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Japan Released:1969/08 / End:1970/03
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2013/11/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21846 Host:21818 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
It is a work depicting human patterns of various characters through Ayr which is a mysterious woman.

At the beginning when ukiyo-e showed a man and woman's interaction with a ticky picture, I thought that it was strangely boring with some strange incompatibility, but the hero who is falling as a film director shortly afterwards made it with bamboo fuck It is convinced that it is a movie. Besides, although the design is Edo period, I thought that the conversation is contemporary, I joined completely different types of works. It feels uncomfortable as it is.

Personally, "Messenger" was the most interesting thing. Although the client dies with beautification of memories with the loved ones at the punch line, although Aiel who stood as a dirty act is such a role, it probably was happy for the client as a partner, regardless of the opponent's man.

Although the aftertaste was bad as far as the "air bottom", although the story was bad, the story was often twisted and it was interesting, but it is disappointing that only the story of punch which has not boiled since the middle stage has increased. In the end, it was not enough for the bad guys to finish without being rewarded. I think whether I managed to manage more personally.

Evaluation is "better" than usual.

2008/03/31 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19923 Host:20017 Browser: 3264
This idea is also good. "The actress Aiel and the film director who can transform into anything by entering a coffin will produce a realizing reality that is becoming disgusting" and a beautiful girl, but I was drawn to the setting just as born and innocent as Aier It was.
The story of the first half that depicts the story of directing the "love" of the president and the mistress close to the execution and the tragedy of the Futen girl who dreamed of the world full of flowers is occasionally cynical, I like it for a while.
Sometimes they are pure, sometimes irritating love figures are drawn, exactly the atmosphere of "fairy tales for adults".
However, when I came later, I felt that my gas had come to be missing, and I got the impression that I do not feel like packaging now. I do not think there is any spread in the story, I do not have a surprise ... I feel like I understood the reason for being said to be a failed work.
However, no matter how much it is directed to produce reality interestingly, it seems that the author 's anguish and reservedness that the world is stinky is still obscure and obscure.
Also, as there are many stories that do not come with pins unless you know the society at the time, such as "Futen", "Vietnam war", "avant-garde movie", you might as well study about that area.
In the last also, in exchange for the life of the passengers of the train, it is inconvenient as if to stick to the fact that Aiel which was a symbol of unreality leaves, "after all, a dream is a fantastic thing", not only sad but also sad , I felt like being stamped.