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Comics rank of 1997 Rank 3in 197 titles
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Masakazu Katsura
Japan Released:1997 Weekly Shonen Jump / End:2000
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2017/01/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 588 Host:518 Browser: 9909
I intended to write as hard as possible to the core part of the story to avoid spoilers to unread people, but may be somewhat imaginable (especially in the item of 〓〓〓mark)
If you are worried about spoiling please skip the contents of items marked 〓〓〓 (I think that it is all right if it is only the title part of the item)

[good point]
〓〓〓Structure of the story
1 The main character who is easy to transfer empathy Basically the thing heard and heard by the hero is the depiction of the main (with some exceptions), the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓ther characters can only be read from appearance and behavior. Therefore, the reader will be able to read on the hero's line of sight, it is easy to emotionally transfer to the story, and you can enjoy the love story with Kazuyoshi.

2 Feeling pounding feeling of love bargaining when reading for the first time Feelings of people other than the protagonist (in particular Iori which is the main heroine in particular) are difficult to understand, there are also indecisiveness of the hero, discrepancies due to mutual misunderstanding, etc. Rare love develops quite often It is possible to taste the feeling of awkwardness because it does not do, and the hero rushes to a woman other than the main heroine, such as a very unexpected development.

3 〓〓〓There is fun when reading
From the second time onward, we can progress the story while reading about her sentiment at the time from the words and expressions of Iori which is the main heroine, so we can enjoy the story from the Iori perspective as well. Then you will have more attachment to the main heroine, it should look extra cute. (There are scenes in which it is difficult to understand the heart, but a part of scenery like a bala (lol))

4 Time Slip Feeling to the Youth Era Reading after becoming an adult, "Yeah, there was such a blue age," youth's sweet and sour feeling revives to the mind, and I feel some nostalgia. In some cases it may be "a chick show" I wanted to be in such a love, but ... (laugh)

5 Empathy of love depictions interaction with people who likes to express things happily Unnamed: frustrating in their behavior, frustration that can not be realized (reverse story in the story), trauma caused by past broken heart, emotions that can not hold emotions with love heart, jealousy, confession Courage and struggle to squeeze out in doing, the struggle of overflowing sexual desire and reason ... As a man, it is full of empathy scenes and fun. I want to love it! (Lol)

6 Service to a vigorous male reader by Professor Kei Kiyoshi Do not forget service to male readers (incorporation of sex appeal) Worrying about the author, expressiveness that is familiar with the strangeness of "strange eroticism not to be reached by the end" Lol)

1 Girl's preeminent cuteness Any girl is drawn as very cute and it's fun to read. Facial expressions are delicate, rich and attractive.

2 Descriptive drawing of the body of an artistic woman is generally beautiful. But whatever you put in, the beauty of the depiction of the body of the woman (especially the butt) is the highest level, and it is the supreme area where even the artistic feeling is no longer feasible. There is no reason not to have fun reading men.

[Part that can be a bad point]
1 An irritating feeling to the main character 〓〓〓There is a possibility that the indecision of the main character such as feelings shaking to other girls may feel irritable by some people (Because individuals have sympathy that men are such creatures, I also feel that it is one of the real pleasures of this work)
〓〓〓From the end, the possibility of feeling irritated because of so-called Putaro who is endlessly becoming a rontein, because he is only in love, not club activities and studying hard, I feel sympathy for the humanity And the place where the main character who is usually mediocrity usually rather awkward to be somewhat miserable is able to become extremely powerful and bold in order to save the pinch of people I like is enviable enough and thought to be attractive I feel so irritated because there is not.

2 There is not such a charm as this hero is a little bit unrealistic, except for when the hero saves his pinch of a favorite person (just a little handsome in the class), unlikely Because it is motivated to opposite sex and more than just beautiful people, some people may not be able to feel the reality in the story.
(Personally because of the characteristics of romantic cartoons, it is unavoidable that there are many love related to the hero, and I think that it is important to enjoy as a comic book more than anything.

