[Comics]Asita no atasi

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Megumi Tanzawa
MANGA TIME JUMBO Manga Time Lovely
Japan Released:1998/07
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2007/05/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a work that I thought that long-term series can be hoped for a long time, but it did not continue after all. I feel like saying ... because it hit the period of change of Yosemba's route rather than neta stuff.
Two of the main characters are OLs in the latter half of twenties (the work until then shows the age, so the age of the author at the beginning of writing this work is obligatory). Ezaki (name is Kuriko ...) is a character that has a very bubbly way of life that cuts meals, buys brand goods, and the bonus disappears as card payment. Morinaga, cool and full of men, is the main story of the form that puts Tsukkom in its life.

Ezaki's lifestyle is basically not inconveniencing people (not stepping down debts, not contributing to men, not living with a high-ranking attitude), to a bubbly character There is no discomfort, either. Every time I say "I want to love, I want a man," that is not fulfilled. Because we will change early and will not draw back later (if you drink it you will recover overnight), there is no dampness at all.
After that, an attribute called a game lover is also added to the personal computer, but I think that this is reflected in the taste of the author himself / herself.
Morinaga was a little more ordinary personality at the beginning of the series, but its stoiciness will increase as it becomes later. In addition, though "thinking in the winter and hot springs" like oyaji thought is added.
The contrast between them stands out quickly and steadily.

As "Sorry Alba", it is basically a style that makes neta by the end with just two characters. Occasionally the bars of the going bar will come out, and colleagues and juniors will come out. "Aggressive manneri" which the author is good at is developed in the work.
I like that, so I was looking forward every month and I thought it was going on for a long time.
However, in an interview of a magazine (although it is a re-recording of Tanzawa works issued by Takeshobo), he said that "Elegy's personality did not catch up with male fans", so reconfirm his / her hobbies' preference I was made to ...

Actually, the book is stopped in two volumes. I think that it is about the amount that will be the last in another volume, but it has been left over five years. However, recently Yoshinobu has not been following up on fans.

Evaluation is "good". You can put "very" ...