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Marimo Ragawa Bessatsu Hana to yume HAKUSENSHA
Japan Released:2010/04/19(Mon) Bessatsu Hana to yume
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2011/12/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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"Reed cotton" ..... Evaluation "Very good"

The complex feelings of the young man who corrected the bicycle of the bell were delicately delvered. My uncle who protected him and helped her family work was also a good person and I liked it. Even when I broke up, I was worried over my parents.
If you commit suicide with this, you are a really disrespect.

"Half-summer students" ..... Evaluation "Very good"

With a storyteller who is not selling and a teenage hobby student student,
Well, it is said that the industry is quite severe from the hero, the boss, maybe that industry may be something like that? The woman of a colleague also said that it seems to be a tough thrust at first sight, but it was also "her kindness" Was it?
Ikemen students' parents also knew that they wanted to care about the appearance of the world and wanted the son to go a steady path, but I wanted to thrust as "to pick a few more words." (Bitter smile) After all, my son was "skin of good side" because it was supposed to go the way I wanted to go.

"Winter haze" ..... evaluation "good"

Twins that were not treated like human beings, "Oka" who ran away with them
Although the "relation" with which it is also revealed also, it is likely that the twin brothers and sisters, if the grandparents who became parents instead traveled to heaven, there are also other relatives who grow them affectionately I guess. I thought that I was a little worried, I also wanted them to be energized until they were independent.

The main characters in each case had a dark past and they were not a simple happy ending, but coupled with a beautiful picture, there was hardly any bad aftertaste in the last which felt hope.

This teacher's work was "child and baby", especially Takuya is a great girl and he was a child who looks up to him even under his age, so I thought that I would like to read other works, but well edited short edits was. Evaluation is "very good" I will.

2011/11/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]

Short editing of the three works of Reedo, Half - Summer, and Winter Kaso, the characters in every episode have dark past and complex emotions, and although it is not a simple hap endend, after the characters' characters It is such a painful gentle story that I can not help feeling about my life.
I read the manga and started crying, there are the last person of Ushio and Tori Tsuzumi, baby and me, descent of One Piece Doctor Hilluk, but this was pretty good.
[Bad point]

A story may not accept people who do not want to be a complete happy ending.
[Comprehensive evaluation]

A reed cotton is a story about a love between a young man and a girl who has a past who has committed murder without intention to bully. Half-summer students talk about female photographers and female hobbyist boys, Winter hazing is about abusing twins and the man who kidnaps them.
Personally I think that it is one of the best cartoons. It is a work I would like you to read