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Atsushi Nakayama
Monthly Shonen Jump
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Japan Released:2005/07/06(Wed) Monthly Shonen Jump / End:2006
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2009/07/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34043 Browser: 2135(Mobile)
Manga set in the near future.
It is a serial debut work by Professor Nakayama who gained some enthusiastic popularity with "Trauma Ista".
Naturally the picture is unique.
In those days it was not venomous and it was still a pale white picture.
Although the original is drawn by another person, there are no goals like this and it is canceled in half a year.
The direction of the work is confirmed at the final round.

Mr. Nakayama's work is bad early in the beginning, it is the basis and it is closed.
The view of the world was good as it seemed to be a ghibli work thankfully.
Rice crocodile with closing.

2007/03/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5705 Host:5632 Browser: 4487
The picture looks bad, it is actually very wonderful. It is an impression that the author draws while enjoying using compositions and techniques which have been felt in various places, mainly battle scenes. The line is also beautiful and the taste of the author is demonstrated especially in big sesame seeds.
Both the enemy friend and the alias have unique coolness and the distribution of seriousness and gag is moderately well balanced.
Although the hero's edge has special abilities but is not a special training, it is playing with a sword in the state of putting a bullet flying from the back in one handed pocket, or suffering seriousness on belly and shoulders I felt it was difficult to fight with.
The author wanted to draw the development of the ride and the authors wanted to make a serious story so far so I think there was a gap in how I perceive this work. So I would like to see the original of this author this time.
Evaluation is quite funny if it is read as a comic, so "good".

2006/01/31 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32154 Host:31882 Browser: 4487
After the young Akatsuka Prize was left as the final candidate, Atsushi Nakayama who debuted at Red Maru Jump who was scouted at Scout Caravan is not a weekly but debut work released by the monthly person. Rather, for Atsushi Nakayama who had quite a potential ability (ability to draw, composition of composition, etc.) at the freshman level, it is a work that feels like it was created with the original author and mechanics design staff, Work that made me think that it was pretty easy to get in.

However, in reality, although the skill of Atsushi Nakayama's picture was felt, the story drawn by the original author is also a thing with the atmosphere that I saw somewhere, mechanical design also said that medieval mediocrity There was a memory that was something. In that sense, for Atsushi Nakayama there is no fault, but there is quite a faint in the three people regime and there is the impression that it is covered with one losing ground.

However, considering that the quality of painting could have been done due to the division of labor, let's say that Nakayama Atsushi alone releases a hit work, it makes even the impression that he answers that answer (hence the original It was probably attached to the author and mechanic designer).

In that sense, unfortunately it is impossible to give a good evaluation. However, since this Nakayama Atsushi has a fairly qualified ability at a fairly new level, it can be said that expectation is possible for the next work.