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Aka Akasaka
Japan Released:2013/07/27(Sat) Dengeki Maoh / End:2015/08/27
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2016/11/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44100 Host:44182 Browser: 8632
For a boy who has a delusional habit which encounters a girl who also has a delusional habit and everyday begins to move and troublesome, but a friend who has not had a friend until then and has spent lonely days alone, the encounter is never unhappy Never mind that the capability of Instant Barrett gained, the warfare will accelerate at a stretch

Given to a person lonely and carrying darkness, because the ability to be as strong as despairing in this world, the ability men try to destroy the world, who is fighting about how to destroy the world. I felt it was quite interesting

I was pretty tired of not deciding the characters and the direction of closing such a story though just the righteous and the evil characters, but, I wonder if it was getting more like being alone.
It is a type of work that I can not bear with whom I like, but in my evaluation [normal] is a good place

2016/11/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2746 Host:2604 Browser: 9135
"I want Kaguya to tell" is a sci-fi series based on Akasaka Akira who is hit.
The main characters have the special ability ib, but ib is given only to those who grew up in an unusual environment, somewhere human screwed up. Such a habit is also habitual like a character keeping the world at an angle while competing and trying to break the world ... ... like a story. Just as the Sekai system often does, the basis of the story is the values 〓〓〓〓〓f values 〓〓〓〓〓uch as human relations such as myself and others, justice and evil. The deployment that I think is OK Eva is at the end and the setting itself is a little, but the adolescent Mendozai emotion which human relation is not doing well is drawing very well.
Although the story itself is such a sekai system, there are also hot developments like boys' comics and I think that it was selling for a while if it had not been cut off.

Just a narrative turning point around 16 story, the story became tobitobe, and it came running quickly. I think that it is probably due to censoring. Although it is truly that he harvested hints without leaking from here, it is a bit disappointing because the thing that was supposed to be an important episode of the story probably has been cleaned up.
In addition, this work was a form to dig down each character, but there is no sense that the final goal is where it is blurred. It is spurring further development by abortion, but there were a few sensations that the connection of episodes for each character was too thin?

Honesty I think that it is hard to say that this work is "masterpiece" at this stage. I think that there were enough elements to hit, but as a storyteller it seems a bit insufficient.
However, since the author clearly states that this is not the end (even though it is in the works it is a sequel, or another route was stolen)
A sequel of this work may come out in the near future.