[Comics]Asita mo genki

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Megumi Tanzawa
Japan Released:1993/07/26(Mon) / End:2001/02
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2007/05/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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This was a pretty long term series. It is a pity that only authors who like it will not be able to raise the condition of this author after the long-term serial series of "Life" series has ended.
It is a feature common to this generation's four-frame artist, the design company that the author was temporarily working on is a model ("It is a real story ..." comes out). Occasionally it will also show up in it. Even so, the main character is always delivering drawings to business partners.

Like this work "Trouble Cafe!", A very loose story exists (the age of the characters does not change). And for this work, there is a definite possession of each character in each character. It is quite normal in the current 4 frames, but it is unusual as a work of this author.
Yun who is a hero whose face is full enough to be lost even in the neighborhood of the house and still guided even though she is 25 years old. The youngest is the oldest (I hear Rakugo in North Korea by commuter train) Takase-kun. I like gambling at the riceblinds, and she is a man of unknown age who can work with beauty. Mr. Kato of a multi-otaku. The section chief who can not remember the face of a person with mechanical tone deafness. Keisan, beautiful man. Yo-chan whose BL hobby becomes clear at the end. There are various characters.

However, while it has the neta that it holds, the atmosphere of the work is not much different from other works. Certainly, we are guiding the pearl using these holding stories, but there is no sense of being forced there at all. There is no pushing force to make it laugh just by setting a character, it is making the punch line in the flow of four frames to the last.
Therefore, although it is a versatile character, it does not feel it much. It is a work that draws a line with character's emphasis, character bias, character only, and recent 4 frames.

The way of the end is slightly abounding (There is "the atmosphere to the final round" that I feel touching the work of this author, such as the approach of Kato and Kato, the new character at the end. However, the comic book is all attached with bonus cartoons, and the marriage story of the hero is drawn by bonus cartoon of the final volume.
This is probably because the romance process is being skipped because it is a difficult field of this author. Of course I am convinced that it is acceptable.

Works that can be read comfortably with a heartwarming feeling. Naturally, I will attach "very".