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YamamuraHajime Monthly Sunday GX SHOGAKUKAN
Japan Released:2006/12/19(Tue) Monthly Sunday GX / End:2013/02/19
Official sites
1. http://sundaygx.com/kamisama/index.html (Translation)
2. http://sundaygx.com/sakuhin/sakkaInfo/yamamura_dolz.html (Translation)
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2017/01/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23015 Host:23225 Browser: 7879
It's not bad, but ...
It was a work that I felt.

In other words, there is no originality.

The SF settings I saw somewhere, manga somewhere.The correlation of the characters I saw with animation It is like touching and pasting them.
So, I can almost read the development.
There is no excitement that I am going to read about what will happen in the future.

However, there is no feeling of tig-hug because of cutting and pasting, which is likely to be found in such people.
On the story development properly, customization is done so as not to become unnatural.
In that sense, I think that it is a person who is familiar with drawing manga.

In order to make full use of the talent of customization, I think that it is better to turn to the direction to pull the story more from others.
Not like Tomino-san, "It does not look like an animation" is not good, SF, manga, it is better not to make efforts to pull the original story from other fields other than subculture such as animation Is it?
I think that there is no sense of dereference there, and that originality is born as well.

Evaluation is "normal".

2015/02/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2077 Host:1780 Browser: 5931
[good point]
Attractive characters Characters strong Message Attractive settings Extensive hints

[Bad point]
Stuffiness of overfilling in the last development (But I feel like the originator's spirit is felt rather like me)
Heavy story development


I read the original God Dols. I think that it was very good.
I think that Tamao was pure in the end, such as the conflict of being Kukri's battle and being a good God. I think that Kukuri is caught up in successive political fighting and I think that the battle of the ship and the memory of the blood are accumulating (Tamio looked favorably for the fact that the feelings remain favorable) However, such a dirty history, In the heart of the ship, among the chestnuts, is not it that the first craftworkers who hated the people had guilt and wanted to be a good god? That is why it is in the decisive battle with the Aki which should also be called the rally of village distortion You refused to bring along.
In this work the spot hits the weak people who are tossed by the great negative power such as village distortion, world distortion.
I think Temio 's pure feeling behavior was to affirm the human beings in such circumstances.
I think God Dols is a measure with strong message nature.

2013/11/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23770 Host:23821 Browser: 6157
[good point]
Set up a scarecrow and Mori Morimura
Doll battle by the modeling of the unique scarecrow and the ship that uses it

[Bad point]
Development and summary of the talk and lack of excitement of the final chapter

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The existence of Scarecrow child who inherited secretly among them was able to express well the culture and closed constitution independently built in the village of the mountain, and of course it had a different appearance.
By moving the scarecrow with ambiguous connection with intention, we succeeded in expressing the change of emotion of the pilot, even the spiritual growth

However, the expansion of the story is similar and it can not make full use of the precious setting.
In the opening part I was attracted by the part of what the scarecrow is like but I was worried about the story, but the story only draws the characters one after another and pulls, so the result. With the riot in Hus's sky Mori village which must be the most exciting last, I could not bring them all together

There were also many things too excessive or insufficient that the characters were overloaded as a whole, so the characters that are meeting in one place are moving apart and it fits well that the relationship between Ahn and Kohira It will be

It was a regretful work just because I had the potential to become a more masterpiece

2011/12/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18882 Host:18647 Browser: 10079
There is a place where bottom neta is too much. I do not care. The story won so exciting.

2011/11/20 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3435 Host:3292 Browser: 11131
[good point]
Scarecrow design has a sense.
Expansion where the early mystery invokes a mystery.

