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Other media: Anime:Ai Yori Aoshi (Bluer Than Indigo) / Game:Bluer Than Indigo
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Author:Kou Fumizuki
Japan Released:1998 / End:2005/08/26
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1. http://www.younganimal.com/aiyoriaoshi/ (Translation)
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2005/09/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:78(58%) Normal:57(42%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 46956 Host:47055 Browser: 3646
This is a mediocre love comedy cartoon.
The serial of this cartoon ended this year.
The author of this cartoon is good at drawing pictures.
However, the merit is only it.
The story of this cartoon is tedious.

2005/08/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:26(63%) Normal:10(24%) Bad:5(12%)] / Provider: 2388 Host:2362 Browser: 9529
Though this work is in the category in which most of the works struggles to get good evaluation.
But this one is getteing much better repupation compared to Ichigo 100%.
Maybe it is due to the difference of the magazine in which both of the works are listed.
But compared to other stories in which the main male character gets loved by many other good girls, this one has serious side, too.
Proabably due to it, I think this one got good evaluation.

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2012/11/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18076 Host:18330 Browser: 5345
[good point]
It is the presence of Aoi Sakuraba of the main heroine.
It is a good woman to say that it is exactly Yamato Sakko that domestic work is good at general and it is good for Japanese clothes.
However, I think that her biggest attraction is an unexpected feeling towards Kaoru Hanabe.

In early childhood, Kaoru was separated from his mother by Hanabisha,
I will be exposed to educational environment as abusive as Hanabisha.
(It is disgusting and goes away from home ...)
Kaoru who was badly injured with both mind and body,
How much saved by Aoi's affection .....

It can be said that "kindness" and "strength" of a woman named Sakuraba Aoi.

[Bad point]
Perhaps it would have been better to conclude around a book volume of 1 volume?
It was unnecessary episode stronghold after 2 volumes of volumes as far as it feels.
In particular...
"Harem things"
"The conspiracy episode of Kaoru's brotherly son in the final stage (Sakuraba parents are also involved)"

Besides, due to the redundancy of the story, the touch of the character painting
It turned out negative that I changed to a bad person (personally).
In spite of that, it is a ruining episode that Kaoru and Aoi are connected.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I will assume [good] ....
If the two are tying among the book volume 1 volume,
It might have been able to be evaluated as "highest!" If it was happy to be completed.

2011/09/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18769 Host:18860 Browser: 11290
[good point]
Heroine (Aoi)
.OP was good. I will soak.
Pure love
Atmosphere (It was very relaxing and calm.

[Bad point]
Tina 's dialect & chika' s persistent feeling. (I am annoyed at asking, I can not quiet.
Story was undulating (One period was interesting, but the second period was subtle, the last three episodes were a waste mainly by Tina, I wanted a story about Aoi and Kaoru - kun.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I feel like Yamato Noriko appears.
It was very cute.
The original figure of the Japanese who is not present in the woman ... showed what is indispensable for Japanese women.
I thank you.

The story did not get excited, it was very slow and easy to see.
However, I think that it might have been something that gave a little more impact.

Should stop in the first term ...
I think, there was a necessary story even in the second term.
There is not much talk of strengthening the pure love of their two people ... It is a pity.
I personally seemed interesting in romantic love between Mr. Masa and Mr. Ruka ...

Tina is something ... regrettable.
Aoi is a god.
Aoi was the best so I made it the best.

2011/01/08 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7013 Host:6757 Browser: 12340
A piece that worked too long for a while.

Since two people have already decided at the end of the middle stage, there is a snake feet after that.
It seemed like a betrayal of the expectations of this place (the story itself seems to collapse as it became suppressed ...), so it was a para check in the second half.

Childhood friend (daughter) grows and appears as a beauty.
Although it is a template work when writing like this, warm eyes can see the end of two people going on eternally.
However, it is a fact that there is no novelty, it is a work for those wanting to see Japanese clothes beauty.

Evaluation is bad.

2010/10/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7859 Host:7585 Browser: 3876
The story feels so funny.

It is a common harem thing.

