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Battle Vixens, known in Japan as Ikkitousen, is a Manga series by Yuji Shiozaki loosely based on the classic Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It is known for featuring fan service involving young girls fighting in fragile dresses and short skirts, in addition to other sexy situations.
This story has the part which was created by referencing Wikipedia, so the licence of GFDL is applied to this story.
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Yuzi Shiozaki
Comic GUM
Japan Released:2000
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2013/04/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7754 Host:7756 Browser: 7847
[good point]
Cute characters, battle depiction is quite impressive.

[Bad point]
I'd like you to let the Sangokushi go a bit more, because Japan is the stage, so why not come from Japan?
It has less influence

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2013/04/25 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8754 Host:8817 Browser: 5345
Shame work that defiled the Sangokushi. I am sorry as a Japanese that such a work is in Japan.

Below, it is an opinion as a Sangokushi fan.

[good point]

[Bad point]

Clearly, there is no need to be a Sangokushi.

It is selfish to demand "Moe", but I thought it was too bad to take out the name of Mikokushi and to make moe.

I do not want to see it on the premise that the clothing can be torn at the time of panchira or battle, and honesty "Sangokushi" is the theme.

It is not interesting to exclude premise of blasphemy of Sangokushi.

I am strangely overpowering, I hate it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Clearly, this is an insult of "Sangokushi", it is a blasphemy, and it is a work stepping on Three Kingdoms.

The theme of history + Moe = the blasphemy of history.

As a fan of Sangokushi, this work was very angry.

I feel sorry for the Chinese people that there is something profanious in Chinese history like this.

I hope that such works will never come out again.

Evaluation is "repulsive" in "worst".

2012/05/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45946 Host:46137 Browser: 9461
[good point]
Ability, background,

[Bad point]
Elements of Sangokushi,

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In a word, it is a work that combined Dragon Ball Z, Evangelion and special milky heavenly, fitted elements of Sangokushi and added eroticism.

However, because they are not mixed together just by coalescence, it is becoming a thing that you do not understand well what you want to do first.

Were they necessary elements of the Three Kingdoms? Because I wanted to draw a story to overtake my destiny, I think that it was better to have stopped because there are many fans in Sangokushi.

2011/09/19 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25872 Host:25795 Browser: 5679(Mobile)
[good point]

[Bad point]
To completely blaspheming the Sangokushi.
Erotic portrayal.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2010/08/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40880 Host:40851 Browser: 11950
[good point]

The fragrance of the second medicine feeling from the three grandchildren at the time of awakening, Cao Cao, Liu Bei is dying.
High drawing power. I particularly like the first picture.

[Bad point]

Mistakes in selecting the original theme.
Balance of putting strength is Gudaguda.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

There are many imitation parts such as fighting depictions, but since you can handle moe and erotic parts well,
Contents that fits people of a type sticking to a specific depiction and a person who places affection for 1 character.

However, the disadvantage is fatal, and the fundamental question as to whether or not it is necessary for the Three Kingdoms.
Even if I read this manga, the reason why the evaluation can not be extended where I can not see any necessity.
Even if you can enjoy reading pictures in terms of pictures and mops, you can not praise this.

For the above reasons, I personally think that I should search for another subject or use the original setting,
If you do not make content that studies Mikuni as a fighting thing of erotic description with moe,
Impression that it can be said that we did not receive much attention so far.
One of the works that made me feel relentless about the difficulty of choosing the subject matter.

2010/07/27 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25618 Host:25775 Browser: 10806
[good point]
Lu cloth and Chengyuan's last was good.
[Bad point]
Although I read the latest publication, there are already too many characters.
I think that the entertainment as a cartoon is getting worse as well as not as Sangokushi.
Originally, since there is only knowledge of Souten Passage and Mikuni Musou, the story became unknown.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well, Well, as spice it is nice but always naked is full of stomach.
I thought that setting was interesting until about 14 volumes, but now I think that it is one step before the charm disappears as a story. It is my personal opinion.
I think that the number of characters not accompanied by the attachment of readers is increased too much. Because it is a cartoon, I want you to construct it more easily.
Evaluation is bad now because it is good.

2009/12/26 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21365 Host:21164 Browser: 4483
[good point]
Picture is beautiful Pictures are beautiful normally, do not you have any habits, are they easy to receive?

I think that the sense of the girls cute little character deza is pretty good drawing.

