[Comics]Ashita Tenki ni naare

Other media: Anime:Ashita Tenki Ni Nare / Game:Ashita Tenkini naare / Drama:Ashita tenki ni naare.
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Tetsuya Chiba
Weekly Shonen Magazine
Koudansha SHUEISHA
Japan Released:1981/01 / End:1991/05
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2010/10/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I think that Mr. Chiba who left this work without burning out after tomorrow's Joe is a great manga artist.

Once you grab a golf club, there is something I have ever heard from a chef,

Because the last one was long, I read only by skipping, but the flow until the first person Mukai becomes a professional is quite funny.

The impression was the disgusting feeling that harassed me. The sun was struck against this and the opponent was dented in the opposite direction and it became mentally strong. It was impressive that he was doing a hatred in a form close to this man's purpose. When I was watching the professional activities of Mukai later, it was certainly a lot of disgusted partners. Sorry, his harassment would have been useful later.

The impressive thing about professional warfare is that real professional players come out. This is still interesting, is not it? Aoki was a bad player. I am a little worried as to what he / she thinks? Ozaki is uncomfortable with his attitude as I see it.

Just what I remained the most impressed is golfer Lee Trevino which thundered. After all the thunderstorms are ringing .... Even now even thunderstorms remind me of Reitrebino.

It is close to very good, but because it has become unnecessarily difficult to finally read it at the end, it is a very good closeup close to good.

2010/03/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Golf cartoon of Professor Chibutotsu serialized by Weekly Shonen magazine in 80 ~ 91 years. "Muka Tai" is a lunch seller in the morning, a junior high school student who aims to become a professional golfer at the golf practice range at night, was brushing his arms while serving as a trainee at the golf course of Arakawa Riverbed. Eventually, I took the test in protest, passed by the youngest student who is also habitually qualified, but new young singer's life begins as a professional golfer.

Mr. Tea teacher who blew out in "Tomorrow's Joe" is a hot-blooded fight. This work is hand-made as a full-scale golf cartoon after the Kendo manga "I was a Tetsuhei". Golf cartoons such as "pro golfer monkey" and "hall in one" have received reputation, and it seems that there are also influences that golf clubs have penetrated at this time in the cartoon world. But golf is a gentleman's sports, a cool image can be imagined, but this work is finished in a work that is rich in humanity with only Chiba sensei.

Story is a hard-working junior high school student who dreams of a professional golfer, "Taiyoshi" helps the parents 'set meal shop during the day, practicing repeatedly while playing at the golf course in the evening, while polishing his arms, the former professional golfer' He was stopped by his eyes, and later Ry膃〓a became a master and the sun grew as a golfer, passed the protest and walked as a professional path. It is typical as a sports drama, but this work is attractive even in such orthodox development because it is by Professor Toba who is good at drawing sports cartoons of humanity. Speaking of golf cartoons, cool styles and good play such as hall-in-one with super shots are for sale, but as the main character's "sunshine" of this work seems, the play is plain in a fat body and it is so much a character Although it is not attractive, it may be because Professor Chiba draws emotional expressions abundantly, but I feel that human smell has appeared well and it was easy to get familiar. In addition, each one of the play is polite, and even people who do not know golf are drawn and explained in an easy to understand manner, so I feel that it was easy to familiarize with the work which demands sophisticated shots suddenly. Also, it was good to beat with a cry called "Char Shoes. It is nervous when hitting a ball with a club, so I think that it is nice to have such a relaxing way. Also, while talking about the explanation and deployment situation of the golf course, it seems to be a glaring development that seems to have caught up and reversing while connecting with a sharp shot, but this steady development is the highlight of this work, in the super shot It will be a real pleasure to pursue with a shot that is faithful to the basics. Although it is a real professional golf play itself, it is good that the reader is familiar with the feelings of players playing, drawing it clearly in the mind's emotions. On the whole it will be the deployment of real professional golf, but while keeping each hole play faithfully progressing, and in keeping with the form that gradually advanced habitual advanced players come out step by step, It was nice to draw while revealing inside. (And lastly I went to the British Open, playing a fierce battle with Jack Nicklaus, so I made a spectacular victory)

Compared to the work showing a super shot, this work is quite modest in line with the actual golf play and may not be attractive as a manga absurd, but the dream of a boy who is aiming for a professional golfer While dreaming is comfortable with the enemy, carefully continuing play while winning, finally winning at the highest peak tournament, we have wonderfully drawn full-scale sports dramas and the completeness is the best , Evaluation is naturally [highest!]. It is now a golf cartoon that requires flashy play, I think that this work that I drew to the end with the steady contents so far is suitable for calling masterpieces. I think that it is a masterpiece of Mr. Tea Teacher who is handed down with "Tomorrow's Joe".

