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Machiko Hasegawa
The Mainichi Newspapers Co.,Ltd.
The Asahi Shimbun Company Shimai Sha
Japan Released:1966/01 / End:1971/07
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2012/11/11 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
do not exist.
[Bad point]
The hero 's fondness Baba.
I felt very unpleasant.
.Part 1
Drink alcohol to the driver of the car that collided with the utility pole.
Police officer "Obviously drunk driving!"
Part 2
When I thought that the old woman who was in Sento bathed in hot water in the tub, the inside was water.
(Tasuku Baba was put in)
If you make a mistake one time you will die of heart paralysis ....

When I saw a scene that also touches my son 's couple or grandchild, I came to my mind very much.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
After finishing reading,
Unpleasantness, anger, hatred Only these three letters remained.
I will recommend not reading if you are planning to read from now.
Even if you read it, only anger, disgust, and disgust remain.
Evaluation is "worst"!

2011/12/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26955 Host:27156 Browser: 3876
Although this work was read for the first time as an elementary school student, I still remember a lot of its spiteful gags.
Its main thing is down 〓〓〓 including Mr. Ohara, so many other guests talk about it, so I omit it,
It is likely that the "senior citizen" who is a socially vulnerable, including that brutality that makes the people of the working generation say hee hee, "pleasantness" of gag is about such works.

"Something like" Sazae-san "or" Apron Aunt "can not be drawn by family-oriented manga" Himiga "," Neta Mima "," Neta Mi ", and" Anxiety in the Old Age " I think that it is a comfortable work.

I also liked the live action "Qingdao Yukio version" and I was watching it well.
Although "Takamatsu Shigero version" has a bit of a different image, it has not been watched.

2010/06/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3350 Host:3216 Browser: 4926
From 66 to 71 Sunday 4 gym gyag comics by Professor Hasegawa Tomoko serialized on a daily basis. "Ijusukuba" That 's Iyo Kiba stone shows bad humorous badness in various places in houses and towns.

Mr. Hasegawa posted "Sazae-san" to the Asahi Newspaper, although he was serializing "Apron Aunt" at the magazine `Sunday Everyday ', the contents were changed because both works were similar in content It is this work that serialized seeking new tension and deployment was made by being inspired by a comedy work whose main character was a mean grandfather named "Ijushu old grandfather" in foreign countries. It is because the female character is stronger than the guy who made the hero as a grandmother, so it stands out.
Unlike the ordinary work which many pages are connected to, this work has become a relocation type as a result of four frames because gags and contents are also entered, even though each one has been refined and content peculiar, Soredakeni you can be seen better tempo.

Although this work is a 4-piece work, gags and contents are developed differently every time, the main point is the goodness of the grandmother's head and a blatant way. Leaving the kitchen knife carved with onion and garlic, leaving an unknown woman cutting out the apple, or taking scissors that are not cutting to the venue opening ceremony and repainting it, or the use of the bonus I brought a vase with a hidden microphone under a son and a couple consulting with my son and consulted a doctor who came to see a lady with a stomach ulcer and showed a picture of the bird over the sliding door and said "〓〓〓(cancer)" As I said, I put in carbon paper for the seaweed insert, or because the buttons of the guests who got drunk at home got disengaged, at the same time as sewing the buttons with the buttons, we made it impossible for us to stand up, baby 's Placing luxury liquor in the place of leakage, or eating a meal with laughter to a son going to the funeral, I think that I think of these ideas well and do it Bought it was. Some of the crime was a little confusing, but it is still wonderful because I can still read it funny. Precisely because it monotonous form of a four-frame, but not perhaps seem more tension high.
Also is good for `nasty Granny 'is mischief in the light touch of glue. Because there is no kind of grudge such as grudging against the opponent, it is a character of a feeling that you can not hate even if you do something quiet. Further, when casually doing the mischief is there is fun to not say anything. Aside from advancing the tea ceremony with a door painting of 4 volumes of books, there is a box of powder soap, etc. enough interestingness is conveyed enough even with a picture alone. Well as those who can do it, it might not a mon accumulated. When the grandfather was attacked and injured, I laughed that there were too many suspects and I had to distribute a numbered ticket.

Although this work is monotonous in content, it has a tension, and since I think that it can be said as a masterpiece as a gag comic, evaluation is [highest!]. It is funny even in "Sazae-san." Although there are zukkoke gags, it has become a gag story of development that entwined a little humor who made a leap forward, and still keeps fun. Therefore, it became also a drama starring Yuuo Qingdao and Etsuko Ichihara, former governor of the governor, and I think that it was also animated. Which way is more like "Mr. Sazae"?