3 〓〓〓Patternization of the story development Mannerism "Misunderstanding 〓〓〓Reconciliation 〓〓〓Good atmosphere" "Appearance of new girls 〓〓〓Approaching the main character 〓〓〓approaching the main character 〓〓〓shaking the heart of the hero" There are many repetitions of patterns, there is a feeling that it is feeling like a manneri.
(Personally, as a competitor I thought it was okay to have a transfer student like you or a ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 Mr. Koshiro's rival position period is too short, surely! (Laugh))

4 〓〓〓About development at the end of the story 〓〓〓Nakamura feeling It is undeniable to feel a mild feeling after graduating high school. Also, a sub character male student changes character, I feel a bit strange.
〓〓〓Dark and heavy development In the latter part after graduation gradually the story becomes dark and heavy, so it will be difficult to read. This development is a mission to the last and may be an important one even when drawing a series of love patterns from the beginning of romance to the end in the work, but the reader empathizes to the main character The more it is skimpy, the more it will be hard for the chest to become painful until we finish reading the last story.
(I personally think that this development is "a pain that is painful to read but necessary development as a whole flow", but for those who are expecting a bright love affair or thrilling love affair, the final feeling of love ' It became thin and dark and heavy development "is a snake feet and it may feel that it is an unnecessary part.)

[Other: Better / bad points]
1 About the endings of heroines including Iori It seems that there is no correct answer as it seems that opinion will separate depending on which heroine likes it. Whether Iori's final decision was really good for her, was she? Maybe opinions differ from person to person.

2 After finishing the gap with the real world, there is a possibility that despair of myself who is not surrounded by a woman of perfect appearance and contents as reality as Iori of the main heroine, or who is not sending such sweet and sour youth Lol)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A sweet and sour story that can not be faded even after 20 years have passed since the work came out, a beautiful drawing out of the group, ... It can be said that it is a masterpiece of a youth love comic book that exceeds the era.
It is very disappointing that there are things that have been perceived as erotic comics of a juvenile magazine in part because of the reader service included in every place or depiction of a body that is too realistic It is only a part of)
A really wonderful piece you want people to read by all means.

2016/09/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26914 Host:26963 Browser: 10217
[good point]
Men 's high school students' realistic feelings are being drawn and there are many parts that can be sympathized.
Basically the story is made with the first person of the hero who is the first person so it is easy to enter the work
[Bad point]
There is a place I do not know well about the behavior of the hero because it is written by the first person

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Very interesting work

2016/06/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23397 Host:23431 Browser: 9580
[good point]
Although this is a romantic manga royal system though it is a royal road system, although Katsura teacher advances expansion that can not be read ahead, it is a real system drawing, but there is also promised scene that this design also has designs that can not bear character and gestures so worry free gag sense I feel it is a high class

[Bad point]
The appearance of three of the four heroines is too similar One person has completely different personality but the other two persons are similar in even personality and one person whose character is quite close and only character is standing I regret that the number is too small

There are a lot of horny paranoia scenes, depending on the scene it is pretty quiet. If you try to enjoy it purely it will be appreciated by the viewers who include such purpose, blackening the outer frame of both obstructive delusion and reminiscence (past scene) It is somewhat difficult to understand whether it is a delusion or a recollection because it is separate from the present progressive scene

This is inevitable for love comics but there is a place where the hero's feelings are too shaky If you see that the feelings are leaning in obviously funny scenes you will see a Chara man

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I got a bad point only because it becomes spoiler when putting out a very good scene,
Evaluation of the work itself 〓〓〓
Personally I like this type of love manga so it may not be suitable for some people, but at least it should not be boring

This author's work is watching ZETMAN which is being animated also elsewhere,
Also, the author himself said that he likes heroes, but if he / she is told which is interesting, he will strongly suggest this

2016/06/15 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13443 Host:13543 Browser: 5171
Katsura Masakazu's painting has influenced many authors.
A couple of authors who apparently understand it is cited immediately.

I think that women's body is amazing now. And it is very cute. Many people have taken a step towards commercial writers by imitating this work. That's fine. Culture continues and develops by repeating imitation of excellent predecessors.

However, it is a work that I think that I want you to keep it "drawing". In "Story", this work is just a reworking of "Dengeko Girl" in a degraded version, and there is nothing new discovery.
As for the character, anyway, the hero of the "conquest fraud", the charm of the look other than the looks is not at all. The combination of the main heroine is confirmed so that the sub heroines are simply decorations. Moreover, the sub heroine who made Izumi the lead is more attractive than the main heroine.

Moreover, also in "directing", at the beginning of every episode, covering the last scene of the previous time, the delusional scene of the black frame to be inserted in a bad way, the repetition of deployment which surely enters the disturbance at "Iitokoro", the overuse of the page of the dokedoki scene,
I am frustrated and read through.

And the last scene.