Although this degree is an ordinary evaluation, there is this work personality. I have just turned a heroine into a Japanese clothing beauty. This is good. Is not this little artwork attracted mostly by this alone? A manager is cute.

I entered from anime, but I closed the cartoon pretty neatly. There were also places I thought that it was a bit Mendocus story, but it is not complaining because it tightened last without pulling so much.

Well, I'd like to allocate the remaining charm to Tina. It is regrettable. Every time, Hallem is also appealing to those who are off. The other kids are talking up talks, but only Tina is different. Only Tina story is made firmly and it is readable.

The story of this story is somewhat more emotional to the extent than the details of the story, but this Tina appeared a bit in the last story. It is a pattern to show amusing stories and to entertain emotions and entertain them, but there are good talks to empathize with a story in rare cases. I think that the point was better than Aoi which was a messy and challenging story.

Well, it is certain that there were not many talks except for those two points ....

2010/05/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53338 Host:53326 Browser: 7336
[good point]
I can read it carefully

[Bad point]
The ending is clear
. Flourish
The last stage

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Kaoru Tokoro of the Hanabisha who left the house and Aoi 's love affair story that is his wife.
Since Kaoru himself was originally an engagement involving each other, Kaoru himself completely forgot about it since leaving the house, but for Aoi it is not only the house but the marriage with Kaoru that is itself the meaning of living .

Kochi loves Aoi from the bottom of my heart, moved by both feelings of Aoi who had long sincerely appreciated myself, Kaoru will become both thoughts.

Since both of our two thoughts have been decided at an early stage, from here only there is nothing to worry about when two people will climb over the problems of the house.

Despite being both thoughts, the flags are getting more and more turbulent around Kaoru that they must keep it secret, but it is all readers that they are all doggy dogs Well-known facts.
The appearance that the heroines thinking of Kaoru and blushing his cheeks is a complicated feeling that is sad as if it is reading from the side who reads it.
In love comics, especially those like a kind that many heroines come out and compete for the main character, I think that the readers also expect each other while supporting the favorite heroine each time, but in this work I can not do such a way of enjoying.

Aoi, a very good girl, loves Kaoru from the bottom of his heart and makes it to his own meaning. It is impossible that such a daughter will start fighting and Kaoru can not be connected with other girls, and if it gets possible there will be a ridiculous condemnation.

From such a point of view, I also feel that I had to extend the talk for so long. When you realize the charm of the heroines and get in touch with each other, you imagine what you were when you were out and dented.

The fact that the ending is early in the process is clear and you can easily say that the point that you read hardly without putting too much burden on the heart is the hurtful name.

The appearance of another "Hanabishi Kaoru" at the final stage. This feeling like a villain of a stereotype does not get excited so much. It is doubtful whether each heroine 's broken heartedness was good in that way of finishing like a compromise proposal that somehow started out in the remaining number of pages.

When I started reading it was a work that went down rapidly as the rating was prolonged.
Is it going to be a genuine love thing or going by a harem thing? It is regrettable that I flew away from the opportunity to end when I did not set a route.

2010/03/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4543 Host:4280 Browser: 3874
[good point]
Descriptions of the characters, especially the main heroine's inner heart, are also beautiful.

[Bad point]
Because the main heroine was decided at first, no other girls are needed unnecessarily.
There is no thing to mislead the hero or make the hero uneasy, in a bad meaning sailing smoothly

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There is neither boiling nor impossibility.

2010/02/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27710 Host:27900 Browser: 10692
[good point]
Expressive power conveyed by Aoi's everlasting feeling, in which a character is an attractive main heroine

[Bad point]
There is too much character that contents become air from the middle of one pattern It is not something too much Because of the love work of youth magazine where there is no punch, sexual description is terrible

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was supposed to be unable to like a roof under harem work, but this was unexpectedly Irradachi and I could read until the end. However, because the character's love pattern does not change, the work itself has been made into a mannered style, so there is little stimulation. Although it may be "ordinary" in terms of easy eyes, this time it will be strictly evaluated as "bad".

