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Osamu Tezuka
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Japan Released:1986/07 / End:1987/02
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1. http://tezukaosamu.net/jp/manga/11.html (Translation)
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2015/03/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Bukkake, if you declare it, Tezuka Osamu version "Doraemon".

[good point]
It is drawn refreshingly to make Atom the cat and draw the aspect such as the big success of the Nekoatom.

It is also close to the touch of the comic version of "Unico", so you can enjoy it as it is for people who like gentle work of authors, if you know the head of Atom, you can easily go in.

It was not seen much in the original headstone to utilize the foot jet's idea for gag.

[Bad point]
Because it is the work of the author of the later years, it is that he was not drawn much and that the hero is a heck of growth nothing.

The main character is like Nobita, actually drawn with Nobita image, but I was not going to be opposed to a bad girl, I was just going around, I got a messy hint on Astro Boy, I see a posture that I managed to manage from myself I can not. Well, although it is a liver, it is a family of a mother who is not so firm and a father who is not brute and useful but inventions only, so will not stop becoming such an idiot.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Author I think that it was an index work that gives us a consideration of the applicability of various parodies by borrowing the story of Fujiko's work which was also one of his disciples in his later work and making it a unique style of martial art.

Although it is unknown whether it is the neta of this, it was unknown at the same time Tokuhiro Masaya's "Shape Up Range", there was Atomuneta and things such as "soft Atom" which is a collaboration with Rareko's Tezuka Pro in descending age were born Even the effect of this work can be seen.

However, since it is a parody, I think that the parody is a parody to the last, and that the part which can not be beyond the head family is also out of this work. It goes without saying that there is a thing that there is nothing to compare with Honkei Astro Boy and Doraemon.

2014/03/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was a work of the time of the last years of Tezuka Osamu of God of Manga.

Although it could be said that it was a work that made a certain famous piece of Tezuka Osamu as a parody from the title "Atomcat", but since Tezuka Osamu himself dared to handle it, it is a certain meaning unheard of.

Although it was that story, basically it was a complete story that one of the bullying boy 's baby boy and cat' s atomic boy play an active part of the story while inserting the story of "Astro Boy" at the beginning.

Although it is a cat, although it is surreal to have the ability to exhibit anything comparable to Atom of the head family, such as jet spraying the back leg when flying in the sky, Atom of the head family is different from robot and human being by discrimination and discrimination In contrast to suffering, cats' Atom is originally a stray cat, so there is no parent and because of the above-mentioned special ability from the pretty female cat is a pet of Gaddafi stretched a label that it is not an ordinary cat I will be shed tears because of the ability I gained on the theme rather than my true intention.

However, as it repeatedly gathered many times, it became good friends with female cats, but it is no longer a charming that the relationship between each owner, Goshi and Gaddafi remains the same.

Although it is unexpectedly a minor category book, it may be good to compare with "Astro Boy" and read it.

Evaluation is "good" I will.