Because this work is a royal road love manga, it is not so if you think that that way of finishing has a certain satisfaction.
Indeed, it would have been nice if it ended in that form. Since I can not feel that I was able to dispel it at once in the last episode, I wondered if the next page is there,
I thought "... ... until then until then" may be an expansion that uneasily raises anxiety.
In the end it would have become a form of pattern that the talk became redundant with enlargement by popularity and it was discontinued completion by discontinuation.

I would like to hope that the backward writer does not make it as a model, including up to such a story composition.

2016/03/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31243 Host:31323 Browser: 4721
[good point]
A picture is a nice girl is pretty anyway anyway. cute.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that people like strawberry 100% I think girls are cute

2015/10/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40996 Host:40755 Browser: 8627
It is a romantic manga composed of the characters of Initial I named after the title

Following Ichin, Ichinomiya, Izumi, Aiko (I kid) will appear one by one, but these I characters ,,, are all so cute. Drawing a female character in love manga is the most important task, but everyone was a beautiful girl in exactly the appearance, it was an abundant level of beautiful girls

After all it is a writer who is mentioned as a writer who writes ass if you write it, so the degree of severity of the service scene was high and I was reading while playing with my child, still cute and sexy still more than this person I have not met the butt.
Although it becomes a strange feeling in words, it is "a writer who can eat rice only with a buttocks", and its familiarity is known to the extent that a person who has never read a manga is recognized as "a man of the bottom" Because it is

It was a rare love manga rare in the boy jump series and it was a true love manga with no fantasy elements so that it remained conspicuously in memory and remained in memory as well, just because he was writing a single romantic love I want to evaluate. To be very good I will assume it will not reach a little [good]

2015/05/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13598 Host:13708 Browser: 5173
It is a love comic-like story comic which was serialized in jump. The author is Masakazu Katsura of "Wing Man", "Electric Shadow Girl".
By the way, the Katsura manga I saw so far is the initial stage of "Girls with shadows" and "ZETMAN".
Anyway, there is a reputation for the beautiful picture, and like this' I ''s' and' Dengeko girl ', in the jump comics it is a famous person on the cover of the style that creates a strange atmosphere.

In the case of this' I ''s', it is a manga that I bought impulsively after browsing the first few volumes, but after all it was a romance story that somewhat disappointing breasts as well as "telegraph girl" at first.
A hero with a trauma in love or a lively and boyish girl who is actively seeing a bad guy while watching a relationship between the hero and the heroine "(if it is a" telegraph girl "," I ''s ") I saw the neighborhood, and my chest caught on. Therefore, I can not browse it (laugh).
However, it seems that the earliest "girls with electric shadows" seems to disappear at the same time after entering a certain stage. As an author, I was disliked to be bound by my previous style, trauma overcomes on a school trip, and I went abroad even the same day (I thought ...).
At that time, it was not enough for me, but I was amazed at the stubborn stance that this work "Ichiki went and did not re-appear". Since I thought that it was a sub heroine, after the middle stage I was watching while worrying "I could not withstand this long period of time and the reader was able to withstand?" But the last thing to come out is a thing by a video letter ... ..., I thought that it was also an exciting royalty and fun trial as a love manga.
It is a totally unlikely position even if you stick together with reasons such as "real feelings are suitable for you" (I'm surprised that it's like Mao ne!).

I thought that someday disappeared and it was not easy for me to think that it was as pure as her and because there was no character that sent emotions.
"Ai" is also true, but after all, it acts brighter but its real ... sadness was sad. I kept thinking carelessly for one year, but I think that it seems to open my heart to Kisugi, so heavy things are all hidden I think that it is easy to convey bizarre regardless of gender or woman.
Characters with high evaluation from females are like this, they are characters of "female viewpoint". Although this work only took the form of "I draw only the subjective perception of one's face", it seems easy to understand the idea quite often when the other characters are kidding, it is serious, is it a mistake of one person, There were some patterns that I did not understand, but in the case of Ifi, it taught us all in pieces).
Then, with easy-to-understand love comment setting "childhood friend living with the hero", thrilling romance can be expected even in the main character's life, and it is also a position that makes male readers feel "envious!" Is not it? Therefore, it is regrettable that it will be gone, it felt sad.
Anyway, it is not easy to watch it, such as the story of a daughter, the place of the enemy rush (or?)?
Besides, because of the personality that self-weights to a certain extent, a bad scrubbing place is not finished, so a sense of security and peace ....
In the last round, it was revealed what kind of things my thoughts were, and at the same time, it was something that I kept for a long time afterwards for Mr. Kazuki, It was revealed that it was good that it was still positive but there still was not enough division between them.

