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Japan Released:2005 Chao / End:2005/03/31
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2012/04/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was a pure love story of a heart-warming gem woven with fantasy and reality interspersed with a title that makes me feel so dark.
This work contains 5 titles, including the titled "Kumiki Kumiketsu", I think I will write comments one by one from now on.

[Knife of the devil]

Senja who is the hero is a soldier of heavenly world. It is, so to speak, an angel. I am afraid of becoming fired by still not being hunting yet a demon, and go out to act to call the demon and catch it.
It was Satan Rembrandt who appeared there but this seduces her well ... It's a little erotic part but it is clearly distinguished and carefully considered to focus on the story itself and a good impression. The feeling that the liking of Saka's devil fell into strong feelings of self-awareness in the position where he was placed conflicts and suffered, it seems that the appearance of a delicate emotion of an adolescent age girl I can express it very well. However, the girl still chooses the way to pursue the ideal. Ideal is not to impose on others. It is an ego. Run it from yourself first and make efforts. In that way Rembrandt accepts something like an angel who is an angel, although he is in the position of a devil himself. "The last" like "surpasses all, a devilish emotion" is a message summarizing this work.What is the name of a poison poisoned to this body "poetry" is a poetic and splendid expression? And in the side story "flower scattering" to be discussed at a later date, the black part was also unaccountable, it was just too white and it was a contrary to the title image. Eventually, preconceptions, conflicts, ideals It was pure white and beautiful pure love that was there before I overcame them.

"A place to sleep in love"

"You do not know me, but I'm in love with you"

Although this work starting from this export, it is a story full of sadness and sadness with Robot Yukono and a rich lady rich drifted away somewhere Sakae. Sayae does not have time from part such as "There is no time for this person" and "To comfort the remaining time." I can guess that I can not live long. It is a feeling of loneliness to wrap around the whole thing but still I feel somewhere positive and saved. It is because the weight of the act of living the present from the exchange of Yui and Ei Lee is transmitted from day to day all day though it is indescribable again. In this work there is a melancholy in action and appearance because the point of view of Yukin which is a robot is the center. However, in the later side story "moonlit", emotions on Yukihon are directly condensed from the viewpoint of Sakaei, and it makes me feel unnecessarily sorrowful. And it ended for a while by ending the last "unreachable word with" to you, to you ".

[Love mark on the lip]

I doubt a little moral part, but let me feel fun as a story. Work that painted the change in the psychological aspect of a girl through a loose story rather than through a love story. In the beginning is showing a part which is playfully a bit while in the latter half it is extreme to take away the my cell phone from the train in front of a favorite person but it expresses a straightforward breakthrough with himself through that action . After this I confess to a favorite person and kiss. It was a pledge that it will not break even if it is separated by moving.

[Koi Hito Hira]

Nikki of the hero who she made to a favorite person. Moreover, she is a friend, a form that has passed the way. At first sight this is a work that is expected to unfold, but a story that eventually falls in love with the chrysanthem that I encountered. I also do stuff with friends and strangers I like but I feel somewhat charming and smiley. Although this work is the most heartwarming story, the weakness of intonation is not distorted, but the viewpoint of Niki is in this work and side story "Renai seasonal wind" it draws from the viewpoint of chrysantly and it is still funny.


It is nice to be a very ordinary story to serve as a bird.
It is really solid. A girl in the hero likes teachers. It is certainly not ordinary, but it is weak as a theme compared to other. I was grinned without thinking of a process that I just love or a little short story. Despite this there is nothing to be overlooked, but the trend of escaping from the standpoint of teachers and students still resembles the sexiest way the God knows. Sometimes it is absolutely indispensable to make a quick blow against a teacher. Eating the slap of anger in that the teacher who likes the hero was pretending to herself just a student. Teachers also thought that they thought about the position of the opponent, but they learned that they are serious love, and they begin to see them as a single subject of romance. Because it is the last, stimulation is weak and it is a safe story ... I think that it is splendid again.

<Comprehensive evaluation>

I felt the impression that the story was too short just because I was attracted to the theme and attention point. This is really a waste.

However, it was interesting for both the talk and the order that made the readers feel unsatisfactory. So it is definitely a bad work.
Evaluation is "good" I will.