2009/08/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1957 Host:1629 Browser: 6653
[good point]
I can appreciate what Kaoru-san and Aoi-san's feelings about each other's mutual feelings have been transmitted from within.

[Bad point]
Somewhere lacking freshness,
Is it less realistic?

[Comprehensive evaluation]

On the whole it seemed like two love romance of the main character,
It can be said that it was a work which pushed the feeling that the love of two people does not change even if there is anything to the front.
Although it was a solid, loving thing like a passionate thing,
I feel well that the teacher taught me to say that it is important to have the most love to each other, so I will make the evaluation "Good" by judgment.

2009/01/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15719 Host:15570 Browser: 6302
The early stage was fun, but it gradually went down.

There is no blur in the feelings of Kaoru Hanabishi and Sakuraba Aoi, so I think there are other characters that did not come alive.
So it was subtle that I got a lot of characters and made a harem state and I do not feel a snake feet.
I think that it was a waste that the situation produced a sense of dullness in the long-term series.

At Chara, Sakuraba Aoi 's Yamato Nikochiko was amazing. I want to be liked by someone like w. But it may feel a bit heavy when over there.
I think that the setting that thought of people up to that solely with memories of the past was quite aggressive.
However, Kaoru Hanabe was somewhat sensitive. It seemed to be only a personality to be swept around the people around with people who are sweet and rather than gentle.
Sometimes it feels like I knew that it is kindness to say NO. Because there was a mistake there was sorry for the late cocoon and Aoi.
Other characters also tasted each, but there is a sense that it could not produce enough power to split into Kaoru and Aoi and it went through.

The early stage was really good, but ... for providing a man 's dream and romance. So the evaluation is this.

2008/02/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2688 Host:2559 Browser: 3876
Sticky love story. It is neither even nor less than that ~. What to say, twist is too much.
Basically, since only the good-hearted persons appeared, the correlation diagram was stable, and it seemed to be showing a pretended harlity farce play.
I thought that the story "can only be safe" is a thought. With good or bad, there is no undulation, the impression will become thin only by being easy to read ... and.

2007/11/19 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1439 Host:1343 Browser: 4358
I think that the content is very thin, since the hero is companionship with Aoi from almost from the beginning rather than the beginning, since feelings do not move to other heroines at all. There is almost no monologue such as the hero conflicts with other heroines, so it seems that something other than Aoi seems to be an extra. You will not be able to enjoy anyone other than the person who is Aoi deliberately likes people who like spears and characters. Well do not expect a story

2007/07/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6116 Host:6134 Browser: 8090
Work that was slowly falling to the right rather than rising narratively from a volume nevertheless I feel like I gave you a little hurdle in the first person Also as for the new characters coming out again later than Tina too much of the story's backbone Because it was not involved in the second half, there was not much turn in the middle ...

Although I've seen it from the first volume, the figure skill was upgrading much more, and at the beginning I had quite a lot of stories that I liked so I'm going to evaluate "good".

How is the atmosphere like the next time somehow drifts?

2007/01/16 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53782 Host:53768 Browser: 4925
For love works, I think that evaluation can be divided depending on whether the person who touched the work can support the protagonists obediently.

This work started from the place where Aoi got stuck in the place of Kaoru who left his parents home due to grandfather and is living alone in the apartment,
The place to live changes, it is contents which continued to draw casual everyday in cohabiting life including sub heroine.

Unlike other works, unless there is a love enemy, it is not a necessity for frequent interruption, there is not a steep wall between the two,
Even if it is tied, I never lose something, it seems like the talk ended without having a place to be excited halfway.

Because the content of the work is a love romance without Yamato place, good evaluation can not be attached.

2006/11/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45865 Host:45930 Browser: 5234
One volume of the book was the most exciting. After that, it is one of my most disappointing works, while it is still going down.
The amount of excessive expectation with one volume, the heat was also cold drawn in 17 volumes.

