[Comics]Atama ga Big Bang

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Fujio Saito
Weekly Shonen Magazine
Japan Released:1994/08/31(Wed)
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2015/01/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I also saw this work in real time, but whether it was fun to laugh at that point was honestly subtle.

The main characters were properly written clearly as birth, and even the parody of DR.NOGUCHI that was serialized at the same time as Mr. Takko and the same period was seen, but the former suddenly went into the house,
I lectured hotly on my own insistence, etc. The old man who was preaching, it seems that it was still in the late 40s, but I saw it aged over 10 years old. (Bitter smile) The latter is exactly DR. Noguchi (say,
DR. Eiko or DR, although it was better for Kiyoko to name it), the success rate is 10%
About the operation of "Since nine people have failed so far, the 10th person will surely succeed !!"
If it were not, extreme story, 18 people who have failed until now have succeeded successively,
36 people who failed may succeed successively for 4 people (wry smile), I think that appearances looked very similar, but Professor Mutsuyoshi Mutsu thinks what she thought internally ... ...

Other than that, the grandfather who was lamented and lamented that the man's symbol did not stand, etc., the head of the bald grandfather, not only the form, but also the exciting large brother who excavated the great excretion hanging up to the sound etc Although there was also a hand, there was a blatant bluntness on the bottom neta, only the dry laughter came floating
...... Mr. Hiroshi Sekiguchi's parody was also seen, which was a series calling for the ultimate three choices,
The story of the diploma was "If you can graduate, whatever you like," it was. (Bitter smile) Conversely, the selected talk such as a human fish or a human dog was "I do not like anything ...". (Bitter smile)

Other cold punches were also seen, the leading actor and older brother who was supposed to be a heroine rank and older sister
(I'm sorry, I forgot the name) received a feeling that the shadow became relatively thin,
At the end, it was wonderful that the above-mentioned brilliant older brother did not continue long ........ I think that there was no use inevitable even if it did not go long, I think that punch line was properly used as it was in this comic style. The painting was certainly not beautiful, but in this respect it is even more terrible gag comic ... .... Evaluation is very sweet and it is "normal".

2010/01/28 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53383 Host:53306 Browser: 6770
[good point]
Although the momentum itself was felt in the gag ...

[Bad point]
Not only is the picture poorly and dirty, it is also hard to see fatally.
In addition, there is no item with gag, it can not laugh ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]

This manga, the author of "Furious ..." was issued by the author.
As it can be said, the picture is already dirty and can not bear to see ...!
The scene in which the character casts runny nose and drool abnormally in the work was not funny at all.
On the contrary, I have been feeling worse when I saw it.
Moreover, it was a thing that I wanted to ask that I watched the terror telegram that says somehow ".... Sugaele" of a telegram called Kanda, where to look and where to laugh ...
To be honest, the low level of painting power of this manga and the atmosphere without goods completely exceeded my tolerance.
Besides, gags could not be laughed at all.
I will make it "worst" without complaint.