Anyway, regarding the main line, I think that this work is for juvenile magazines, and the depiction like a youth magazine was outstandingly prominent.
Originally I was pretty sympathized with the character of Seto that "I can not take a straightforward attitude towards women from the past trauma and go backwards", but from the way I started accustoming women by trauma overcoming In the end, I usually went to the main heroine in the last 5 volumes and became like a spiritual book of "How can I go to the final point of going out with men and women?"
Somehow, the story of this "pure love, unrequited love to the end" is also a failure of "train man" (It is completely cut in the product version such as media mix, it is a story of pure love). It seems good even if it ends normally with the end of high school student editing.
Well, although sexual description was relatively refreshing, I could not understand that the boy 's magazine' s restriction never goes to the end, it is embarrassing to see it as though it is a shimmer ... (haha).

Seto Kazuki of the main character was also a good guy in the first term, but he was indecisively indecisive from a certain stage, and it was a hellless hero who started to make it not to develop the way he wanted anyway.
Only when Iori's feelings are good, Ichigo is sending a feeling someday (and the feelings of the day are not suitable at that time), I started to associate with Iori, but it did not engage, or a muddy storm anyway. The timing is bad, it is a story full of misunderstanding and passing.
Originally, even at the initial stage, there were many stories saying "Iori is misunderstood", but as soon as there was follow up, the misunderstanding was solved, the two became friends ... again, it is still seen It was. However, from the way, the span until the misunderstanding is long is long, the opportunity itself to match face with Iori is drastically decreased, the heroine has changed, Iori and Iori have not felt their way while fighting for a long time, It will even look like it got it.
In short, as a reader who wants to believe that the previous action will go well, the main character's behavior may be irritated. Or rather, there are too many things to think like "Why are you there!" Or "Timing bad?"
Nonetheless, I think that the first lap will be able to make a thrilling reading of "What will happen in the future?"

Somehow, early in the beginning I was cheering for sombre, but once the relationship with Iori began to close up again, this time I turned over to support both Ichino and Iori as one reader ( Lol), after that it became involved with quite a lot of women, such as juniors' fountains, next door's icons and so on.
"There are multiple heroines, but they do not come out at the same time" It is unusual? Galge and Ranobet have many harem states, but this work is not a competition but a negativity like your inquiries In a fighting fight of such a way, if there is a bit of misunderstandings, I usually think that I'm catching up for a long period of time, "I went out, I got a heroine again."
Well, the episodes of Izumi and Aiko are good at somehow, I think both of them are good characters.
As a result of pursuing realism, both Izumi and Aiko have virgin rushing that there is a former curry, but this is awfully meaningful.

And 'I''s' is not a Sazae's method, it's a work that goes on and on in real time in line with serialization, so after graduating to high school third grade, graduation goes further, but this After graduation is also long again is not it?
In the first place, high school third grade editing, "Because I am an entrance I can not go on", "I can not play because I am an entrance examiner", and as a love comedic work there are few events until deadly and the air that is hard to deepen is also getting heavy Well ...
Besides, after graduation, Iori enters the entertainment industry, and further develops a muddy that there is a groove to a relationship with Kazuto. It was a mysterious level that people who were reading books nowadays still did not irritate people who were chasing real-time in a deployment that was too much frustrating to go to their expectations.

Well that deployment was also frustrating, and finally there was something like talking about sex with many stories, but the most terrible thing in the last stage would be the presence of Kida or Kuzu.
It was beyond the category of behavior of gag characters and finally the gap that was seriously contempted by everyone was terrible. I felt that this was the most wrong handling. I guess he is doing at the same level as the world of gags and jokes, it seems that everything else is seriously troubled by seriousness, something like a sense.
Moreover, Iori at the time when I got an explanation of the stalking act, "Haha?", I was shocked as if I was shocked, there was something wrong. Even though I was made fucked, snatched or made aikora, I did not take such attitude ... (If it comes down to a strange life ...).
It was somewhat sketchy for the group of the heroes to argue in a whispered manner the person who seemed unlikely to be malicious (it was harmful as much as it was, and it was a character of the level that I wanted to kill certainly).
After that Iori, who later came together with Kida by lottery, formed a hand with Kida with the intention of giving it to Kazuhiro.
Graduation travel edition is kinda ... somewhere.

