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Kurosuke Ito
Japan Released:2009/12/28(Mon) Manga Life MOMO
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2015/08/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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There are several publishers of four-frame magazines, but Yoshinaga's magazines are conservative, or they do not take wide range of styles or styles and have a work for "people who prefer to buy four-frame magazines". On the other hand, Takeshobo is an impression that he gathered widely various styles. Today, Moe is the Mai of Takeshobo, although it is a line of Kirara of Yoshifumasha when speaking of four-frame.
This work seems to clearly show the extent of the defense range of such Takeshobo.

I think that the author is debuting in four frames and continuing to draw four frames, but I think that why we chose four frames for this work. (Another piece is a piece and a tempo that can not be made without four frames)

There is a certain demon (who names herself as a devil) rushed into the man of a certain guy (but gay) aiming to make a child, three seeds are starting works with settings that seem to have the same situation But ... very serious content will be expanded.
Angels and devils created by human mind fight for the future of human beings and human beings, and the devil Eve, the hero who is the main character, presents the way the person is, the whereabouts of love, the shores of good and evil. It seems that the series is currently in the morning (because it seems), so we are in the middle of a serious and serious story.
The author's unique interpretation on angels and devils, the skill to incorporate the hero and other angels and the history of hundreds of years of devils, democratic traditions and urban legends systematically into their own interpretation, occult. It is a honorable mention that you can speak enough as a fantasy one.

Therefore, I think that the format of four frames is inconvenient. Regarding occasional gags we can do with 4 frames, but I guess it is inconvenient to develop manga while advancing the story. (It may be a problem if it only develops the story, but in that case serifs will become long)

I do not know whether it is a person who writes a manga with ordinary frame rate, but is it better for this work?

Although the story is interesting and reading, it is difficult to evaluate as a four-frame comic. I think it is a waste, but remove "very".
Even though it is an ordinary manga, if it can constitute a scene with Keren taste a bit more, it is not amusing even if it stops in the eyes of others more.

2011/02/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 823 Host:861 Browser: 6425
A male whom Sukyubasu who told me to drop a certain man met is "Okama" I am not interested in a woman at all!
Akira such as Eve and Okama and Akira's younger sister's slapstick four.
Anyway, if you are not interested in a woman and say "young lady" you try hard to drop him up, and you can smile the upper which is handed down to your sister.
Sometimes I lose my home and pick up the Kaori Zashi (the name is Bokko) who does not have a place to visit, and see the serious side such as there is a devil 's network.
It is an interesting four frames.
Just gags and serious waves are extreme.