Have you tried to take popularity with the element of Harlem cartoon, the place to draw Kaoru 's kindness is reflected in indecision, and high sensitivity falls.
Especially because Aoi is furiously appealing that Kaoru likes Kaoru from the beginning and there is nothing I can do besides attaching it with Kaoru, I wonder if it will bring excitement even if I bring out many other female characters.
Personally I thought that if I made only one Tina, or Tina, Taeko, Cocoon, Chika, but it was about 3 to 5 volumes, I thought that it was considerably a good work.
Even if all of them were to be put out, I wanted to eliminate the erotic scenes and encourage talks around the episode which is touched with fun daily life with a connection of lovelessness with Kaoru.
Since the story of the Hanabisha was only on the upper side, I wanted him to create it as a more human drama.

It was an impression that it became a light talk of contents to a division which started with serious serious setting.
There is also a desire to make it "bad" but it is "ordinary" for Aoi.

2006/11/19 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34070 Host:34036 Browser: 4184
It seems like there were a lot of erotics ... Well I got caught myself well so I did not feel any discomfort.
Such cartoons will be satisfactory and there will be no problem. Rather, making it real makes the opposite effect.
I do not care for delusion! Because that's a man's dream! (Even the consistency was a point.

2006/11/19 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11756 Host:11969 Browser: 5234
The content is not good, the character is cute, there are also charm and individuality so much, but the relationship between Aoi and Kaoru of the last, too, that it has been lenient for a long time, rather than a story that is sweetly painful, "This is the end Is it good on the one? "That was shut down with the scene.

Love comedy, harem is often used as a modern style, but the charm and personality of a character feels losing in the style, and it is a little frustrating for Aoi 's blindness swing, and like Tina I personally prefer it, and it seems that the charm of these characters did not work well by the main characters, and it seems that there were many people who thought not to be boiled down.

Character's personality and charm, and a faintly loving story are too long, it was found in this work that there are elements that are likely to return and it is likely to get rid of its contents, and this is the limit that this work showed I also have difficulty displaying the problems and blind spots of my work. The part for this neighborhood should be noted as a problem of recent Harlem series works.

Even attractive characters and attractive world views are still in good places .... It is still the part that is still ... and these harlem love comedes are more happy to choose someone in a nice place, Even though there are various ways of expression with the end or all of them, it may be ideal to shut down in the part of living together.

2006/11/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9358 Host:9678 Browser: 4984
Personally I think that it is a very good work. Although I watched cartoons and wrapped up manga at once, I made it easy for animation to make honest stories, but since the story got stuck in my point, there is no problem in particular.
I may not be thinking that this manga is the best because I have never read much manga and I do not even know what other works are there. However, I am disappointed at the point of trying to move forward in the direction of murmuring. Without it I think I liked it more.
Objectively speaking, heroine Sakuraba Aoi is survivor of Edo era! There is not such a character setting as to want to say, there is absolutely no such person looking anywhere in the world, and parents are free to declare it without permission I think that it is impossible to think how to keep thinking everyday for 18 years simply by having decided and playing together. Even if it is another character, it seems that it seems to be only a cartoonization of the author's delusion with a character setting which can not be found even if it searches all over the world. The only thing I felt like Tina is reality a bit w

2006/11/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6035 Host:6276 Browser: 4925
The picture was beautiful, the number of volumes was reasonable, it displayed as "masterpiece!" And it was set (up to 13 volumes), so I bought it unexpectedly, but I did not feel like buying a continuation, I am in place.
What I mean is Aoi is cute and I want to ask. If you think that there is no drama nature in the story or whether it is good-bye, especially without anything comes back ...

Personal attractions are about places of foreigners Naoko Hakata (name comes out) and Kurokawa Onsen will come out.
I, Kumamoto people ...

2006/09/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
I like the picture quite a lot.
The story is a common pattern, it is neither possible nor impossible.
I think that it may be warm hearted to read it in a distraction.

2006/09/02 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12010 Host:12222 Browser: 6342
I read the last volume.
Kaoru headed towards Aoi, returning Aoi, the two got over the line and returned to the villa waiting for everyone, so the two were tied up ....
Is it ok to say that it is a great circle?