[Bad point]
Things that can not be felt the necessity of being a Sangokushi The necessity of being a Sangokushi can not be felt, the modern school girl high school character uses the deathblow that can not possess the name of the warrior of the Three Kingdoms and is used for undressing, panchira Moe elements full load.
And it seems that the characters of this work are fighting each other 's fate by inheriting the slogans sealed the souls of the heroes of the Three Kingdoms, why is there a need to fight among schools in Japan in addition to school in Japan I do not understand sides well ...
Are you going to practice during the lesson? What kind of lesson do you do? Does the police or teacher want to leave it at all?

The price of comics is high

It is impossible for male characters to call high school students

Glo description is extreme

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I did not feel uncomfortable because I am not a fan of the Sangokushi separately, but I guess they are being hated considerably from the fans of this author, Sangokushi ..
Evaluation is "very bad" in consideration of paintings.

2009/06/27 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1957 Host:1629 Browser: 6653
[good point]
The drawing power is good. I think that it is comparatively easy to see.

[Bad point]
The name of warrior of the real name of Sangokushi (grandson etc) used by girls themselves, sense of incompatibility.
There is a high risk of getting angry if people like Sangokushi see it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The picture is also good, and I can write female characters pretty ....
I would change some of the famous warlords of the Three Kingdoms to female characters ...

Although the place like Cao Cao, summer heavenly, left wistful, Zhou Yu was out properly as a male character,
Nevertheless ....

Even if it says that it is the world of manga, it is too strange to say clearly.

Even if grands, girls, Lu Mong, Lu cloths, Kanu worshipers come out, they say "?"

Although it is on the setting, I can not think of only feeling like saying ... even if I do not do such a thing.

Evaluation was initially "bad", but considering the part about how to use Sangokushi for this kind of thing, I will lower it to "very bad".

2009/06/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2495 Host:2479 Browser: 4535
[good point]
Tiani is cute.

[Bad point]
Bargain sale of erotic.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Is it normal?

2009/03/27 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31859 Host:31874 Browser: 7509
I think that there is something close to that of heavenly celestial ridiculous direction.

Since Liu Bei came out, the camp turned out to be very cold and the flow became abnormally bad, and the point of how to cook the original also was "It is better to stop now" level for a long time.

Son Daigaku escaped from the original tie when it exceeds Ukitsu, but other characters are supposed to be basic, so that coarse will become a problem later, so far as far as possible to peel off the grandchildren from the main line I just put it outside the mosquito net and postpone the problem and I always think that it is full.

Shu camp is in hundreds, the wei camp has too many people feel like the author himself can not distinguish between small items and big items (Kyocho's episode was good, it was a bit overwhelming feeling) Kure also I have gone to the enemy camp and are in the hospital, all the girls who are in the hospital, the situation was superior, I think that the period not to be really excited as a story was long, I do not know if it will rise in the future, but the evaluation at the moment With such a thing.

2009/02/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21303 Host:21491 Browser: 9505
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is an ant because there are not many gorgeous panchira and exposure until there so far.

I think that there is something to see in the setting of the Three Kingdoms' place "where to be faithful" and "whether you can overcome fate". However, it seems impossible to come up with places at high school. Although there is an image which is surely in Tenjyuken Temple, this one is much inferior to battle portrayal. After all, I am awake and can only show about winning with overwhelming competence difference.

I think that manga like a service scene should be better as it will win the battle tournament without holding too much story.

2008/07/06 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17538 Host:17528 Browser: 9363
[good point]
I also wrote about animation, but I think that the hero is a good idea that he is a grandson.
[Bad point]
For Sanshoku fans themselves it's pretty obsessive content, I'm sighing like animation in the severity of character composition
(Too severe) Hidden behind Son Dong and Zhou Yu, it is not conspicuous but Mr. Raku-san ... You are dead as long as it's historical ...
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I do not want to strongly deny people's work, but this is terrible ....

2008/02/23 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9273 Host:9404 Browser: 8090
If you want to draw undress fight fight cartoons, you should look for more suitable subjects.
Three Kingdoms as well ... more than that.

I thought that if a foreign manga artist made Japanese Sengoku Commanders generous to Moe characters,
I do not want to imagine how to paint undressing fighting cartoon.
So I feel very dislike about this work.