2010/06/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3505 Host:3372 Browser: 5718
[good point]
There is a thing that makes you laugh so much that you do not know whether it's meaningless or itch.
"Engrave leek and garlic with knife" "And cut apples with the kitchen knife" was a tricky technique that seemed useful!
I was bullying the dog once, but because the dog was a grandfather dog whose heart was brought to mind, "nice guy is stupid" is a cute little bitch.
[Bad point]
Whether to make my grandson cry ... ... (Hide stamps)
It would be better not to make a meaningful wish to make a brothers and desire to leave it alright (I handed valuable coins to ramen shops, when my wife was anxious about my illness, I showed a picture of a bird to a doctor and "gun" It will not frighten to surprise you let me say)
It's also dangerous to grab the saucer to make you eat squidpicks (it's dangerous that I have crossed the category of meaning)
I heard that there are not any alleles at the Sazae family who appeared specially.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It seems quite radical when you look at it, so even my son brothers are being hated.
There are things that you can smile faintly inside.

2009/08/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22279 Host:22412 Browser: 4184
[good point]

The point that Messiah mothers' behavior is sometimes satiric, sometimes including loneliness, and that.

[Bad point]

There is a feeling of excessive oddity ^ ^ ;;;

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It is a typical "fun character" because I am watching from the side.
Actually it may be more like "Mr. Sazae".
Evaluation is "good".

2008/09/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37764 Host:37801 Browser: 4184
I read this cartoon, laughing crisplyly with the grandmother 's doing things to various people every time.

I really do not want to be involved if I have such a person, it is a troublesome person, but because of the unique tempo peculiar to the four-frame manga I could read it without feeling uncomfortable.
I sometimes get involved but it leads backwards and leads to helping people, animals have a gentle aspect, sometimes do good deeds ...
Well, it is a character that you can enjoy for comments. I have good characters.

It is a work that likes and dislikes can be divided, but the evaluation is "good".

2007/09/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13471 Host:13284 Browser: 5234
Unlike "Sazae-san", even a single grain is seasoned with spice called spicy black humor, so you can laugh a lot with each reading of a single story concise style.

Contents are harassed everywhere by a nasty girl,
Even if they are evil, they are reluctantly revengefully doing irresponsible things, but also those who are caught up in the son's couple and fury with painful contents are also tasteful characters only ...

Especially I was able to laugh at trying to help my grandchild who was looking for notepad which wrote phone number,
It is something that the grandchild sandwiches the memo paper found by her grandmother who had rooted "It does not matter to the elderly" and grandchildren eat it.

Besides, I mixed the laughter mushie with my son 's meal, asked 10 people for eel heavy depending on the name of a bad acquaintance, caused me to complain, asked a policeman who came running with a drunk driver forcing the accident to arrest, It was all you wanted to do rightly as a shame on criminal interrogations.

However, when you suddenly settle for a cake for a part - time student,
There are charming places to love dogs, and there is likable also there.

Husband who got married to grandmother in marriage marriage was pathetic, but ...
Although it was certainly a violent host who was drunk with drunkards, but a bride's wife brimmed her mother-in-law, asked help to a matchmaker for the first time in his son and herself to tackle his hands, "Homoki" It was a strange life ...
It may have been salvation that he could leave his house with a call for victory.

Every time I read back, there are new discoveries and laughter so I keep it in my bookshelf.

2007/09/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19877 Host:19711 Browser: 4184
The original was before animation, but I have read it at my relatives' house.
The hero who is the hero of the hero does not want to be involved much if such a person actually is, but whether it is good or bad Ack is strong or whether it is wanted to apprenticate to a certain meaning to that energy? But even animals show kindness or only occasionally There was also an unexpected aspect as doing good things.

It seems that Sazae and this familiar grandma were actually negative in author,
It is better to be the original work rather than the animated version. Although the latter may be a style that divides likes and dislikes by people ........ Well, the evaluation is "normal" close to "good".

2007/08/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20751 Host:20865 Browser: 5234
I do not like manga that is a strong hoax.
However, I like this manga somehow.

It is realistic if such a grandmother is outrageous but it can be enjoyed to the extent that it sees it with manga.

My grandfather's meanness and black gag are so funny.

2007/08/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 6287
It is a cartoon that was also a masterpiece of Mr. Hasegawa Michiko, and also dramaized with Mr. Yukio Qingdao starring Mr. Sazae.

The grandmother called Ishi is quite mean nature, and if a rich man says "I went to a villa", I touched the neighborhood man, "That man was in prison" and told the story of Nanakusa In other words, "parapet of grass" or paraphrasing, do not do tricky things.

But when I envied everyone after reading the letters and the stuff from my grandchild in front of my friends, when I became alone I was blurred as if I was something I wrote myself ", I am surprised lonely It looks like it.

Do you want to ask the surrounding people to make a nasty thing? Is it a nuisance or a twisted person ... It is a troubled lady.