[Comics]Ippatsu Kiki-Musume

Other media: Anime:Ippatsu Kikimusume
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Comics rank of 1998 Rank 73in 198 titles
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Japan Released:1998
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2009/07/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29438 Host:29185 Browser: 3876
Every time he is specialized in "How to escape from desperate circumstances" every time, heroin's Kuyanyang (and international student fellow, later Madoka) also tried to escape with that hand but the situation rolled in a bad direction It is often the case that it will become a chance to expose no figure.
The girls appearing in this work ... If you do something wrong you will be hunted down to crotching you but you can not feel strange and erotic or sexy, and rather if you compare, "If younger man explodes Dronjo and it is naked Even if it became underwear figure, there was a place filled with a kind of refreshing foolishness (Kiyoshi?) "I can foolishly say" I am foolish ~ ", I liked it as a gag comic.

Personally, Lynda of the American who is out of the tagg that can not be expressed by the stupid words "abstinence of sex", even under the condition of being bound, "I like the way to tie down rather than being tied up" A cool sadist German naja, a secretary of the Japanese because Madoka appeared somewhat because Mr. Nadja, the character of the hero's Chinese Cunyan who seems to be looking just because it was strong, I felt the tone of the work has changed.
Still, I think that it is possible to evaluate that the concept of a work "escape from a crisis situation" was properly protected.

To the contrary to the image of stupidity and stupidity that may be stamped as "Just erotic comic book" if it mistakes one step, in fact, "How to get out of a crisis situation (in the direction to take as much laugh as possible") " It is being devised in two points, "How to build a character under a stupid and hopeless situation", and the degree of completion as a cartoon is surprisingly high.

2005/09/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13637 Host:13369 Browser: 5234
"I was in a crisis situation!"
When the hero did not know for a long time, starting from the place where it is in such a state that it is in danger of life is the way to start with this comic, but it is the main character of this manga Whether it is the main character of this manga, madoka There is nothing that can not be seen as if you are getting into trouble yourself to the extent that it can be said to be self-incompetence.

However, the way to avoid that crisis is a stupid and dirty way to the rest of the world. Well, if there is not it, this manga is not fun, but there are many vulgar scenes to choose the viewers.

Still it is interesting that this comic is interesting in that such neta is taken in emergency and the personality of the character, and the feeling of urgency and fancy is fused blend. Both Kuyanyang and Madoka are attractive characters, and those who surround them are also stupid, but there are atmosphere of loving ones.

To use the beautiful woman as a protagonist in the bottom neta cartoon was fresh in a sense. Although it is originally a manga for youth, it is a feeling that heroines are usually men, and the two heroines and all the people surrounding them are letting me separate from the hatred feeling peculiar to the neta.
This cartoon that avoids the crisis in a way that they can not do very much with men was the most favorite manga at the time of the Yang Maga serialization since it was full of stupidity, tension, reality (?).