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Tatuo Kanai
Japan Released:1979 Weekly Shonen Jump / End:1980
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2008/01/14 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Is it a love reader award? That's nostalgic.
We recruited the impression of the winning work and remembered that the author of the excellent work (the general person) was able to travel to Europe with the manga artist.

I also read this work, I do not think that it is unfaithful and funny,
In the first half rival appeared in Kyohei, confrontation with kendo.
In the second half, the figure of a confrontation between Izumi and rival who chose the high jumping road,
Overall it was easy to read.

Among them, I think that the existence of a story that appeared as a rival of Kyohei made the work excitement.
The rivalry man (face) is more than the hero (Kyohei) that has a slight hedge,
Is not it going to be the royal road of boys' comics?

Regarding Izumi, it is the impression that clothes look good in fashion compared to uniforms.
I feel I wanted nude a little more,
I think that it was good that I could not feel the ears.

2008/01/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28812 Host:28746 Browser: 4184
A scholarly comedy manga by Mr. Tatsuo Kanai that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1980. It is a fierce and kendo path "Shibata Kyohei" 's house and keeps the daughter of my father' s best friend "Tamura Izumi". Kyohei acts as an amulet as a yuzumi who is not naive and childish and not ashamed of himself, and soon the emotions of love start to bud.

This work serialized the work "Izumi chan SOS" which became the 1st place in the `love reader prize 'that was held in jump in 1979. It is a little bitter scene that appeared in this era that was a mainstream of hot-blooded cartoons It is also called the original ancestor of Moe cartoon that incorporated A talk has been completed in a love comic manga which is to be living with a girl who is not ashamed of a stinging man's house, causing various troubles and being swayed. Although the girls' panchira scene has appeared well in the previous work "Hole in one", in this work, not only the panchira but also a rainy semi - nosed scene such as a change of clothes and a shower are issued. Moreover, Professor Kanai's picture looks outstanding more than delicate and realistic, and it is rather finished for young people.

This work spots a spirit of Izumi's sex appeal and behavior, it is a very ordinary high school life as a story, and the quality was slightly lower as compared with the reading in the love reader award, so the evaluation is [ordinary ]is. To be the first in the love reader award, I ended the "Hall in one" series that I had serialized until then, and serialized right after that, drawing from Izumi's girl's charm somewhat more than the development of the story It might be the main thing. If it says now, "Moe cartoons" what would be, but there is still grade as much as it did not become a flashy expansion.

2007/12/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
I think the contents are fine. It seems to be the case especially if it is a woman ~

[Bad point]
I think that the author died and I think that the manga was not completed

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I'd be happy if the other person in the assistant draws the rest .. I think I thought it was after marriage and so on and I want you to put it together.

2006/06/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 6885
I think that it was quite innovative (different color?) That, apart from the work 's goodness and badness, it is a beautiful (normal) beautiful girl who has made her work into a work in that era. How strangeness is somewhat dilute and has in memory is the boyfriend and the boyfriend or kendo confrontation against the boyfriend confrontation or how to stand in the lower row How to pair with the young boyfriend Young childhood friend and easy to understand Coloring intellectual girlfriend's girlfriend's older sister becomes a nude model It was a thrilling work for children's hearts (far eyes)

2006/02/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
It's been nostalgic again.
Is Tatsuo Kanai serialized after "Hole in one"?

A girl named Izumi who is a daughter of a friend of a parent is at the hero's house of a high school student who is doing kendo, and then it is said that ....

No matter what, the light place was good.
Have you increased the element of the heroine from the previous work (now Moe?) Against the "Tennis Boy" of Mr. Kenichi Odani who was serialized in the same period at the same time?

I think that there was not a big story,
I remember helping Izumi from a pervert man in the first reading. However, Comics Volume 4 ... ...?
It was quite long and it was doing.
Was it certain that the serialization began after reading? ("City Hunter" or "Sawayaka Bantaro" pattern?).

In March of 2007, I bought things that were newly sold at convenience stores, not comics, but it is still interesting.
I thought that the scene of the semi - nature was a little too much, but in the story after the reading, a rival appeared in the hero,
I felt that there was a draw because the character of three people is clear.
Izumi can not be dislike at the last minute, there is a presence enough to keep cute, somehow the main characters are straight personality,
Feeling something that leads to the royal road of boys' manga, it got somewhat lost to the hero's super shot "Hole in one"
I think that it is a work that is well organized.

Evaluation is a difficult part if you do not read the last part again, but I guess the only thing you can do is to make it at least "good", such as where you feel attractive to the characters.