Well, well, somehow, this work is still remembered if I read it to the end, I also felt quite moved by the last.
A strange laughter has appeared when a talk show none of Tondemo's story named "Loop until High School Era" comes out in the end, but "Strange youth", "Three years I feel like unlucky" I certainly feel that I can not keep my eyes closed.
There was something that came to the breast of an evening video letter.
Just before the last round, it is painful for me to watch as much as I want to skip over to Iori.

Evaluation is "very good".
It was pretty innovative to do thrilling, to some kind of negative love of fairly romantic.
It is "Love and daily double life", is not it? Already, this is a story that everyday itself obstructs romance. Even if you are trying to love, there are various obstacles, and it is a story that you get tied up while overcoming it.
As much as there is no SF setting, even if it is a youth stuff, maybe there are many places where the reader seems to "Maybe in this kind of situations ..."

2015/03/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44111 Host:44006 Browser: 10481
[good point]
After all, the picture is fine and the story is interesting.
I think that the number of volumes is just 15 volumes.

[Bad point]
I thought that the last person did not need it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is inferior compared to the telegraph girl, but it is enough funny.
I liked the girls from the telegraph, DNA 2's picture

2014/05/13 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 959 Host:930 Browser: 10353
[good point]
Because it is drawn from the first person perspective, it is very high immersion. You can bear frows.
Heroines are attractive
Eroticism of a boy 's magazine
The acidity and sweetness of love is well drawn

[Bad point]
Katsura sensei 's unique cold gag (also called the taste of the author)
Latter half a little sagging

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is the highest peak as a love comic.

As mentioned above, since the scene is basically drawn only from the main character viewpoint, the reader can not read the sentiments of characters including the heroine, and is impatient.
Because it is impatient, it makes a scuffle and it is surprising when it is clearly understood by dialogue and action that what people are thinking is clear.

I think that a thorough first person viewpoint with romance manga is a difficult technique. But I can draw this manga very well.
Although the flow of setting and talk is also unrealistic in many cases, this first person is more real than anything.

I think that it is a wonderful work that I can experience a different experience from other love comics.

2013/05/17 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35700 Host:35860 Browser: 10946
[good point]
I was impressed.
I got the courage to let myself do my best

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2013/03/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11282 Host:11043 Browser: 8853
[good point]
Pictures are attractive (especially women 's expression).
As a high school student, mistakes due to not being able to convey feelings well.
The feelings of the hero will go over here, too,
It is a connection way that seems to be possible if this age is possible.

[Bad point]
A scene of forcible sex.
Even if I do not put out such excessive erotic charge, I think that it is sufficiently interesting.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
You can enjoy if you do not dislike the story that the main protagonist of the royal road of love things comes from a woman around.
The entertainment circle edition, the story about when the feelings were connected was good, as thought that it was good even if it was not necessary.
Conversely, I feel that there is a peak.
It is rare that there is no SF element, but as a romance thing,
It makes me feel very painful, so I can recommend it enough.

2012/02/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22177 Host:22256 Browser: 5999
[good point]

The horny scene depicted with that drawing power is the best.

I can draw a real feeling of a boys high school student and can truly appreciate.

Not only love but also the future course and dreams are being drawn, and it is becoming a thicker youthful thing.

The balance between loose scenes and serious scenes is very good.

Iori 's character. It is a life - sized girl who is not so neatly clean, so it was easy to emotion.

Communication between boys and senior high school students, such as exchange between Ichigo and Teraya, was drawn in realistic, yet there was no feeling of medium durability and it was fun.

[Bad point]

The hero is too much.

While the main character of a life - size was good, on the other hand, I feel like I wanted to do a little more.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The feeling called love comics. I think that it is a masterpiece that remains in the history of romance manga that depicts real love affair that neither girls nor boys are engaging. While girls' comic books with girls halfway paranoia and erotic cartoons inspired by men's erotic delusion are many, they are completely different from them. I feel like I've never seen any other romance cartoons that I had chitin. It is "romantic" romance comic.

2011/08/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20524 Host:20506 Browser: 6886
[good point]

Expression of feelings such as conflict against love, anxiety, expectation is good.
The picture is easy to see. Hair and beautiful.
Everyone 's personality and characters in class are established, and human relationships are also cheap from there.
How to use sweat. I think it is good personally.
There are people who worry about "love different from ordinary" in the story of "love". It is solid.
(If you have read it once, you will know who you are referring to.)
Some people mourn in love that can be torn by becoming like someone. Is transmitted.
Some gentle ones are easy to snore easily easily. A depiction of.
It 's a particularly nice story to be fresh.

