[Comics]Ashiaraiyashiki no Juunintachi

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Japan Released:2001 Comic GUM / End:2012/11/26
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2010/10/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Point that is a rarity "youkai cartoon". Whether youkai appeared in most cartoons,
Although the center is a battle and a story development (it is not a bad thing, it is important as an entertainment work), this work is "devil, youkai,
And I want to draw the rampage of the henteco character "like a style that pours the desire of the author. The background setting and easiness to read for the reader are second-order, owning people with strange appearance and special abilities rampage.
Also, based on the backgrounds of such various demons and youkai (even if you put the story a little aside), you can see the way you are struggling with "what kind of appearance you draw" and "what kind of point of view is made" Since Mizuki Shigeru,
It can be said that it is an ambitious work that faced "Yokai" from the front.
It is not just a copy of Shigeru Mizuki, a beautiful girl character and a self-describing youkai portrayal,
It also felt a sense of balance and originality incorporating contemporary parts such as a distorted future world, and also points that it does not lose its appealing power to Hyundai Waketoku is also high point. Especially if you have something interesting occult, youkai relation, you will be able to enjoy even more.
A polite screen. Despite the slightly habitual character depiction, I feel the effort and seriousness as a "cartoon" house, such as polite writing and elaborate composition. Writers and manga artists will not be able to write "(drawing)" whether they are characters or pictures
There are people, but the author seems to be that cut.

[Bad point]
The settings of the stage world, people are miscellaneous and complicated. If it says better, I think that it is the weakest point of this work, as it is an impression that it is a toy-box cluttered, badly a scrap repository. The momentum will die if taken on the background explanation, and it is also irritating to override the reader by just setting in the author's brain.
Especially when explanation starts about 'world' there are many difficult parts.
Crossed over with past works "Great Easter Festival" and "Iroha Soshi"
Also, I am doing explanations and retrieving hints, so it seems that the wrapping cloth of my work spreads too much and I feel unsightly.
Because there are too many individual persons, sometimes no one knows the lead role or the waykee.
"Clock man = Professor" and "Teacher = Pandora 's box with a transforming hero" is a representative. Well, as there is a part of this character rampage being oneself,
It is difficult to read easily if it is a reader unforgivable here.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"good-". I think that it may be better to give a higher evaluation in identity and spirit of working on youkai from the front in contemporary manga,
As serialization has prolonged, chaos has accelerated as the pages are taken by complicated background settings, past talents and new character turbulence.
Originally, since I came through the same style personally as "Strange character rampage" style,
I can not deny the height of the threshold that I can not accept at first glance. If you are a layer that you can read with crispness by closing your eyes to a fine point, I highly recommend it. First of all, how about trying the first reader by reading "Great Easter Festival" to see if you like it or not?