It is over. I feel it. In many ways.
In the first place, since I was an anime version, it was a blue indigo fire.
It is good that the animated version is said to have hooked as much as life changed. I wonder if this animation will broadcast this downtown?

2006/06/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42467 Host:42269 Browser: 3874
This work is also told by people, but the impression that "If you end with 1 volume ...". .

When I read one volume, I am addicted to buying one volume by trying things with manga with fun that is very drawn in, but,
After that, it bought all together and sunk.

Basically, the picture is good, but occasionally as the picture of the feeling "Are you drawing yourself?" Stands out (especially the hero's Kaoru)
It is good to increase the character, but also to the harem manga which can also be said as a bad custom.
(This was not the story of Heisei's love affair, why did you live in a love comedian ... ...)

If it is paid in ten volumes cleanly, the evaluation may be "good" The so-called "it became funny from the second half" pattern. I wonder if I stretched out with my eyes for a featured manga.
(Because it was rolling out to animation to radio and multi, it seems that the direction of the cartoon also continued)

A heroine that can make Yamato Nikko statue in contemporary society appeared, and although it was somewhat coupled with era ancestor, it is a miserable work what it says what. The stage under consideration is quite narrow (only at home, university or a travel destination) and well I kept going on until this point.

Evaluated as a whole, it is less than "normal", but considering the attractiveness of attracting readers in the early stage, it is as close to good as possible without "normal". Honestly, it should be done in the first and second volume, or if it does not become a harem comic ...

2006/06/19 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30899 Host:30959 Browser: 5978
Immediately after Volume 1 "If Kaoru became a one man and married Aoi a few years later", the evaluation of this work may have been at least "very good" at the moment, but now It is all empty.

Especially I was disappointed with the deployment which Kaoru avoided thoroughly (facing the mouth) against face-to-face with the parents house (the author did not let it do). It can only be thought that the scars on his back are left for this time only "I raise my present condition too rich on the shelf and want to draw nearby sympathy."
Aoi is blind in Aoi and there are many behaviors which do not feel intelligence. Speaking of Yamato Rushiko, it sounds good, but with Kaoru it became so ugly that I could not think of it from the beginning of the series.
One of the reasons why I feel unsightly is that no one who can put a brakes on such two persons eventually came out after all.
(Even Ya is it alright ...)
Even though my brother with the same name as Kaoru appeared as if I had taken it as if I had taken it, I got out of Assassi and so left a sense of incongruity.
I can not support it in the place where I finished making Kaoru as a winning group of Muriyari life like that.

If you want to push such a man's delusion to the front solely you want me to show it as beautiful as a visual surface, but in fact all of them are steadily becoming ugly and I can not feel fragments of sex appeal.
(Even the tasty scenes in which Kaoru is a virgin virgin Aoi and her body and mind becomes one piece also wilted with ugliness)
The TV animated version is overall beautiful, sexy, and her voice also suited and I feel it so much.

Manga which can not bear to see so far is hardly found even in Harlem manga.

2006/05/30 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34237 Host:34144 Browser: 4184
Re-evaluation as there was opportunity to read back recently.
Personally I do not dislike a picture.

Aoi of the main heroine is very uncomfortable with a heroine as if it embodied a unilateral circumstance or delusions of a man rather than a typical and everyday typical Yamato Rock strokes. Although it is a marriage, it may be a kind of brainwashing to beautify so much just with memories gentle at a young age.
Kaoru of the hero has a thin impression because it is a character that can only see the kindness that is often found in the work of this hand.
I guess it was kind of kinda like Tina.

There are many inconvenient places and contradictions considerably reading the story.
When I was living in the early boro apartment, after moving to a mansion anyway, the heroines came pressing one after another due to a thin reason and it became like the harem of many places.
If I would like to emphasize "pure love" as a theme, I think that it was rather counterproductive to force the sub-heroines to live together and to harlem.
Although Kaoru tried to overcome the past for the first time but his grandfather, the cause of trauma, is badly told, for Kaoru it is convenient for grandfather that grandfather is in that state and afterwards it has passed away soon after all, so after all I tried to overcome the past has flowed.
Kaoru 's same family' s same brother 's younger brother and Kaoru' s and Aoi 's house issues almost all Aoi did not become a big obstacle as it was only Kaoru' s mind from beginning to end.
The problem of Aoi 's house was that Kaoru and Aoi got freed because Ya took over instead instead, so it did not come true.

