in content,
Is there a past where Shinya fought with a US soldier when he was young because Moses was in the deathbed of the old woman who had Shinya fighting Oreole at the end.
That does not mean that something has changed for this work,
Rather, the landlord of the apartment who brings the money left by the old woman was drawn like a bad guy compared to the Japanese movie version, and conversely Shinya 's bad impression increased.
It does not become anything where Koits who is not responsible for her sympathize and refreshed.
Nothing has grown since I was dissatisfied with my father because of my mother 's case to a lawyer.

There is nothing in particular that you do not have eye-catching features in drawing and you want to advance to people.

2010/07/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43439 Host:43346 Browser: 11293
I also had a chance to happen to see manga version, but .......

What I want to say is not different from the movie version I critically criticized the other day, but the hero was a useless man first. As I am crazy about pachinko, I'm going to hand over Sarah gold and finally trying to do oreole fraud ........ And if I think I was going backwards to a woman like a defense counselor, "My mother He died while worrying about the gambling habit. "I talked in the past, though I think that it is only merely miserable that I try to make such sympathy.
Pachinko, horse racing, and other gambling may not be understood by myself who did not do anything "addiction of gambling"
In order not to make the mother of heaven more cry then, I wonder if I had to live a whole life by cutting off the edge.

My other brother, who was one of the cheering female idol's cheering seller who can not sell,
I think that it was a good person, such as writing a supporters message by impersonating as much human beings who care for her. However, Moses and his son, the settlement of the hero and his father,
Actually, I would have wanted to draw a "human weakness", but in conclusion it did not come that "tears received" became a very bad thing substitute.
(Besides that, bottom neta was not able to laugh at all, the picture was also not praised with pale white.)

Mr. Shogo Kawashima who is a member of a theater company, this time Shrek Concluding Completed Edition (I have never seen only 1.2,
It seems to appear as a voice actor on honest high evaluation but impossible, I will not say bad things.
You do not have to hunt culture people strangely. Do not spread your hands beyond Alle Corre's length,
It would be better to focus on comedy comedy and talk about variety shows.
There are not even fans anything else, and he has no such thought.

Evaluation? Even a movie version was a waste of gorgeous actors as a result, but this comic version is also a "worst" gift presented without hesitation.