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Yasushi Akimoto
Chika Kimura
Japan Released:1993 Nakayosi / End:1997
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2011/12/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26835 Host:26838 Browser: 10030
Graduated from junior high school from the elementary school days of Azuki-chan (real name Nozan Azusa) All 5 volumes of "romance manga" depicting until marriage.

If I look back at it again, I do not feel interesting in the stories of elementary school days. Just a "love story" feeling love story continues from encounter with Yuunosuke to parting. From junior high school days, the story that Ryuichi appeared near beside Yunosuke started to move begins to move.

Although she tends to be dragged by Ryuichi when she is absent from Yuunosuke, it tends to be fluffy between the two people, but after returning to Yukunosuke, "Which one do you like" is asked, a grievous crying gesture is elementary school student It does not change as much as the times, I have not grown up. This point is quite irritated. Although it finally gave the answer Yuunosuke returned home, what happened if it did not transfer, it is also a problem that it is too easy to push it.

Besides, the charm of such a hero did not understand imaichi. As mentioned above, Azuki who is positively approached to two people who can not be balanced even though they thought as ordinary with Yuunosuke until after junior high school entrance. There was not any page where she is attracted so much, there are also no two pages that specifically cite the reasons, and it is still wonder now. I will not be the only one who can not convince her that her explanation is just "honest" or "kindness".

It was probably an orthodox love thing by having married Yukunosuke who was a partner of first love although there were complaints either. The neighborhood was not blurred and the theme was clearly clear, but it is undeniable that it was still obsolete.

Personally if I join Ken and become a ward of Chinese shop, I think that it was surprising and interesting, but I guess it is impossible if I consider the target age. Evaluation "Normal"

2008/10/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13991 Host:13979 Browser: 2983(Mobile)
Manga is always intelligent, mediocrity, fool or anything if it is a "beautiful girl".
However, this "Azuki-chan" is personality, student, face both mediocre ...... I am motivated. I also thought "Why?", But it was different from other cartoons, so that point was good.

Yoko was also a rival character when he was an elementary school student, but I am glad that I became friends as a junior high school student.

However, as a junior high school student, Azuki got involved with other men, and again to Yuunosuke who came back to have a boyfriend, he did not like being a light woman who was fluffy.

2008/09/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22279 Host:22412 Browser: 4184
[good point]

You can evaluate that rival characters did not simply become bad girls.
Even though I have drawn everyday, there are not any particularly tall characters, but everyone has personality.
The second part (junior high school first grader edition) was depicting not only love but also concerning change of the environment, and it was quite readable.

[Bad point]

Elementary school edition went kissing, but honestly drew.
Anyway, at the time of serialization, I still felt that there were more elementary school students who were not spending money.

In the junior high school studies, there is reality to be attracted to Ryuichi (I do not know how much Ryuichi is attracted to Azuki ...),
From around the reunion with Yuunosuke in the final stage, I feel that it seemed like "girls' comic books" in a bad way.
A very ordinary girl does not seem particularly good in personality, but for some reason Motemote,
The development of the heroine-like state that the behavior is not criticized too much ....

Also, Haruhi and Pullulin, which were quite impressive at Jidama and Tomo, who were primary characters of elementary school students, and junior high school first graders,
Where the afterlife has been unknown at all, saying it is unacceptable, or saying omission ...
(In particular, since Haruhi had mutual friendship with each other, it was pretty colluding, so it is too unnatural to not appear after the second grade of middle school ...).

Yoko likes it as a character very much, but its standing position changes too much on the way.
No, it is good to have changed, but sometimes the contact point with the hero has not been drawn for a while, but it is strange that it does not have any discomfort at all.
However, if there is momentum in the story, I think that this point was able to be delivered, but unfortunately the more the story goes, the more discomfort the work got bigger.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Actually, I like junior high school first grader. I thought psychological depiction was the most appropriate.
I think that it was good to push on as it is ... Although the first love does not work well.
I thought that the conclusion after swaying between the two was lacking in depiction, and there was not even drawn a kimo called Yuunosuke who again had parting again.
Many characters have become disposable, it is an impression that it was a work of miscellaneous development, the important point dropped out.

However, as I also mentioned in the good points, I would like to rate the point that I did not make a deadly villain.
So I will keep the evaluation as "bad" on the side of "very bad".

2008/09/17 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29983 Host:29908 Browser: 8090
The animation version was comfortable with "sweet and sour" like everyone said, but the comics had bad aftertaste.
As a person who saw the animation that even the elementary school edition alone is being broadcast first,
It is a shock that Azuki ran into the behavior as a two-forgie in middle school education.
Even if you think of animation and manga as a different thing, it is regrettable that the depiction that Azuki who swayed in the shake between the two people finally chooses to help Yukiyuki is not good.
In that case, Ryuichi seems to exist for filling the loneliness of Azuki.

