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Other media: Drama:Asunaro Hakusho
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Fumi Saimon
Big Comic Spirits
Japan Released:1992
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2011/09/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In the first half I was a student, the impression that Kakei and Toride were the "female competition" of Akihabara and Kanei, the president of the company who worked as a secretary in the latter half of the era of society, while a friend of Matsuoka There was an accident death etc, but the early story did not have sympathy with the hero couple.

Nami says that weeping cries forces physiological aversion,
Was it not good to cry? It was something that I wanted to thrust into from the top of my eyes. Kanei also certainly had a room for sympathy for a lucky living (his mother was a contemporary useless parent)
It was a honest "?" To the boss who joined the company, "Benefit is a reward of Goma kashi" or quibbling.
It would have been ahead of you to work hard to be able to get to a position where you can work for your own life and manage a company, rather than sort of quibble.
I can understand how my boss wanted to shout at me.

In their surroundings, as mentioned earlier, especially in the first half is a key man who worked as a hostess with a shower, was a tough one such as being quarreled with a father who was a professor at university, etc. and a wonderful ambitious family, However, Akihito president etc. who was also affectionate for her daughter was an interesting character as it was,
Hoshika who was doing corporal punishment for his son on a daily basis, even though its conflicts were transmitted .......

I think that at the end was a regular happy ending,
It may have been undeniable that such competition was bogged down. Well the evaluation is "bad".

2008/06/23 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35893 Host:35956 Browser: 8753
Two places; and then let's change the genre and it is a comic.

New priest; it is an adult manga.

Bitou; I can not stop flying this.

Newly Used Why.

Two places; women's point of view.

Newly Used; There is not enough women like this guy. But if you do not do it, you will not have two places.

It is just a talk that each of college students performs romance and student life when they say work. You probably will not have that much.

Women want to be loved by everyone.

Bishirondo: This woman sitting in front of himself struggling to fight in real.

New fish; So that's a woman. I'm a stranger, you.

Bitou; I will tell you that. It is different from this drama at all. It's a night drama or a noon. It is a love-hate drama of Makomon. A woman like you just want to do it comes out. Far from being sweet and sour, there was a taste like chocolate mixed with curry.

Well, well a woman. I do not mind getting angry. If it says so much, it is "very bad".

It seems I am forcibly lowering the evaluation.

New fish; There is a face that you can understand when you get old. This story is.