[Bad point]

Gag is not particularly interesting.
Of course it is not very real. (Oh well, I do not ask for real in the story of this hand)
Being torn in love often turns humans. It is a shock that there is not such a person.
How to end, I wish, personally ,,,,

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Do you think that it is well organized?

2011/03/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1812 Host:1805 Browser: 10272
[good point]

When Iori-chan is cute Izumi and fountain are also good characters

The picture is fine

Tears like tears in spite (such as a story of a fire in an apartment in Tokushima)

Muhuff scene that is excited
[Bad point]

Kazuki's behavior
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I still have sympathy with the main character compared to the best work of me among video girls

Iori is a cartoon that I'd like to recommend to men who love romantic cartoons or those who like cute girls

Of course it is the best. .

2011/01/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7013 Host:6757 Browser: 12340
A work that Mr. Katsura's picture was shocking.

I personally liked the story of my high school days.
It is strangely real after graduating from high school, but impression lacking in some fun.
I wonder if I got a fifth I.

Evaluation is very good.

2010/07/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20315 Host:20349 Browser: 11274
[good point]
Girls are cute.
The picture is beautiful and serious, it is real and very funny.
[Bad point]
There is nothing.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
There is an indecisive place in one but eventually it is a very interesting work that is not a kanji like strawberry in the middle.
I can emotionally introduce to you as well, and the character and feelings of Iori are also good.

2010/05/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7073 Host:6885 Browser: 10771
[good point]
It is good to draw a struggle of sexuality and reason and a man of a bad part that can not become obedient.
In addition, if you stare it like a cartoon style, it will make the reader jealous. I think that it is good to attract elements essential to love things, such as such passing and misunderstanding as well.

Heroines are very attractive. I felt its mysteriousness attractive as well, as well as painting is good, as it progresses from erotic and facial expressions, gestures, the hero's point of view.

Friends such as Teraya and Yoshige seemed to be likable.

[Bad point]
A manner called a training camp when it is difficult to progress. The unnaturalness and the uncomfortable way of appearance of the heroine.
I know that hero is not a bad guy, but he is not too benevolent. There was a production that it was growing, but I can not feel it much. Failure to take the exam to the last.
It is just a word to say that I will make you happy in that state.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Youthful blue, I think it is a nice love comedy.
I can also be moved obediently.

2010/03/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8416 Host:8471 Browser: 9207
[good point]
I am worried that Iori will soon cling to it. That is, the story is interesting.
Good at drawing

[Bad point]
Although it is a boy 's magazine, there are a lot of radical depictions so I wonder if there is resistance to recommend to people.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I liked the work of this hand so I enjoyed it considerably.

On May 24, 2010, the evaluation was very good because it was balanced with other works and it was revised to the highest.

2009/12/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5242 Host:4994 Browser: 9466
I think this is a manga that I'm really glad to meet.
I saw Katsura's work for the first time, but until here is Ryosaku ...
Mr. Katsura is the only person who can draw the feelings of the characters realistically so far.

Especially I think that the last way of finishing was really good.
Kazuki is really happy. Both my friends and her surroundings are really good people.

I read a heartwarming work for the first time in a long time.

Evaluation is of course the best.

2009/11/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I finished reading at a stretch.

Psychological depiction was drawn on the artisan and it was a work that was readable.
I believe that each character is also satisfied with its character.

However, the action that Iori did at the end was felt like a compromise, and dissatisfaction remained.
Some people say that way of finishing is the best, but I did not get along well with myself.

It was only there that caught my eye, the rest was a work that I enjoyed very much.

2009/08/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]

The picture is real & cute. The girl's body lines are soft and beautiful anyhow.
I think that Katsura Masakazu that can draw such a curve is amazing. I fall in love even if I see her from herself.