Even if it is a character, I think that changes in the position of Ryuichi's characters and Yoko's standings are interesting,
Midorikawa Mr. unnatural after becoming a good child since becoming middle 3,
I think that standing position and looks as well as Mr. Kaoru Mika are unsuccessful.
Far from the absence of reasons for the motivation that the main character Azuki himself can convince the reader,
I am sorry that I entered junior high school and became a hysterical personality.

However, I will love you from my love. My personal pleasure helps Yuyuki,
Love that begins to be liked by the opponent. Where I want to evaluate the contrast between two actively put on a balance called Ryuichi firmly drawn.
Although I think whether Azuki is too passive ...

Although each story has consistent reality and sweet and sour, deployment is unpleasant and I do not know what kind of evaluation should be done,
It is "bad" that is close to "ordinary".

2007/03/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34104 Browser: 4645(Mobile)
Azuki is a nice work (^ o ^) Because "Nothing, ordinary girl" is a theme, it has a tremendous likability! It tells us that only looks are not girls' goodness! Why is Azuki motivated, Azuki is an ordinary girl. If Azuki is cute and it was a girl with something elaborate, it will no longer be "Azuki-chan" at that time (-_-;) And, moreover, it is the ordinary saying "cute daughter is motivated" Because there are many works (- _ -;) By all means, with the "theme" of Azuki in mind, please read this work full of warmth and see it. M (__) m

2007/03/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34025 Browser: 4617(Mobile)
Azuki-chan, it's nostalgic (lol) I entered from anime and purchased the entire volume as well! After all, truly Akimoto sensei! (Lol) As it is called "god of romance", Azuki is "nothing, ordinary girl It gave us a dream and courage! (Laugh) There are some people who are properly watching "nothing ordinary my charm" that I do not even notice ... I think that it is a wonderful work that warms up! The characters drawn by Mr. Kimura 's individuality full of soft touch are also beautifully colored 〓〓〓

2006/09/16 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45664 Host:45723 Browser: 5237
I wrote with the handle name "Mihon" before, but it was written with "I know only criticism" and I could not enter the password, so I will write again.
Although I disliked animation, I tried to read the original, because the acquaintance is "Azuki-chan is good" ...
After all it is exhausted as one word of "I do not want it."
Azuki in the original looks like a pretty selfish woman. Although it is a character "a very ordinary girl", it was completely impossible to understand why he was from three men (Yuunosuke, Ken Ryuichi). Azuki, a junior high school student, goes out with Ryuichi, but in the end it will be connected with Yuunosuke. Furthermore, I did not draw why Azuki and Ryuichi broke up, and I felt anger.
I knew it was such a manga, I was amazed passing through my anger, but I do not think there is any need to animate.
I could not understand at all what was raising the evaluation so much.
Once in a while I talked about this animation with my family but only the opinion that "This animation is too low", "I do not care (anger)" "For elementary school students" "It is not worth seeing just by daily animation" It was a bitter smile.

2006/05/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23757 Host:23760 Browser: 4483
I have learned this cartoon by animation.

At that time I was still young, I did not care about evaluation at all.
I recently read this manga,
It was like "I was like this?"

I thought that it is wrong that an ordinary girl "Azuki" is pretty familiar.
I thought it was very strange to go to Oh well with the boy who transferred. I have been transferred to school before going to junior high.
And it goes well with the boy who likes in junior high school, as well (I only liked from the boy) The boy in front is pathetic.
The picture is also not good, the contents are also messed up, it is quite terrible, but it was good because I loved it when I was small.

2006/05/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31447 Host:31317 Browser: 3875
"If animation is interesting, manga ..." and the work my mother bought in full volume.
When I was little I was surprised by the difference in image with Azuki you see with animation, but it was interesting to read it later.
It sure seemed like it was quite a good idea, although it lasted 4 to 5 volumes.

I forgot how it was with animation, but I was married to Azuki and Yu No Susume ...
I will have kids ....
As a junior high school student of the national language teacher said that it is common for people who were classmates to get married, as it is a elementary school student, but there is no such thing even in manga ...
I thought it was good, but I thought it was not a bit weird, though I also thought (not bad)
Ken and Kaori were married, but my mother was surprised at this.
Recommended works for those who say that only animation is unsatisfactory!

People who say that at least, Azuki of anime likes it! There is no loss even if you look at it.