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Japan Released:1983/01 Margaret
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2014/08/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Although it is the extra edition of "Igano Kaba Maru", it can be said that the entanglement with the main story of Hippo Maru is thin, drawing the figure of Hippo Maru at an early age and Hippo Maru at the end of the main story.

[good point]
As usual Kaba Maru, "Kaikan" in Hiroshi Hiro Kaba Maru from the time since that time, while being caught as "this immature person! Immature!", Encounters with the gale, encountered by the gale and growing, in this volume In the part that seemed to be the source that showed superior shinobi 's power to show, and another work "Jahnny' s Willy", trying to save the two couples who were entertained in the entertainment world There was also a painfulness that seems to be likely to be whether it was good even if it became animation because the first time Kaba Maru and the gale played an active part.

Kagamaru's distinctive gags also appeared everywhere, and it made me relieved that "rashiness" which is also familiar to such main part is out.

[Bad point]
In a word, it seems that gale is the main character than Kaba Maru, is not it?

Because it is an extra edition, it was not Hippo Maru but it seemed like I wanted to make it a leading role in the gust of the gale, and it seems that punch of a gag might have declined a little more than Kaba Maru main part.

Even in the main part and animation, it may be that there was a thought of the author saying that such a gale is just a gale that had become an enemy of Hippo Maru, but it was a bit weakened punch power I will. Well, you can pay attention to the gale of the gale moving with Kaba-maru.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As such, the activity of the gale is more conspicuous than Hippo Maru, and if the main body of Kaba Maru is used as it becomes familiar to Kaba Maru from the place where most other main member members do not appear, although Kaba Maru appears, it is a completely different work other than that There is a place where the feeling can not be denied.

It seems like it was difficult to achieve both the disadvantage that the activity of the gale went to the front and the hippocampal turns became fewer. And I think some of them thought that they wanted the characters in this form to follow in some form.

Although the gale is conspicuous in the drifting though it was not possible to translate it into the title "Kirino Kaze", otherwise there may have been an increase in the number of people who do not know the fact that the hippopotamus has increased, and in that sense I think that it was nothing stopping to become a gale leading role in the style and setting that had to be changed.