[Comics]Atack number one

Other media: Anime:Attack No.1 / Drama:Attack Number one
Comics total pnts rank Rank 2,245in 8,857 titlesTotal 4 / Deviation 49.75
Comics rank of 1968 Rank 10in 30 titles
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Chikako Urano
Japan Released:1968 / End:1970
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2012/05/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15458 Host:15408 Browser: 7541
The reputation here is "ordinary" many, but I enjoyed myself.
The paintings are pretty bad, the glitter of the eyes is in the area of 〓〓〓〓〓ags, the scenes in the valley are not powerful, but the story is unexpectedly funny.
I think that friendship that sprouts through the valley was drawn properly in this work.
It's fairly interesting to focus on that alone.

Anyway, spoons mono, youth, monochrome things.
Although I felt some problems on the personality side of the hero, I did not feel like I could feel bad, I think that there was also a part that I could sympathize with.
I was worried that the body did not make use of the weak setting, but flowed with a super-appropriate feeling, but that was the only thing.

Yeah, the picture is amazing after all.

2006/11/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
My older sister used to play volleyball, so I watched animation etc together.
I read the comics back to the end at that time, but I did not remember the first one.
The other day, I discovered and read that there is one volume of a bunko in the house, I was surprised at the fact that the hero unexpectedly has bad character?
She is a transfer student who can also study volleyball, she does not do anything without motivation, but she will be competing against the weak volley part of the school and after winning with the team formed with the bad fellow (〓〓〓oui ...) Although becoming, it is not so interesting, at first. Pictures are also hard to see, certainly.
After that, it is good that a transfer student (〓〓〓another?) Hayakawa Midori appears, and it is good to go on a story, but there are also some hot things that come out with various heavy parts.

I think that there are draws such as being chosen as a decisive battle with rivals and members of the Japan national team, but I do not like the picture one more time, because the valley itself does not have that much feeling "normal".

2006/01/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52244 Host:52183 Browser: 5471
A good and bad old girl manga. And it is a bible work for the Valley girl. I do not think there is any other meaning. Yui, a work of fossils in the fossil that it is absolutely not received now in the artistic sense.

2005/04/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12676 Host:12322 Browser: 4184
Correction Ayukawa Kobu 〓〓〓Kozue Ayuhara

Though it is well written that things that do not pass now are old, it is a historical background.
Although the story has some repetitive parts, I thought that it was ordinary funny.
As I finished my high school year I managed to take an interheat and finished up to the finals and lost while fighting well.
However, the picture is not well balanced, and clearly speaking it is not impressive if the game scene is also compared now.
Probably it was natural. Basically it is a girls 'manga and it is not a boys' manga so it is somewhat convincing of a picture that is not powerful.
I think that I have not thought so much because it was not a boy but mainly a girl.

2005/04/18 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12676 Host:12322 Browser: 4184
I bought a bunko version (1 to 3 volumes) ... amazing ...! Truly an old girl manga. The main character, Ayukawa Teru's eyes are amazing!
It is more amazing than a belle rose or an ace .... I tried such an awesome eye.
Hayakawa Midori is better if only eyes .... It is bad to say such a thing, but it laughed just by this. The eyes of the expression when she was surprised are still normal.
I will never do it like a hare rabbit or now. The era in which I was serializing is the era ....
I will put a rating if I read a little more. For now as normal ....