[Bad point]

I wonder why Mr. Taka who is the main character is so Motel. I do not see such a charm & nice guy. Moreover, I felt that the kindness was lacking.
A single delusion was not very healthy either. I wanted you to stop.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Originally it was fun and I bought comics, but I guess it's like a "triangle girl" similar to the "telegraph girl", this author's usual "hero is not even the main character of a man, I could not find out the brand newness & amusement in the story development of.
For me, "Dengeko girl" who was still stinking was more interesting and more fun to read ...
Iori is cute, but imaichi personality is thin and impression is weak.
In the same way, she wears "a girl with a girl" and something has no originality.
A little more, I think that it was more interesting to put the real intention of Iori on the front.
Even the story also felt as if it had been a long time since the age had gone away, afterwards it was only a repetition of "appearance of a new girl 〓〓〓attack of that child in one bite".
Although Katsura Masakazu work was strong tendency so far, this time it was repetition of the royal road pattern, it was not fun to be frank.
More than that, "DNA 2" of all the works was pretty elaborate and it was fun.

2009/08/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Pictures are good. A character may have personality.

[Bad point]
Personally I wanted Aiko Aso more number.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In love comics is the best work in Dantotsu.

2009/07/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The picture is beautiful.
The women 's body line is nice.
The place where manga progresses from the viewpoint of Kazuki (hero) is really good.

[Bad point]
It might be good even if you did not have a confession (Ronin life).

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a manga that was easy to emotion emotions with comics that I read when I was a high school student. If it is a love-style manga, I can not remove this.

2009/06/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I feel like a clumsy hero and a delicate love story of a clumsy heroine. I thought it was boring for the first time but when I read it again I was drawn into the story.
Friends surrounding the hero are too good! It is enviable.
The story when the hero was taken to the hospital was very impressed.
However, I feel that it was a little long. It seemed to get tired many times, but I lost to the cute of heroine.
Although this work can not be read with a light nori like a love comede, I think that it is a wonderful romance cartoon.

2009/05/27 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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[Good point] Wow ~ First, it is fantastic ~ 〓〓〓I am!
There is also Zettman ... ... 100% strawberry is good ~ 〓〓〓Half not!
It would be better to read to Million (laugh)

[Bad point] It is feelingless!

2009/05/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Work that seemed to buy a complete version for the first time.
Even when I started reading at that time I was a first grader in high school, I was very easy to transfer feelings to the main character.
Although it is somewhat lacking in reality, it still has a story composition in a reasonable range.

It is often the picture skill to be said, but personally I thought the characters were wonderful than that. (Of course I also love drawing)
In this manga the heroine is indeed Iori, but all three other people also had a big presence.
In particular, I think that it can be said remarkably in the case.
In the middle of the story I left from Kazuki, but until the end I had her in the corner of Koi 's heart.

Speaking of the men's team Teriya Kun (lol)
I certainly do not dislike Ikki. But I can not like it. Kazuki is a high school student who seems to be easy to transfer emotion to the last, so it seems like anywhere, and the sense of closeness is a character that makes sense of affinity.
Teraya Kun is different. It is not easy to make friends like this, and there is also a very good gap when I give advice to you at the time of erotic eroticism and a serious look. What was it like to be true without Koitsu? . .

Although there was also a period during which the story was a little lazy, there was always a scene that I could touch with the key points so I did not care much about it.
I think that it is the highest peak of romance manga personally, personally having a proper weight, laughing, and having a lot of excitement.
So the evaluation is the best.

2008/12/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
A painting

[Bad point]
The main character is overkill.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Mr. Katsura's comic is read from the time of Wingman, but the picture is beautiful.
I was glad that the story was exciting. With a kanji that remembers something old ...

2008/07/11 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I do not like this kind of work very much, but I bought it since I was drawn to a cover illustration at a book store.
Although there was a part which was worrisome, I think that it was a well-made work.
Last was also moving and good.

2008/04/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Works of memories of adolescence.
I was pretty fond of delusions, backwards running, Kazushi no kimi, and it seemed like a lot of confession in the train.
Iori-chan was distressed by expressions and words, it was Barebare.
Eyeglasses are very nice characters, I do not think that people like that are useful.
It is a pity that I got boring since confession.
It will be hard to pull over that one.

2008/03/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I read it when I was a junior high school student.
[good point]
Pictures are very good in every part (especially the pictures that touched my eyes are pictures of Batman)
As Iori 's emotions are not represented by letters (lines) it is more fun

[Bad point]
I think that I'm drawing a local line realistically in a boy 's magazine' s habit
I was the manga of a pure love story that I read the only time, but I will not want to read the second time (it may be a character that makes me feel like a romance manga ... ...)

This author is currently serializing Zettmen at YJ, but I thought that it was the right answer as I moved here. I feel that this one is awesome.

Evaluation is good.