2008/01/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17514 Host:17653 Browser: 8090
It is an orthodox golf cartoon where no hammering method has appeared.

Hero's sympathy I felt sympathy for the depiction that the sun is winning while growing.
Of course, also the indomitable fighting spirit which overcomes obstacles such as malicious disturbance, poor physical condition, hungry (lol).
Players who compete against each other are also hardened with real people such as Aoki Toshi and J. Nicklaus, and there was a sense of reality.
At the end I felt it was too much to win the British Open,
It was never a ridiculous development.

Anyway, are such dangerous golf courses real and exist around all over Japan?

Rating: Very good

2006/07/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14212 Host:14142 Browser: 5234
Speaking of Chibutotsu's work, "Tomorrow's Joe" is famous, I think this is the best masterpiece of Chibutotsu, or I am among the best masterpieces of sports comic books! Eastern Pacific Open edition I cried really in this scene where I am going to continue playing with a tear while catching a cold, it is really moving. A cartoon of this kind of smelly touch Although it is seldom at the moment, I like the semi-movie style that is slightly different from Ko 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 By the way, the character I like the most is Mr. Ryitani! Although it was a few people who went by, I was somewhat attractive. It is astringent that eventually I did not remove my sunglasses until the end and I did not show my true face.

2006/02/01 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18924 Host:18717 Browser: 4487
In the heyday of the Weekly Shonen Jump Battle Manga, this work was also a serialization of the Weekly Shonen Magazine, but although it was made into animation, although the protagonist of the hero's "Char.Shoemean !!" became famous , It can not be denied that there are not many people who know the contents of cartoons. Certainly, although it was made into animation, it was halfway, and also because "Toyo matched play edition" or "British open edition" which was quite exciting in this work was not animated, the animation itself Unfortunately there was also indigestion that is only possible and not universally on the whole ... ...

The difficulty in this work is that, "Although there was a wonderful enemy, there was no competitor rival character that was able to be established" and "The heroine's turn comes to be less as the story progresses, and finally the hairstyle has changed There are two kinds of things (true?) ?.

First of all, as to the former, whether the sun has achieved a successful race of the race early, rival as a student when the student days, competitor rivals as a trainee, and young As a professional rival, there was the impression that the story advanced too early for the character of the feeling that said it was a competitor of a young professional was established. Mr. Mukawa graduated from junior high school and graduated from junior high school and became a professional for the protest, so students' competitions were requested to the golf club of junior high school students (Mukozaki and Oh they are real estate agents along with Ry膃〓i of master) Mr. Otada Akira and Mr. Kudo who came together at this time only at the time of the heroine, Etsuko of the same class, once as a substitute for a participating member who caught a wind when watching a golf game while watching golf). It was Daejutoku who was the only rival of the three middle junior golfers' godfathers, Ago and Ichiro Kume, but he was able to reappear in Oriental match play edition and was able to make a battle with the direction It may be good. However, at this time it is said that personality has become considerably worse or losing in the root, so that as a result it is said that it is foolishly professional and it is compared with the direction which is professional and saying, it made a deliberate mistake and it drives in a bunker It was a fool 's role that actions buy anger towards, eventually leading to defeat. Hiyoshi I who appeared as a trainee's era and a rival as a bullion pro, was much better personality than Otakuro, rather a person who made quite a lot of people better. Won with assistant pro tournament who won the protest in protest, it was able to be successful in protest, along with Isomura and Koba with 1st place at the same rate but at the time of the opening of the East Pacific Ocean won with Isomura and Koba I got an impression that I left it in the sun and got hit by a bang. The fact that it is due to that or the early rivalry characters reveals the difficulty that the shadows become thin every time the story advances. However, it seems that there are places where Taiyang Yang who will win as a professional as "East Pacific Open" or "Oriental Match Play" is said to have departed from the place where they are, the student days There is a possibility that the golf club members who were at the center are students normally, but they are professionals and professional golfers. My whereabouts are completely different.
Next time the number of turnouts of the heroine's Etsuko has decreased is because there is not enough time to be together with the sun who is a professional and the student, she. Rather, for the golfer on the second day of the opening of the East Pacific Ocean, his turn comes when she came to nursing with a uniform in her uniform with a cold, which is a natural enemy, when she came to help us prepare to go to England which is the last turn It is more pretty than it was when .... For some reason, it's been said that I cut off long hair and turned into a Bobcat style. Well, this neighborhood is probably a matter of preference (I do not dislike Bobcat separately, but ...). But at least for the last Nicklaus game she feels like she wanted to watch in the UK, too (I wonder if my studies can not be done ...).