Rating: Worst

2008/02/14 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34138 Browser: 4749(Mobile)
A good point picture ... well ... beautiful ... point.
Bad thing The thing which is covered with the skin called battle cartoon, only things that are actually offering sex appeal, that it deals with Mikuni as well as more. This one point. It is an insult.
It is a thing that stepped down the trilogy of the Three Kingdoms before stepping down the truth opposite of the real thrill of the private Three Kingdoms of men's hot blood.
It is not strange in today's manga world that there are workshops where things like chirarism, kyouno, battle can break clothes to bilberries. However, you do not have to do using Sangokushi.
"Hot blood tide" felt in Sangokushi is remembered from the word "Sangokushi" afterwards. Works with it as a motif do what it says ... I feel a sense of incompatibility as "What you do is" Mumumu ".
There are such comics ...
"Haa ...."
The names of the people of Sangokushi are used as they are.
There are plenty of elements that are positioned in the goodness of the Three Kingdoms and some kind of opposite polarity.
That character is used as it is the name of the person of Sangokushi.
... I can not tell you a sense of collapse.
Nandeska Correga.
Is the hero son-soon? If Zhang Fei had it, he would have been more angry. Is this your first salvation (what kind of salvation is it not a good point ...).
After entering from the game, people who touched various Three Kingdoms works later were lent as "This is Ali by this", but I give up with one volume. "No!" And it came back.
Evaluation is "worst" on the system. However, if there is the worst in the worst, I won first place in Buchchgilli in the cartoon division.
Even the worst is warm.

2008/01/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12504 Browser: 3034(Mobile)
Nearly all Sangokushi warlords are high school girls' different colors.

Although it has become full of sex appeal, it is good that the battle also has power. Clothes are pretty barely naked at every battle. (Haha) But it is a good erotic discomfort not at all.

I think the picture is very beautiful and has a positive effect on both sex appeal and battle.

It is a drawback that the progress is late and the comics are high.

Evaluation is "very good".

2007/05/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11396 Host:11637 Browser: 3874
Erotic flavor battle cartoon sprinkling Sangokushi on the spice level.
It is fun if you dare to express it.
It is surprisingly funny as you roll up. Whether it is worth the price is subtle.
However, I can not recommend it to anyone who has a strong feeling for the Three Kingdoms as a hot Han world.
Even if your favorite warrior is a big tits girl, for those who are happy to be "wwwktkrwwww" please.

By the way, although it is erotic flavor, I was strangely happy and healthy so I did not feel erotic.
All the female characters are pretty cool as they are, as if they were tasty pretty girls, male characters.

2007/05/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34070 Browser: 4916(Mobile)
A novel work which is not in the system of the three countries.
There is a feeling that it got on the wave of a girl type fight fight cartoon, but this author is good because it originally is such a feeling.

As the latter half, sexual description increased and became bold but good for expressing the heaviness of human relations. The tear of clothes that express the fierce battle is also clever.

Above all, the greatness of this work is that we have accomplished a very difficult task of checking the work of Sangokushi against the present age. Clearly speaking, this thing itself is unheard of. Even this alone is worth reading, but it also reflects youth's anguish.
Moreover, since it assumes that the world of Sangokushi existed properly, it is the fineness that only characters of Masashi will appear in characters.

I am also doing selects from within a number of characters properly for the characters. It's not too little, it's too much balance sense to read and tongues. Each individual never wears.

The story also does not try to force that flow while forcibly flowing the Masashi Nakashima, losing sense of incongruity by making a unique flow.

The chemical reaction of unexpected collaboration that Three Kingdoms, school girls are things is tremendous.

Ryosaku can recommend to the true Sangokushi fans.

2007/04/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8516 Host:8589 Browser: 4928
Well, although the character deza and the erotic scene are somewhat good (bitter smile), it is said that style or style of erotic is Yankee cartoon riding, so that is not a good idea. Just like myself who is not interested in pants, I think that writing style of pants is said to be said or how to let her go down, anyway, I think that I am amazing thinking "Erotic erotic!" Personally how to show animation is also good, but how to attract pants is better on the original. Well, at erotic cartoon position eroticism can be written attractive, so "with very good".

2007/04/06 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27679 Host:27547 Browser: 10961(Mobile)
I deny all of this work. As you all say, you can not insult the Sangokushi. I threw it away without reading it.

