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Other media: Anime:Blue Sonnet (Akai Kiba Blue Sonnet)
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Masahiro Shibata
Japan Released:1981 Hana to Yume
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2012/11/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a comprehensive work of the sci-fi action "Red Fang" series drawn by transferring the publication magazine to "Hana to Yume" through several short stories sporadically announced in "separate volume Margaret" etc.
Although it was a work with the battle between superpowers as the main point, although it kept the essence of girl's cartoons intensely in the time of the short story, from this work which became a long-term series completely, the nori of a boy (youth) There is an impression which was completely different even among "Hana to Yume" series work series such as erotic & grossee being drawn frequently.

Heroine is the successor of ancient superhuman.Sonet who revived as a cyborg with orchids and state-of-the-art science technology, intertwined with the speculations of various human beings centering on the crash of two super powered girls ... It is rough Although it is a flow, the story of the opening part corresponding to the first part is very dense, literally "I can not breath" I was excited and excited.
However, since the second part after entering along with the long-term serialization, the tempo has been delayed, the street talk such as departing from the core of the story was conspicuous, and the stall feeling was not hampered, especially after killing most of the main characters I was stunned by the last that cleared up the obsolete words "power of love". This is a pity that I went on for a long time ... orz
As a harmful effect of prolonged time, it is also a big penalty point that problems such as uncollected hints and forgotten settings have arisen. If it ends at the time of Part 1, it may have left a name as "masterpiece", but everything is only a result.

Although the story is more complete in Bukkake short style, the story is high in completeness, but it is extremely strange to have one break on the series, elegance when reading the first part, high level drawing (Mr. Shibata's drawing level is book It seems that the most fat was survived by the time of work) and consider the evaluation as "good" close to "normal".

2009/10/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53692 Host:53728 Browser: 6399
[good point]
Psychic sci - fi action of a magnificent scale that I can not imagine a girl 's cartoon.
Describing the unique male writer 's background and depiction of machine objects.
A world setting that was carefully kneaded unique to male authors.
The last thing Bird chose is the impressive and shocking last.
Sonnet is a sub heroine is an unprecedented charm.
Dear Mr. Mr. Merekes and Sonnet's sadly warm father and daughter's affair.

[Bad point]
There are many depictions of grotesque, brutal episodes at the level where regulation enters in the present era.
(I feel that it is also the charm of the work, but in general it is a bad point, ...)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
To the extent that it is incredible to believe that this work was serialized girls' comic books,
There are plenty of gourd-crowded porridge full of mecha with action in SF.
It is truly a big scale, psychological depiction is also polite, I still love it.

2007/10/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25562 Host:25814 Browser: 8090
I liked you, this series.
In the short story, where the enemy was not going to run, the strongest enemy sonnet stood up.
Mr. Kiryu and Mr. Iwan also stood characters as a character, while also mentioning the triangle relation across the bird, and the depiction of the mechanism was also a point personally.
Well, in the last round I drew a little that the main character died almost ...
Gro depiction is quite exciting (fetal sea ...) It is a tendency of the author, is not it?

Rating: Good

2007/03/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
Compared to the "Red Fang" series when it was published in separate Margaret,
It was good that I did not feel so gruesome because a new character called Sonnet came out and the battle area increased.
Still, there are things that make depressions such as the life of Sonnet, and I think that the work itself has been read to the end,
I do not have it left im impressive.

Perhaps it is a misunderstanding, but now, there is no memory that it is a way to finish clearly.
After that, what has become of the run? Was Mr. Kiryu safe?
Because I do not have as much brilliance as the brilliant 'Sosaburo series', I'm not a bit confident ... ....