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Other media: Drama:IS;Otoko demo Onna demo Nai Sei
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Chiyo Rokuhana
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Japan Released:2003/02/08(Sat) / End:2009/07/25
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2016/11/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23897 Host:24031 Browser: 7864
Well, it is difficult to write comments, it is a cartoon that is annoying.

Separately, this work itself is hard to understand, not that it is drawn.
Rather, I think that it is drawn clearly for the heavy theme of this hand.
I guess the author is going to work hard.
However, handling this theme is very difficult ...

So, first of all, let me describe the comment as a comic.

The direction of the picture is not so clear as it is clear.
Do not draw the background in detail, as it is to remain in girls' comic books, this person is also complicated up to the costumes of the character.
Normally, the girls' cartoonist is a bit more stuffy.
Besides, the expression pattern of the character is slightly few.
I do not think he is interested in painting.

Regarding the character setting, it seems that the hero's sprit is honorable too much, or the characters coming out in this cartoon are mostly personalityful except that they have trouble about sexual differentiation disease It is a child's character.
If you continue to accept misunderstandings, persecutions, and unrecognized acts from the world, it is natural that more human beings are more distorted and have an impulse to others.
In addition, there are also aspects that seems to be a stereotype for a bit of unskilled characters about sexual differentiation disease.
However, as the theme is the theme, if you make the character setting complicated, the content of the story will be difficult to understand, there will be a misunderstanding, the danger is probably.
I think that this can not be helped by this.

So, how about handling this theme, what is wrong writing impression is troubling.

I have never seen such a detail, in the first place I have never met a person with sexual differentiation, at least a person who is coming out.
I will write on that ...
First of all, it is annoying from the title "Is not a man or a woman ~".
Because some people claim that the designation "IS" itself is discriminatory, ideological.
In the present situation, using this designation is decreasing than before and "sexual differentiation disease.DSD"
I heard that the name is increasing.
Please explore the background of why such a thing happened if you are interested in yourself.
Also, subtitle "gender is not a man or woman" is also annoying.
I do not mean that this subtitle is inappropriate, but I think about what the people of the parties who actually have sexual differentiation disease desire such a way of saying, how to say is.
I hear that there are many people who want to recognize themselves as "male or female with sexual differentiation disease" rather than "male or female sex."
This is also true for the content of the work, "People with sexual differentiation disease are not men or women, should not they be recognized as a third sex, so to speak", insisted on people with sexual differentiation disease There are some places where the reader thinks it is.
Of course, there are also persons of such a way of thinking, but if it says that it is the mainstream idea of 〓〓〓〓〓eople with sexual differentiation disease, it makes me feel a bit different.
Even such a point is annoying whether it is very difficult to think how to think.

Well, it seems to be misunderstood, so I'm not saying that I'm going to say I should have written such a comic book.
Even this manga assistant confuses gender identity disorder with sexual differentiation disease.
In such a situation, again, I think that such cartoons are necessary, and it is also a comic that is sufficiently excellent as a trigger for some readers to think.
In general, there are no manga artists who challenge such a heavy theme.
I just want to praise it even with that spirit.

Evaluation is totally "good" taking comprehensive consideration into consideration, but this evaluation is also somewhat annoying ...

2014/10/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9113 Host:9423 Browser: 5171
Spring born as IS, parents, brothers, friends, and ... the stories of life patterns of all the people around Spring.
One person's personality that does not apply to the word "men and women" represented by the words of "spring seems to be neither" nor is it a masterpiece that continued pursuing the importance of human beings and the importance and importance of "family".

Although it seems to become a sermon preaching otherwise, it is not to press just the correctness on a hypocritical basis,
Prejudice and harassment, misunderstandings and speculation, even this will still hit the spring. Fighting each time, fielding, overlooking the appearance of spring overcoming people, people looking back on their own looks. Until the end of prejudice is never going to disappear, but this is also "all inclusive", and the appearance of spring trying to live life brightly is dazzling.

On the contrary, contrary to spring, there is no problem physically, Ibuki of a good appearance falls apart from family, friends relationship also collapses due to relationship with spring, I will give my thoughts in spring all the time. Spring feelings that become "women's heart" only when you are with Ibuki are painful.

There are many other characters besides the main characters, and there are many times that they are the leading characters, and their polite background depiction gives the stories thickness. Leon, who has been in the spring since childhood and has been watching the growth and change, is probably his representative.

At the end was somewhat brute-force finish, this is not a "story to end." In the future, in the spring, to Ibuki,
Various troubles and difficult situations will occur. Still, if you are with "a loving family" you can live happily,
It is the last scene that feels the clear message that it is.

It is not "impression" of pressing. It is not a story that tears will not stop. 17 volumes that continued heading to the question seemed as a matter of course "what is ordinary" as "human beings" seen in the eyes "not ordinary", which can not be answered by anyone.

Reading value is 100%.