2006/11/19 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6813 Host:6537 Browser: 4184
I happened to browse at a secondhand bookstore. I was listening to rumors, but I read it as if something was wrong.
I have run out of time for a long time. Perhaps, I was standing in the forehead with my forehead? I thought I'd tear apart, Ha ha!

It is the first time I've met a work I mocked about my beloved Sangokushi so far.
Wei (Shu) Chen Zhu sports Masashi, Ming Dynasty Luo Naka completed the Rikyu Sangokushi. After that, continued being loved by people, literature Eiji Yoshikawa, Professor Mitsuaki Yokoyama revived to the present age of three countries ........
Oh, Three Kingdoms .... Ideals and dreams of heroes .... An immortal masterpiece. A great heritage of mankind. It may be slightly overstated, but I do not doubt thinking so.

The Three Kingdoms were trampled.

Too much angry, I hear that blood pressure will rise as I comment further, so I will keep it so far.
It's just too bad.
Evaluation will be impossible except for the worst. It is too regrettable.

2006/06/28 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 54266 Host:54320 Browser: 6287
The lowest worst manga that was first time. It can only be said that he is licking the Three Kingdoms. If it is a parody of eroticism or Sangokushi, it is done with "do it on your own." However, you can not forgive the stolen character of the characters altogether. Fix it at least as a Japanese style. You guys are a Nani person? You know the extent of the author's intelligence. Moreover, the personality character which does not match too much with the original. Steam came up from the forehead though Lu Meng that I respected especially was being a DQN woman only. Even looking at just as a school object, there is no freshness as a month (although only the state of busting of setting is too fresh). Even though the picture is also erotic at first glance, every person seems to be similar, and originality can not be felt. It is annoying that this caused a misunderstanding that we do not need to go to China. Even such Japanese cartoon man hates aversion. This manga contaminated the Three Kingdoms that people inherited in China and Japan over the past two thousand years. It is profanity for those who lived at that time and those who developed it. I did not do it because it was bad for people in the publishing industry who gave valuable time and effort to this desperate thing, but I feel like chopping up to drums. I hope for out-of-print collection.

2006/06/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26009 Host:25778 Browser: 3875
Well the picture is good. Even if it does not matter about erotic or something. Even if you do not care about a character.

There is too much difference in handling of characters!
As Kanu is good, characters such as Liaoning and His face are too cruel ......
Nozara is a top level warlord in the Yuan War Army, and it was dealt with directly, but the character which is knocked down with Kanuhi is too severe, that treatment is too severe ... How about going over with Lu Mengni ... the image is also terrible ......
Liaoning also is a big success in surprise attacks in Hefei, but this is also true to Lu Meng. Image handling is obviously awful.
Regardless of the setting or name like Sangokushi, this is a disappointing work for those who did not only the Chinese but also the Sangokushi and the Musou.

Not only the main characters but also people who became somewhat famous are also wanting to paint well. Is Lion King famous, is not it?
If there is a setting called Sangokushi you want not only famous warlords, but minor warlords as well.
In fact it is doubtful that the author has read Sangokushi.
Dong Tak death scene also wanted to have ginseng (kanji troublesome) if Wang Yun and Chen Khan go out. First I wanted to see a fight with Lu cloth and Kanu. Let me out. It was the best flower in that fight!
It seems that the treatment of Kana is too severe. Because Yuan Wei and Cao Cao are also the leaders of the Allied Forces, please come out.

Well I do not think that we can do such a massive battle in modern society, but still wanted to reproduce if the three countries are blasphemous. "Souten Passage" is also erotic and gloy, but since the battle scene and also the event before that battle are reproduced, it is completely different from the same three countries.

Anyway, I want you to increase the battle scene more.
And the hero is a son - in - the - spot ...... If it is reproducing the historical fact, it will die directly, why do you twist and bend it conveniently?
I still know if it is grand prix.
I read only 5 volumes for me, but what about now? Please let me know.

There is still something I want to say. If Lu Meng only strong, of course, yellow cap and Korea are also strong, are not they?
If Lu Meng was called the school god four rooks, as long as it is in line with historical fact, it is not Liaoming or Lu Meng, yellowish lid. The point is that. Lu Meng and Gian Ning were too early to put out.
If you give out loneliness, you want me to make it content that makes it a terrible relationship with the prosper of his son, after being hostile to the grand course and enemies. If you are a person depicting the Three Kingdoms.