[Bad point]
One pattern for the time being. New character appearance 〓〓〓It seems that it is turned into a Bataan with victory / defeat by battle 〓〓〓third party intervention with someone who is already there. Besides the first one I get tired of the battle of the scandal bumps of the scandal.
There is no character with impact, including the hero, and there is no gag character, so it is overall pale white. Impression that people are being swayed in the incident.
There is a lack of explanation as to the standing position of Aki. For this reason the heroes are caught up in a stag beetle and lack the excitement because there is no final objective.
I can not empathize in the hero's past edition.
The depiction of the village is uncomfortable, including the teacher 's sexual description. There was a feeling of strangeness too much.
The picture of a person is occasionally going crazy.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I went through all the volumes as animation, but the impression that it is Gudaguda manga. Honestly I do not know what I want to do.
Although there is no contradiction in the story, since the hero's charm is not so much and it can not be said that it is deeply involved in the main line, it is not drawn into.
There seems to be discomfort many discomforts such as sexual depiction and coloring appearance seen overall.
The battle of the bottom also does not rise excitement but it seems to be only a poor work.
However, there was a sense as to the design of Scarecrow in such a situation, I was impressed that I thought well.
I guess he likes to draw robots and so on. Things that are not in other cartoons are felt in this cartoon.
So evaluation should be bad considering its sense.
I am sorry to think that it was becoming Ryosaku if changing the way to show the talk a little more.

2011/11/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22416 Host:22511 Browser: 9422
[good point]
The story is good.

Pictures are also good

[Bad point]
I do not understand the position of Aki

There are mistakes in small places such as no one comes out in battle in the city

Many color sequential description

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The day that is supposed to be ordinary everyday The hero who is suddenly involved in the fight ... It is a common royal road manga. But because it is a royal road it will not bother you to read. I think that the story is also well done. But please be careful as big-breasted characters and Lolita characters are too big.

2010/09/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14614 Host:14357 Browser: 3876
Although it is still a work on the way, it is not a work that can be done without a good bad.

There is no point to mention noteworthy balance.

I like it on the contrary. It is strange that people who can draw such masterpieces so much are overflowing. A cartoon composed of something everything I saw somewhere. It certainly does not deny that works with features of disqualification will come out.

However, although this kind of thing is being done, manga that it is writing properly can be likable.

Let's go to the details. Scarecrow, I think that this is so creative. Essentially, there is nothing beyond JOJO's stands of weapons called scarecrows themselves. Or there is no big difference from the robot. However, the setting of this scarecrow is fairly fine. It is made of the material of this village special product, etc. There is a theory once in spirit sensitivity. I do not understand is to disappear. What kind of reasoning is this?

Next existence of this village. This is interesting. However, I am progressing to the point where it is slightly out of the question. Even though there is interchange with the outside world as it is, this closeness seems aggressive. Moreover, it is strange how to arrive at the teacher who is the root of the problem of the characters. It is surprisingly open-minded that this village brings problems but does not investigate it .... From the teacher 's side, I do not have a job when I leave here, I think that it was a good idea that there was only a place here, but on the contrary from the village side I think that it is how to put in a rude person outside.

Although there is no cutting, it all fits within the tolerance within me. Because it is impossible to thrust into the real world setting that has jumped out if there is somewhat unreasonableness. I am well within the politically well-balanced range within me.

Relationship between Aki and living together, I do not understand. Aki is unexpectedly fond of women. You better not touch this any further. Although there are things that are reasonable, it is not that important factor. Aki has its head as it is. It is hard to see, so I do not know what I'm thinking. It is quick to kill and rob you if you are in trouble. The first appearance was irresponsible, but once you know that you are being targeted, you are avoiding things first. However, I still feel incongruous with inconsistency as to what I am thinking. It feels like the miscellaneous personality. I do not know if it is broken down or decent. The attitude toward big girls with girls is so. I do not know I will not kill soon. There is a possibility that we are waiting for sanitation to have a scarecrow. It is strange calm. There is a side that seems to be appropriate rather than being spooky around here.

Well big tits and younger sisters are cute. It is not bad to see the life of a sister who lives peacefully with the two of them happening occasionally. I think that this work is probably boring unless I can enjoy this place. It is fun to watch, so you can sympathize to say that you do not want this life to be broken. I'd like to have a thing happen, but now I have four volumes. I think that I will paint politely and proceed.

By the way, I heard that this work animation will be done. I think that this work is not suitable for animation. This balance will probably be destroyed. Moe that emphasizes everyday, or you will be saved and emphasize the part of the battle and try to recommend big lines of talk quickly.

