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Juzo Yamazaki
Hideaki Hataji
Japan Released:1983 Weekly Shonen Jump / End:1984
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2008/01/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28812 Host:28746 Browser: 4184
High school baseball cartoon of Professor Hideaki Hamada serially in Weekly Shonen Jump in 83 to 84 years. "Sanada Tenmaru" was in love with her classmate `Sawai Yoko ', but she had a prestigious baseball game that appeared in the Koshien area, there was a lover called Ace` Village Rain' at the Kanto Academy. The heavenly soldier who decided to defeat the village by baseball got acquainted with himself, entered the 'Yumezushima Gakuen Baseball club' with the guidance of a hot-blooded human nature 's Kuramoto who helped himself with the suicide who entered the aqueduct, and participated in the falling rain and Koshien Aim.

This work is a deployment such as a youth storyline drama that ordinary mediocre student loses baseball 's way to defeat the baseball elite love affair, and TV dramas etc have a very common content like a 1P in youthful days . Although it seems that he was aiming for a hot-blood youth youth high school baseball cartoon, in the 1970s it might have been received as it is, but in the 1980s when the hot-blood things became gradually thinning, "Dr. Slump" "Fist of the North Star" Kinnikuman "had formed a golden age by a massive such as a jump that has become a plain existence. Because of that we can not continue for a long time, and the story ends at a practice match where we have a good match against a competing school and lost.

Although this work has good picture and setting, it was a youth sports drama with a modest feeling in terms of content, and since there was no such thing as this, the evaluation is [normal]. It was disappointing that the work finished at the place where rival `Mura Rain 'broke in close contact with the school and ended in a place where it seemed to be interesting from now. I guess it was okay if I moved on a monthly or extra number issue and continued it. After the end, guests have been appointed CM of the cassette that was released at that time.

2005/12/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18206 Host:18307 Browser: 4487
It seems that there was considerable popularity at the beginning of the series, it seems that it was enough to be used for commercials of cassettes,
It seems that the speed of the popular stall was too early, and eventually it ended in humiliation that it was terminated in the short term and went to the jump supercomics.

It was only recently that I read this manga for the first time, but a childhood pretty baby whose main character is thinking when reading through all seems to be interested in the high school ball child who was active in the older Koshien, and that high school It is a feeling that the ball child is not even alike. Such a triangular relationship eventually invited the main character to baseball, finally a development that entered a high school where a man who helped a childhood friend from helping water suicide enters high school and aims at Koshien. The school is a bad school which is viewed as a white eyes from the surroundings, and the seniors are all mischievous with mahjong. Still, the hero 's heavenly soldiers face forward and steadily towards them, and eventually they also rehabilitate and cease as they walk along the way to the Koshien.

I do not know why this work was popular for the first time, but for the time being, the picture was stable, the talk itself was not bad, there was an impression that refreshing and muddy were also interlocking with each other.

Was this work still "too old" in this era? Personally I did not dislike ....