[Comics]Ipponbouchou Mantarou

Other media: Anime:Iponhocho Mantaro
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Business Jump SHUEISHA
Japan Released:1985/07
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2013/10/07 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1710 Host:1584 Browser: 4688
[good point]
. Classic classic dish Successfully join the trace of "Knife Man Taste" cartoon "No knockoff chef" (people) As if the neta wild dance, you can enjoy "some". Well, I can not read it as a story work.

[Bad point]
The above "no crazy" story is too aggressive. I just follow chef knowledge and drama which is inferior to "Taste" with unusuality. "Rice balls of perfectionism" "Squirrel is a ninja ~",
"Disc knife to a wig stripping match (Do you know what to do for a wig?)
Etc ... There is no tightness when you seek out the tsukko. Or say, there is only Tsukkoibashi.
There is no leeway for expansion to maintain series. While the story of the previous match was not exactly right,
Anyway challengers appeared from next to next, the hero sold a fight ... ... with a bit of a battle with a running fast.
"I can not feel love for cooking." There is a satisfying explanation that ordinary good cooking cartoons will be more delicious with this ingenuity, or the point of the game is one step of the mouth bottom, but this work does not have it. "Cooking" is just a theme of game. Middle stage
The trend is spurred steadily over the final stage, and there is not even a depiction that the hero did what it devised and tasted in the severe episode.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Very bad". Because we lacked partner cow Jiro in Tsuhei, the weakness of the basic knowledge of cooking, the image of the main character, which I can not favor, and the painful development are on my nose.
I do not say that Taste Fling is excellent as a cooking cartoon, while Masutaro was awkwardly uncomfortable, although Masutaro was awkward, whereas the Ajinman was placed in a "cuisine" "taste" at a glance to the show of the game . Taste Unchiku has a cute chance to make you think that it can be deceived well, but discomfort is healed even if you talk louder and more unruly that his claim is righteous like Momotaro . At the time of serialization,
I remember thinking that the author did not really know the dish. It's a manga I just wrote at work. This is.
Another major disadvantage is that we can not afford to expand the game by sticking to the appearance of the game too much.
Tasting is a good impression because I felt the mood that he would have curious about the motivation to be involved in the game,
This work is whether the opponent arbitrarily sells a fight or whether hero is strangled by strange righteousness and pressed away,
Battle manga indeed forcibly. It is felt that he tried to make the drama thick by setting heroines and rivals, but it is the biggest weak point that Mitsutaro's own character formation is not very attractive.
Even though "game" is felt from speech, love for cooking does not smell. It looks like Akiyama Sauce without any power ... (It is not worth it). Kyogen phrases to establish a game of winning the game.
Moreover, since the depiction about cooking is really appropriate, there is no reason to be a cooking cartoon.
Because I was doing Tsuheihei and super glutton (early) together, I feel like I'm a cartoon that I started with a sense that I can draw alone. Ruining cuisine as comic is rude to cooking.
Most people will not be able to enjoy it unless you read it as a neta manga.
Character modeling and cuisine Eunichiku and the elements of the drama are less than the standard, so it is "very bad".

2006/06/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 6885
Early serial series of business jumps, so-called cooking battle cartoon. True because it is a youth magazine, train with a realistic worldview rather than things like strange uninhabited island battle confrontation. Certainly it seems that the taste and slightly taste seems to have changed since the original was missed but is not the knowledge of the reader that it does not look like the quality has dropped? Although the previous work Tastei itself was also said to be a work before the era of the 80's jump alone winning, it was originally considered as one of BJ's signboard works, but the treatment gradually became smaller gradually as a picture I thought that there was something that could not be mainstreamed in

2004/10/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40569 Host:40530 Browser: 4960
Works that penetrate the basic style of big tablet cooking cartoon.
If you like "Knife Man Tastei", you can fully enjoy it.
However, it is a work that was published in a youth magazine (although it does not matter much at this time) that intention.

It is a story that Mr. Taro Katsu's son, a son of a cutleton shop growing after traveling a journey of cooking training, and finally succeeding his father's house, but since such comics enjoy honestly enjoying the cooking game on the way, I hope it will be interesting.
The part of the key cooking game is absolutely perfect and you can enjoy it straightforward if you do not put a fine difficulty.

Caterpillar manga that was published in major journals recently, although there are many things that wasteful reactions are flashy or too much to try and to do, it is too unrealistic, but this cartoon is impossible There is no.
There is no flashy, but obviously you can call it "Orthodox" in the part of "enjoying the part of the game".

For those who do not have resistance to a hot pattern, I can recommend it.