I make it bad that is very bad.

2006/05/30 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
The harem system of the eldest man surrounded by multiple women originally is not good, and the impression that even though the picture is not disagreeable, it is an impression.
Aoi of the main heroine is a convenient extinction type convenient to men Yamato pencil,
Kaoru of the protagonist is one who is determined to be one from the beginning If it is kind to anybody, in a sense, is not it a bad guy who will unexpectedly give other women expectations?
Although we can draw a little more emotion to Kaoru who was out of Hanabishi if it is drawing another country's weak forklift and others with reality from general people in the business world, it will not be useless and it will be useless and will move from the original apartment to the mansion house So I guess that it is just a setting for poorly showing the hero who should be blessed by others.

2006/04/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32756 Host:32740 Browser: 2771(Mobile)
An original romance drama with Kaoru and Aoi's "super" attached. It really is a delusion when coming here (laugh).
Even though there are things that make me laugh at the manga of this hand, "I can not do it", I do not reduce each time.
There is no help for seeking reality for everything. Pictures are also adorable, so there is definitely a need for it.

2005/09/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8665 Host:8601 Browser: 6287
Recently the last work of this work has finally arrived.
Speaking of mediocrity that Kaoru and Aoi are concluded is the mediocre last but after all it was the most outstanding thing of this work that mediocre that never cares about that strange.

As I reviewed it again, I think that this work was the story of Kaoru and Aoi.
Although I wrote it in the evaluation of this work of the previous animation version, in the game of this work of this PS 2 version it has come to have the ending which Kaoru and Aoi eventually become together with any choice. In other words, there is a kind of law in this work that these two people can not be a couple with other people. I think that it was very good that the consistent style of the author around that was passed through to the end. Just as advertised, it was a wonderful completion as "Pure Love Picture Scroll" that seems to be unusual in recent romance manga. It seems that the final volume of the book is scheduled to be released in winter 2005, but I am planning to save it carefully for the whole volume.

Kaoru seems to have become a lawyer as far as the last scene is seen. I guessed you studied hard so that you could make Aoi happy again. I thought that I want to emulate.

Lastly for about 3 years (since I started reading this manga since the animation version began) I would like to say thank you "Thank you" to Mr. Fumizuki who enjoyed a wonderful manga.

2005/08/12 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7611 Host:7405 Browser: 3646
Next time, last round .......... At last no powerful rival of love comes up,
Is it a great circle that Kaoru and Aoi are joined together smoothly.
Tina finally got back to the USA ....... While going home, saying that he will return,
Even though I was not going to return.
Although Kaoru was kissed from the female team of regular appearances at the end,
Was it after all a harem comic !?
Well, I did not expect much for the author's story composition ability,
I like the picture of this comic, so I do not mind ............

************************************************** ********************************************

........ Then, I read the last story.
The stage moved to the world four years later, all the major regular members were growing up,
Kaoru and Aoi have hardly changed ............ In particular, Aoi remained as it was.
However, my last name was changed to this section.
There was no surprising story development, it was a warm hearted episode.

2005/06/20 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40026 Host:39878 Browser: 3875
Well ... Because it is only on-line reading, evaluation is not attached, but I thought that one volume is better than the Harlem Love comics there.
I just hated that the heroine was too convenient for the hero (author?).
The story also suddenly expanded.

I also read the latest volume casually, but ...
It is becoming just a common love comedy.

I think that it was fun to finish earlier without stretching this manga.

2005/06/14 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20117 Host:19936 Browser: 3646
There is no powerful love rival Love comic book is lacking in excitement not so much ..................
Also, even if love love men and women are tied from the beginning, there is no unexpected .............................
However, the picture is relatively good, or I do not dislike style.
Since Kaoru and Aoi are perfectly attached, it seems that this comic will end soon!
Or is there still something wrong with it?