Perhaps it would be useless if we consider the animation of a balanced work that feels halfway of this hand so far has failed.

3013/7/27 It was completed after the postscript animation.

It is more interesting than wow anime. Just like the inner side of the hero is not much deepened .... Rather Aki thinks better. I was done last. The purpose of Aki was the collapse of Scarecrow system. I said that it certainly will settle, so indeed various settlements. As I could tighten the last of Aki, I could see clearly. Aki that I did not know well what I wanted in the middle, but the last is the main character from the hero. Clearly I fastened the story with Aki.

It is many times funny than the animation of a trailing dragonfly trailing up to the last. Although it was completed in the number of turns after the animation, it was pulled at the part other than Aki, so there was nothing to be so much on the way. Although it can be enjoyed if it is just a cartoon, it would be impossible if it was animation.

Why? I was thinking about various things, but editing is not going to work. Where it is animation it combines parts that are likely to be scratched to make a fresh interest. The village system centered on the closed village Kakashi shuts off the connection with the outside, and since it makes up the extraterritoriality of this village, it will not be possible to cut down the description of the neighborhood. There is also a part that is pushing the brute force method with the atmosphere because it is inside this village. I am making it all over, so it's not for those animations. Speaking of politeness sounds good, but even if you are doing such a plain part well, you can not do with animation.

The animation is not necessarily dense. Just in late-night animation there is something called preference of late-night animation, and it's not as tasty as that. It does not stimulate the low level as an animation including the usual frame and the main axis of late-night animation.

Back then I wrote hope for animation of cartoons so I tightly wrote it, but now I know that it is just propaganda, so I think whether it is good or not. As an original fan, I dislike being an animated process and having fun amusing processed into animated manner. But now, as the meaning of introducing the original is stronger than trying to make originally funny works, I guess there is no choice but to do.

2010/04/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33142 Host:33021 Browser: 10491
[good point]

The picture is polite and very easy to read.
Little by little mystery is revealed, characters that are not impressive of the first appearance become more and more likable.
The setting of the scarecrow that is the center of the story is interesting. The battle between the dancer boy with different ability and shape is interesting. Kuki is cute.
The main story dealing with obstructive village laws and tricks is heavy, although it is a dark story, there are also many calm stories such as stories dealing with the two Hiroin 's interactions, and in some sense hostile opposition Agge ( Aki) and Mahiru etc, there is a part where you can laugh with something, you can not make it feel dark by reading. (For now)
There is a speculation for each of the characters, so I can not read how much development is waiting in the future.

[Bad point]

There is no longer a level such as "time is stopped" The village is full of breaks. Some people hate the village system and go through the village, but why the village does not become public? Or a normal person would be in such a village ....
Scarecrow battle in Tokyo is bothering me, I feel stupid and refreshing feeling.
Talk is slow pace. There is also a monthly serialization and it is quite difficult to talk.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I have often read weekly boy's manga, but I encountered this work at Sunday GX which I happened to read and read up to 6 volumes. Both pictures and stories were drawn very carefully and I was able to feel the unique charm of the monthly serial series. I read the work of Mr. Yamamura for the first time, but there is not anyone who can carefully draw "cartoons" so far. The main character.Kodaira is not a ship but a progressive form so it does not participate in the battle so it is plain but it is definitely a person who holds the key of the story and I am looking forward to his future success. If possible, I would like to see Kukuri who is animated and Kukuri who is expressive and expressive poet (Utao).

2009/07/05 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34043 Browser: 2135(Mobile)
I do not want to target with loli and big tits.
There are also many Tsukkomichi stories.
And there is something everyone has seen somewhere somewhere.

2009/04/15 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31671 Host:31699 Browser: 5291
Even though a person is dead, it obscures with the law of the village ...
Please keep such annoying village in the forest forever.

It is unnatural that the unrealistic people in the village blend into society as ordinary people just by appearing in town.
Even if you do anything, everything is permitted if you are a powerful person in the village. Where is the developing country there?
Besides, it is only young and brutal people who come out to talk about how strange things are.

The view of the world is irresponsible and I do not care.
The heroine is wastefully big tits also aimed at erotic routes too much, the bruise is bad feeling.