[Comics]Irene of love revisited (Itoshi no Irene)

Other media: JP movie:Itoshi no Irene
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Hideki Arai
Japan Released:1995 Big Comic Spirits
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2013/09/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16576 Browser: 3423(Mobile)
This was a cartoon entered by a cartoonist called Hideki Arai.
When I read, I also got married internationally.
If anything I'm closer to Mr. Iwao's position than Irene and I am a Japanese like Iwao.

I was impressed, but my eyes became a point as I read it.
"Oh ... what this pattern ... ... International marriage is really unhappy"
"Does the author who wrote this Irene wrote social problems close to such a backside or close human relationships?"

However, this is also when I read the next episode from the previous work Miyamoto to you and next world the world is mine, keeper!
I was surprised that Eileen seems to be irregular!

A 42 - year - old single boy (a rich quarrel with human relations) is the hero ....
I was glad I read Eileen first.
I read it from the key is !! or The World Is Mine and Irene thought that I never read it.

A small range of human relationships is overflowing with reality ... It 's not Tokyo but Tohoku is nice.
The freshness of action. Miyamoto and you are more serious than you.
Mr. Cru. Truly an ordinary person? The shrunken shotgun is amazing.
Actually I was mercenary in a foreign country when I was young ... I do not feel strange even if I say that ...
Better or bad, picture.
The story is heavy. People like Toshimon do not come out.
Irene was also a poor recipe
Iwaoi's cheating. why?

2010/07/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11888 Host:11878 Browser: 6406
Currently the only feature length love cartoon written now that Hideki Arai wants to be hated. A work that seems to be hated after all from "Miyamoto to Kimi" which was hated only by the strong feeling that he could read only the one he wanted to read. But I love it.
Mr. Iwao Shishido, the owner of a body that could be mistaken for a bear, was losing a life that was incongruous with a woman, despite being a descendant of sexual desire. However, when I got a big decision and got married, I went to the international marriage brokerage office and I returned home with a genuine Filipino woman Irene. And Iwao shouts to the villagers who gather in the funeral of Iwao's father.
Mr. Iwao who asked herself, "Is there really love in Eileen who got married in financial interests" My daughter's bride !! "? The sexless and language barriers, the maternal problem, the first experience of Irene in a mission from the homicide, the flirty, the abandonment, the development of anger that comes from one to the next. Still the destiny of the two people trying to become a couple.
Perhaps a lot of people seem to be disgusted just by the above synopsis. However, Hideki Arai 's arm strength which can be said to be an abnormality that can write them tongues. That is why I guess it has become a love cartoon that can be said as violence not existing in existing types. And because of such violence, Irene and love hotel re-enter the marriage again, and I love you I can not tell you how much I love you "I love you" Iwani's name was inscribed in the tree Iwao and exquisite I think that the story of "one couple" was finished in a splendid manner with the purity being given to the "love" in the hearts of the two people, becoming a contrast.