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Tsukasa Kotobuki
Media Works
Shufu No Tomo Sha
Japan Released:1994/10/15(Sat)
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2015/12/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 878 Host:721 Browser: 5171
A hardcore "GUNDAM idiot" (girlfriend) swing was evaluated, or now a manga artist who has served as a character deza & drawing director of "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN." Although it is the first short editor of Atsuki Tsukasa, As a memorial memorial I was surprised at the fascination with the extraordinary faces of guest writers posted at the end of the book. With a feeling like "Donbu network wide?"

The "V gun" set on the title is an imagination which is honest "cat cute" only because it is cut which was repeatedly watching and not watching at the time of the air, although it is an impressive original even though such self himself I was able to enjoy enjoying the anarchy of this work as if laughing off the main part in general. At first, although Sunrise's manuscript check should have been entered, "Shakti's stray neta" was not good, I was able to do well ... Temporarily the main heroine (lol)
Tenkami Tenge Ichigo Temple Changing to a Character Even a completely unrepented Marbette's unrequited love, Shakti's belly blackness which makes the decided dialogue of "Please look" shimmer like a shitty, "Kid's falling out" Despite being simplified, it looks like V2 Gundam and Zoro properly (why?) Professor Obiki's outstanding artistic sense ... etc, etc. Readers who know the gloominess of "V gun" main story are reading I wonder if she can make me smile. As a person who felt an indecipherable thing in the last course of the public dentistry, the drinking fell to the "bombshell" of the last round. Separately, it is not a translation even though it is an official manga conforming to an original, w
Oh, but every time we repeat the cycle, it is the story that the members of the Shuraku team are decreasing, but it may be bad aftertaste to the ground.

It seemed interesting separately from manga that the author felt that the author was "unwilling to do" against "Ikegami" whose evaluation from the readers is generally high, and on the contrary the author himself " It is a point that there is a shift in consciousness between the sender and the receiver that the serious short story "Declaration of 31st December" which professes as it is from the reader's side is thin. Somehow, even if it is compared with other "First Gundam" side story group which was roughly rogue, can not you notice the remarkable fun? ... In the first place, it is a person who has more mind to spend more carefully caring for new recruits Well, Anabel. What is Gateau?

Godamu heroin total appearance which was given a ghost arrange (Masaki 〓〓〓〓〓〓I also do not know) is a fun "Newtype history", "G Gun" 〓〓Aggie I can not think of an obscure person I can not think of is a good collaboration "Ike! In consideration of the fact that the gag shorts other than "Ike Gun" were also arranged for a pleasant work, such as "Shining. AGGI!!", I could not deny the feeling that two serious short stories of arrowheads are floating. In terms of evaluation, "good" means that, good.

2012/05/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15458 Host:15408 Browser: 7541
Manga with too big a gap with this main volume is a cartoon.
You are doing a gag that does not have tons in various forms such as banned broadcast terms and baccaero.
Even the famous scenes where the mother of Usso 's neck is blown off are becoming gags to get rid of everyone.
Such black point is also very good.
Even in the early stage, Marbet and others who are delighted to hear of the guillotine-treated caterina are variously fairly light feeling.
It is said that the origin of the catechina is called Kurei Kure is also in Kore ....
Well, since it is also a famous work which is surprisingly unexpected in the net etc, there is enough value for the reading.

Also, serious times were included.
Originally it is not a story of V Gundam, but this is a heavy content.
As Zion leader, it is for Zeon fans to read.
Well, I do not dislike it, but it may not be recorded together.
Although it is a somewhat good work, I usually want to see only the first gag V Gundam.

There was also a cartoon that talks about each heroine in the universe century.
That is like a gag, but it is not as fly as V Gundam.
The comics of G Gunn was also a little funny.

2011/07/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18353 Host:18299 Browser: 9466
[good point]
Mr. Marbet who is crying.
A cursle that meets the grim eye.
Aggie fight.

[Bad point]
It was recorded simultaneously with 100% gag and serious.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the gag laughed loudly, the serious story did not feel interesting because there was too much gap with the gag. Perhaps because of the gags my sensation was paralyzed.