Because the metaphor is more intelligent than the military power, the battle level is acceptable but it does not look smart. Temporarily it is a military officer of Kure, Lu Meng also wishes to be a military man, so I want you to show me more.
Well, I'm saying red walls, but what about the figure of metaphor? I wonder if my death is coming closer than Son Grandades saying?
As historically it will die soon after the red wall is over? What will the author do?

I've written it for a long time, but there are still a lot of things I want to say.
Well, it is rare to get hot up here, but I also want the author to work hard. Evaluation was for once because the picture was okay, so I made it "very bad".

2006/03/31 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6892 Host:6581 Browser: 4184
I do not really understand what I want to do Manga.
Do you want to sell with big tits and chillies? Do you want to talk about fighting bringing the Three Kingdoms? Oddly too much characters coming out later are nothing but impressive Things are just like funny things.
When I first saw it I felt like this is interesting but I've already bought.

2006/02/28 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6262 Host:6016 Browser: 4925
I think that it is interesting that the theme of famous and familiar things such as Sangokushi is taken as a theme.
However, it is hard to say that this work effectively utilizes it.
That school girls' school uniforms will be torn, and fighting with a short skirt will be a target that aimlessly narrowed the target.
First of all, this point is too incompatible with using the character name of Sangokushi.
Not limited to this, the reputation of the world is often about that point being exactly agreed.
The idea using Sangokushi is good, but it can easily be imagined that manga like this can not make use of it.
It is a natural result that I am receiving strong tapping from the Sangokogi fans.
It would be nice if it was a calculation that included topics in that sense, but that would be unlikely.
Nevertheless continuing, it seems that there are some of those fans.
Just because it is a work sold on a sex appeal line, the content is thinner and less creative.
It seems that the theme of Sangokushi is also on the event side, next seems to be a red wall, but if you thought that it would be very good to write a little if you arrange according to the famous event of Sangokushi, you are interested in another meaning It was.
Even though the hero is a son-in-law, it is possible to end this work at any time only for characters who died earlier in Sangokushi. It was not aimed at me or not.

2005/11/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50835 Host:50871 Browser: 4924
The idea of 〓〓〓〓〓elebrating the Three Kingdoms on a high school battle is not something that could be read without an interesting Three Kingdoms set up High school student fighting battle, Moe, Panchira etc. In addition to that it is too stupid In addition to that Moe Bishou is doing warriors of the Three Kingdoms, so minus It is like I would multiply minus with somehow

Similar manga has heavenly Tenge, but it is similar to that one, but that could not be read from the middle of having an impression that it would not accept except people who pinpoint

It's a surprising way to trace the Three Kingdoms, otherwise it's OK If you do not do it you can not read Panchira Manga It is often said that it is indispensable but it is the main of the work of this hand and how you show it

It is an existence that showed that there is a new possibility also in high school student battle comics who had a feeling of doing it already

2005/10/23 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12904 Host:12822 Browser: 5234
It is a work I do not know what to do.
Warlords coming out of the Sangokushi are supposed to be strange.
I do not know why Moe is a guy, but I do not want to name the character of Mikokushi if that is so.
Evaluation can not be done except for the worst

2005/09/08 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12602 Browser: 2771(Mobile)
I tried reading because I like Sangokushi, but I was honestly not interesting at all.
It can only be said as a dirty work which is not impolite to a story of unknown meaning, a meaningless erotic scene, a three kokushi and a good material completely damaged

2005/08/19 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37787 Host:37948 Browser: 5234
Work related to Sangokushi is only a person's name, so there are not any similarities so it will not be accepted by most of Sangokushi fans.
Perhaps it was better to make it completely original. The fight scenes that are quite common are boring, and I think that it is ominous to the reader who seeks something other than a sex appeal scene. It would be better for the author and for the reader to draw comics suitable for the pattern.

2005/07/14 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6034 Host:6026 Browser: 3875
In the latest volume of this work, which has become interesting since the end of Dong-Tu edition, wei and shu became main, the past of popular character Lu Meng is revealed only a little ...
As usual the battle scene is completely erotic, but the story development is getting more and more interesting, so I can expect more in the future.
If the character knows who is knocked down by historical facts and who knocked down, and want to escape its fate, scratch or knead the strategy If you do anything, do not want to be bound by historical facts (I still do)
Personally I'd like to talk about the story after Tung learning edited as animation, but maybe it is impossible to put another time again after a while?