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Yukio Tamai
Japan Released:1997 Big Comic Spirits
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2011/07/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Ryosaku of the author who is good at depicting psychology. Although the position of a veterinarian is based, there are many cases where the talk spreads beyond that. Besides familiar pet tangled stories, talks progress in the range of animals, living things or biology in general, all of which are interesting contents. Starting with a light content at the beginning, the end of the story is related to view of life and death, as the content of content often changes extremely in one story, so do not get tired of reading.

[Bad point]
As mentioned above, the final stage tends to be heavier than the lightness of the early stage even for each episode, so it is not suitable for those who can not bear heavy stories. In addition, although it is always on a weekly series, the last one is censored and there are also many uncollected settings and the like. I do not know what he is deciding to terminate based on what, but the period of serialization is not so long in proportion to the fun of the story, that is disappointing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is finished in a work that many people can enjoy. There is also a slightly mysterious aspect, it seems to get a little stimulation at that point. It is not suitable for those who are not good at heavy themes such as death as mentioned above. Moreover, it is not suitable for a useless person without an erotic element. In addition, there are many lines that explain the situation, but there are many parts that I do not explain about psychological depiction in many cases, so there is a possibility of it being irritated if I can not read the line spacing.

2009/08/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Animal doctor is "knowledge". And the Iwakaru Animal Clinic showed me a person called "veterinarian". Among them, there are people who do various kind of things, but as a result I learned a complicated place in the story that the act done by that person made a success. More than anything, I was surprised that the person worked with Iwamaru at the beginning and was not so distorted personality. I wanted you to describe the place where I learned the distortion of personality a little more.
Of course, although it is fiction, I felt something to talk about women terrorists in the story of euthanasia while watching kittengarten children, but there are various stories besides this.
A beautiful young assistant comes out of a person but this does not mean there is a love story, it can be said that this work was a correct answer.
Even though I know it as fiction I think that "there is such a thing". However, there are many things actually happening in reality. This manga is a convincing manga.

2008/07/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was surprisingly unevaluated. Ten volumes totaling nine volumes and outdoor editions appeared, and Ryosaku was popular even at that time with spirits.
In other words, the main character Iwarumaru who does not rise in character is a famous veterinarian in the world and is a famous medical doctor who runs around the world and pushes it up with a doctor who runs around the world. It is a story that solves ,,,.
The implications for the authors' animals are amazingly wonderful and marvelous. A big perspective such as the conservation of wildlife species and import restrictions on animals from familiar stories such as "act of raising bread to pigeon" or "abandoned cat" or "commercialization of pet 〓〓〓defect item?", A mystery-like murder case I am impressed with the width of the author's knowledge and the love of animals.
Although there are various funny stories and interesting stories, the first time in the extraordinary story where a majestic assistant becomes the main was a scalping of the species of Cattle mutation that I did.
It is a ryosaku that makes me think variously. If you are interested in animal goods (peruse the former animal notes or animal doctor for a long time), please read it. There is a fresh surprise.
Evaluation is "very good" close to "highest". It is recommended.