2011/02/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27197 Host:27147 Browser: 11269
A cartoon that Mr. Mr. is distracting from while watching the writings of the writings who suffered from the story and was suffering from gag (also in Gundam) while drawing manuscripts.
I was worried that I should have finished with honesty one talk reading that was packed in the story, I was watching graffiti ticky Zoro and V2 on the blatantly explicit speech, I guess it was disagreeable to draw, While talking about each impression, I saw Mr. Takashi saying that it is only a work of "It starts with Marbette, it starts with Marbette" in this book, feeling pity in the book of broadcasting at the time of broadcasting more than ten years ago, for the work This cartoon that gathers pure Tsukkomi in gags without strain is very deep emotion.
(Although it seems I will never see a manga that picks up V gun even Dam A)

... Author V Gundam, I guess it was boring to see ~
What kind of thing seems to be the manga of "V Gundam" is nothing like it (I do not dislike the explosive "Staff can forgive ~", Catezina.
If it says to Mr. Ho, it is publicity of the city. There are some people misunderstanding, but I think that it is different from the nickname of the fans (I do not care

However, as mentioned above, such way of thinking is not a mistake at all, but rather draws the feeling that you feel commonly at first sight at that style
I personally think that it is a manga that can enjoy both people who like V guns, and people who dislikes dislikes, on the contrary.
Chronicle is "Ashashi ..." or something else and it's going to be a big gag.
I am watching it with the sense of separation as a matter of course from the main part, can you enjoy enjoying after the main part?

And after this I do not know what it is not a gag or a work,
A bit serious work, this is also a gag, Todome 's Agay fight.
Clearly say page of V gun 1/3.
The width of the layer that can be enjoyed for hands is wide (it is already an old book though ...), which is content that can be replaced with "Awkaki Tsukasa collection" and is more complicated than the title contrary to ...
Whether it is a medium and funny one such as a beautiful drawing with plenty and gorgeous features.
What Balinese V2 or Atsuko Ishida or whatever you posted! After that Lina is still cute but stupid.

2009/12/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3868 Host:3816 Browser: 5717
Shakti bade on the catechina on behalf of us Sanctions were the best.
Later it was a cute comic book of the heroine, but Lina was cute and cute! After that I will be tormented by that twin idiot brat (pretty) I wish to see Shakuti's behavior and Aiki's teacher version Lina I am happy just making it.

2009/09/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17800 Browser: 2057(Mobile)
Contention "V Gundam" feeling.

Besides Gateau Chocolat, it is full of gags & fancy. However, there is an honest feeling about the original of the author during each story, and it becomes content which can enjoy Gundam at various angles.

... I wanted to see Ball Fight

2006/02/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38923 Host:38906 Browser: 5234
This work that would hit the anthology of the Gundam lineage is a monster that should be praised, which finished V Gundam of that brutal depiction tongue bloom so far with a hugely black and surreal.

In this volume, Shakti who was innocent to the last was a black-and-white, that Marbette who made it as shibasaku sticks to the fact that he is a heroine and sticks to the absurdity, rather than saying that Tokubaki Tsukasa's distinctive Keba is the main design While exquisitely chewing and demonstrating the personality, it is finished in a strange feeling,
In a good way.

There are various strange stories such as that delectable Zoro was actually evaluated as being suffering, and there are various storytelling and it makes me feel the suffering of pretty birth.

Although serious stories of First (in particular Annabelle Gateau) are more impactful than V - Gun 's foolish explosion sweep, it may be somewhat fun for fun. Well, it may be recommended for fans of Anabel. Gateau ....

But after seeing the book, it is difficult to see the main part ... in various ways.

2005/03/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19247 Host:19009 Browser: 5623
Mr. Ryuto Hikawa, thank you very much for your compliment.

A supplementary reading for seeing the V Gundam, which is a virtue of face-tone, "Brilliantly Disappointing Tomino". Perhaps it is the book that struck the essence of V gun the most ... Is not there something wrong?

I am a mother of Usso, I like gellogelos and Shakti's little story.

Friend page at the end of the book is quite luxurious, including Mr. Kenichi Sonoda, Mr. Hideaki Anno, Mr. Tsurumaki Kazuya etc.

Well, let's laugh for the hand if you see it.

2005/03/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40026 Host:39878 Browser: 3875
Mr. Supe 9 ... Tonikei's Gundam manga and nice this and a nice dark piece will be added (I will do it).
I am glad that I added it.

This is a surreal gag is interesting.
I will choose people.
First serious is also funny.
It is the story of Shining Aggie & Aggie Mackstar that I liked the gun idiot 's servant.
Lay with a rain that is evaporated by Shining Aggie!
I just wanted you to put out a V agai, for example (laugh).
In V Ganeta, I was able to laugh at Shakti who was hungry.
Although the scene of blowing out the caterina every motorcycle is quite surreal, it was funny.
The expression of "Victory!" Is also evil and refreshing (What are you saying !? This guy!?) It was awesome.