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Tadashi Agi
Syu Okimoto
Weekly Morning
Japan Released:2004
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2016/10/02 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44100 Host:44182 Browser: 8632
I do not drink alcohol much, but I like alcoholic drinks quite a lot.
There are abundant variety and variety, especially because it is easy to get involved with people's dramas because there are dramas from producers and production areas for wine and even after being produced

Actually, this work was interesting also because the impression of wine was unique, artistic and unique way of capturing and expressing it. . . But, as long as 44 volumes continue. . .
Gradually the wine expression starting from 'Oh ,, oh ,,,,,,,' is getting fuzzy and those who say such impressions are not drinking by yourself, are they wine?
I mean

Authors are mass-producing hit works, people who have something to sell like skill to grasp the hearts of the people, this work is not only content familiar with wine
I'm good at keeping points as comics simply as a game to find wine called twelve uses by betting 2 billion heritage (wine) ,,,

But what I am doing is only the reworking of "Misayashibo", do not you think?
Whether it is the hero of a famous wine critic's son, he is helping and warming his heart through the wine episode, ...

It will be interesting if you actually become interested in wine, or if you are a person you really like wine, it will be fun to read but I will not enter that frame, so I will end up with a persistent manga Cha

The point is that the way to entertain people who are not interested in that genre is also important, so that point was a failure, and I knew the identity of the "God's Drop" that had become the most important keyword after doing 44 volumes I can not believe it 's because I'm not (I'd like to do it on a sequel, but are you still pulling it?)

It is supposed to be ashamed to be said to be "authentic wine cartoon" but this was a manga that I can not evaluate on a personal basis. Evaluation [very bad] I will assume

2016/09/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28990 Host:28945 Browser: 5151
[good point]
The expression of wine is interesting every time.
If you have some understanding and interest, the imagination of taste and fragrance swells and you can still enjoy it.
The picture is beautiful and it fits the world view well.

[Bad point]
It is delicious in the beginning of the opening 〓〓〓I think that it was made to be able to enjoy even people who are not interested in wine itself with a taste,
Expansion is late from around the middle, feeling boring because wine's knowledge and introduction are the main.
Moreover, there is a feeling that it has become a medium of wine marketing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes wine the best, even in drinks.
Conversely speaking, it can be said that the threshold is high for those who are not particularly interested.
It is also interesting to use it as a review preparation for wine that you drank, or wine you want to drink from now.

2010/01/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8941 Host:8915 Browser: 5941
For example, when a gourmet reporter on TV talks something delicious,

I am trying to express that taste in my own words "This melting melts in the mouth ..." "This flavor is 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓quot;

This comic is a quite maniac and a deep manga that depicts the wine itself.

Even myself who has never drinked wine was drawn into the world, expressing the scenery that is floating in the eyes with the wine as its mouth, and the feelings of the maker with elegant drifting pictures.

The droplet of the hero grows growing with the weakness of human being and the greatness of human power being seen by watching the appearance of the old father through wine, following the appearance of the deceased father. A rival's single blue is cold as opposed to a drop, and there is a nonhumanistic impression which is pursuing only wine,

Sometimes I like one aspect of his compassion. (When you are on a train and Laurent)

Incidentally, it is currently serialized at Morning (320 yen), and a column such as "Waste of Wine Color" for one page every week is attached. It is recommended because the autographer will also show traveling stories that the author flew overseas for wine and the author's knowledge of wine's knowledge if it tells the woman.

Because the author's thought about wine is very heavy, it is strongly conveyed to the reader, so the impression will be bipolarized. (I am such a cartoon taste.

However, when I actually drank the wine, it was not very beautiful but I did not come up in front of my eyes ... was it too early for minors?

2009/09/07 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13987 Host:14065 Browser: 8716
Even though the search for apostles does not progress as late as 20 volumes, less than six apostles
A story not much related to searching for apostles entered several times,
I feel that the development of the story is very slow.
It would be good if it could be a single break of about 1 conclusion completion between searching for apostles,
It was long to talk about seemingly unlikely, so I wanted you to skip waste and proceed with searching for an apostle.
Although there are also things that have a coherent set as works of around 10 volumes,
I feel that the tempo is bad by all means.
The slowness of this deployment was the most negative factor.
In addition, it feels somewhat one pattern.
Expansion of searching for wine with deceased people and sick people's thoughtful,
A scene of an acrobatic decanter.
Although it is more detailed, it is almost the same suit every time except the door painting (although there are rare clothes), the main character's clothes are somewhat wanting change.
As a simple question,
I think that the inheritance procedure had a deadline from the deceased date of the decedent,
Is it okay to have a long wine match?
Also, as droplets inherit heritage, you can pay inheritance tax because you can not see as rich.
In the case of a child, the amount of deduction is small, and since depiction of heritage as cash is not done much, expensive wine or land.
I was worried that it's pretty much anything.

I am tired after reading because I am not interested in wine because there are lots of wine stuff.
Evaluation of wine with taste of wine is too persistent persistently in "Ooo .. Oh ..".
There is also a way to enter somewhere else ....
Although I understand that there are many wines of wonderful existence in the world,
If you say so, wine is just a fruit wine for myself who are not interested.

For example, Hikaru no Go seems to be content that you can enjoy enough even if you are not interested in Go,
It seems a bit tight for those who are not interested in wine.
Even though you are interested in wine it seems that it is still unsuitable for those who can not talk about the slow story of expansion.

At the end, the words such as "There is nothing in Numazu" appear, but I thought it was very rude to Numazu and the people living there.

2008/10/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
In a nutshell, it is a work such as the wine version "Misuishinbo".
The main character ... Kamisaki Shrine is supposed to have a gifted education to the father of a world-class wine critic, but also as a salaried man rebounding ....
However, my father, who is the cause of feuds already adopted and adopted (I think that it was, I remembered this) Ikemen young wine critic, rival Tonomichi Ikeda and the phantom wine called "Twelve Apostles" The story that sharpening the rise.

[good point]
I think that the drawing power is higher than "Misayashibo".
Besides both Shizuku and Ichiba, I also liked looking properly at cheap wines where ordinary people drink.

[Bad point]
While half of the 12 books have not arrived yet (as it became a popular work in Korea, for example) Wine that matches kimchi or company's advertisement Wine or episode not related to the main line has come into many developments I can not deny the impression.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although there is a feeling of sagging somewhat, in the range that I have seen through, I have a better impression than "Misuishinbo"
I hope the curtains are cut down where the main line ends.