However, it is amazing to overthrow these shortcomings in this work, is it where you have met many charming enemies? The Aoki Pro in the world who fought with Samsushi Sugihara pro and the quarterfinals at Toyo matches play was also a contestant and was attractive Tonna. Well, it is a dirty type of Hikita Banjiro who fought in the final in Otakuro or that much (although it is an excellent skill to think that the skill of golf itself is sunshine and thinking "Why do you use dirty hands?") There is an impression that it is arranged as a "problematic enemy character". Also, people such as Xie pro, Travino, Valentino, who had been in the East Pacific Open, are also attractive enemies, and they have made me feel even more reliable in the sun that is fighting against them.
What I personally evaluate is that the "East Pacific Open" and "Oriental Match Play" are over and it is said that they have repeatedly qualified due to extreme slump for the half year to "British Open". If it is normal, in Japan it makes me feel like I do not have an enemy, thus making me feel like preparing a sluggish situation. However, it was regrettable that the scene was only the scene of the sunshine being sent to the house by Oh after the end of "Oriental match play" (Remove the cup and put out a scene called mediocre score) It can be said that it was more convincing, at this time it is thought that Hiyoshi, Sakamoto, around Koba leaves appearing again). For such a sun, it was the Ry膃〓i of the master who prepared the 'British Open' as a camphor agent, but in this British Open there's a young caddy Tom, fascinating characters with Ferguson as a leader It was. This work has already gotten awesome funny characters such as Okamura's grandfather at "Toyo Match Play Hen" (a strange unexpected course strategy by Okamura's old man who knew about young sun and golf course was interesting) , Tom is a prestigious caddy, a descendant of the Ferguson family as a descendant of the Ferguson family is a boy whose caddy's class is low, but whose potential potential is high, is a professional who is a prolonged pro and is a global senior pro team and senior The story of breaking the caddy made me feel relentless. The final goal standing in front of them is called "Youkai of St. Andrews", the battle of young combiants of Tom and Tom is indeed fought with them at Jacques Nicklaus, the emperor of golf and the golfer who will be greeted with the highest gratitude It was a sweat in my hands. Well, I do not feel like I was a bit too long ....

This work may be lacking in flashy or fantastical outcomes as compared to golf cartoons published in recent juvenile magazines. However, there are many places to watch, such as the variety of depictions of the players coming out and the depiction of reality (there are some things different from the present idea, back spin is rather non mainstream current at present) It is a work.

However, it can not be convinced that the hairstyle of heroine, Etsuko has changed.

2006/01/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 6885
The shout of "Chashumeumen" was made a story in various places.
It is strangely remembered there only there ... but I can not remember the story. Wonder if I was poisoned by the battle cartoon of the jump at that time yet the reader was ...

2005/11/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14211 Host:14266 Browser: 4487
One of the golden towers of the golf cartoon that was serialized for a long time at the Weekly Shonen Magazine.

I graduated from junior high school and became a professional golfer Tomorrow is going to be won in the professional world, the end is to win in British Open, but as a result the sun is winning, even though the expansion in the future can not be read The way to convey the story to make you feel idle is fluffy.

Until the initial junior high school student tournament, workshop test, assistant professional tournament, and protest, we put out a lot of unique original characters, fight with the sun and entwined them to splendidly use them, and in the battle with the professional afterwards He was engagingly moving the character who took up the players in a way that does not impair the image of the player who has become a former neta. It is said that "The personality has changed" Although it is said to be the sun, it is not amusing to become a wind that looks like a "personality has changed" if it is a professional just getting out of junior high and being surrounded by many superior players right. It is rather ridiculous to say that it has grown.

Although the picture is rustic, it can express brilliantly the brilliant play, its neighborhood is also fluffy. It has a strong work impression that shows a talk than painting, but also makes us feel veteran taste on drawing side, the sense of stability is perfect. Generally well-known picture differences between the early days of the sun and the latter one are quite amazing, but it seems probably that the president was narrowed down.

Completion of the story, a masterpiece without complaint that makes you feel love for characters and golf. Magazines of these days were such masterpieces serialized ....