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Ikegami Tsukasa
Kaoru Shibayama
Japan Released:2002/11/19(Tue)
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2013/03/26 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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When I looked at the title and read it with a sense of expectation of "Submarine? Itto 58 and say ...", it was a spectacularly disappointing work. Well, the original author has drawn "Midsummer's Orion", and "Lorelei" is not so severe ... It was a submarine manga that was inevitable to fail.

It would be unnecessary if I-58 is a person who is familiar with war, but it is famous for sinking the American military cruiser Indianapolis that transported the atomic bomb dropped to Hiroshima at the end of the Pacific War, but the captain of that I-58 is the one after Hashimoto Not the colonel, but the hero was a fictitious old commander, was downgraded to the commander of a transportation fleet, and the setting of a commander who was defeated in the successive career which was placed on a dangerous front line with civilians is good even though it is good It was unreasonable to survive alone, to take over the captain of a submarine, and for the fact that the first civilian was sacrificed, it was completely blurred in the second half.

And it is irresponsible that a one-on-one battle between a submarine and a cruiser is unreasonable, and even if it is a captain of Indianapolis, he talked about the hero who was going to the United States when he was young and talked about the tactics, It is binding to things, and it has become completely good to say that it ran only to the author's hobby. And the characters of the characters are also obsolete and smelly, so it is not easy to say that "What do you want to draw? Submarine? Cruiser? Is it impossible for the two captains to be an impossible one battle battle?" It has become.

I will not say that the author is not studying the Pacific War, but still the theme is not separated, after a long pull on the story ended down Indianapolis, yes, it is not saying "What's this?" I can not get it. He did not even describe Hiroshima's tragedy caused by what the Indiana brought and the tragedy that will be the taste of the later Indiana crew, saying, "In this case it is not necessary to issue I-58 and Indiana from Hana Okay, it is a conclusion that the one who put out even a different fictional ship is still refreshing ".

If we simply start with a simple survival battle of submarines and cruisers, there is no need to use the name value of two ships shooked by irony of history. I thought it was somewhat cautious if I treated it simply as a leading role from the famous name ship.