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Yoshihiro Takahashi
Weekly Shonen Jump
Japan Released:1988/08/01(Mon)
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2015/10/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15166 Host:15498 Browser: 5213
Originally it seems that it was unrelated to "Ginga - shooting star silver -" which seems to be representative of the author,
Many rivals also came out to the genre of Sengoku Monogatari, and it did not popularity more than I thought, but it eventually ended up being serialized while idling.

Early inning, Takaji Taka battled the daimyo called Daimyo, but drinking it with the human bones cups, whatever it is
It is relocation from "legend" of the big hero of that Japanese history (to be described later). Thank you so much. (Although it seems that it is a historical fact whether it is suspected), I think that I should have killed him. As the dog was able to talk to the orchestra of the deputy main character with human language and so on, as yet anyway, as his uncle, who was supposed to have died in the battle, appeared in somewhat uncomfortable atmosphere for a while Becoming close up, the existence of the enemy called an ancient family who was also connected with Mr. Kai Takeda was largely closed up, but I thought that the direction of delving down the talk was slightly misdirected.

Here one year time flied and it became involved with that big hero, Nobunaga and Oda family who had refrained from the confrontation of fate with Imagawa Yoshimoto, but it surely was this that it was a lego entry . Not only Fujiichiro (Hideyoshi) who was drawn for a good person but also (?) "Human 50 years"
Nobunaga who also performed the performance of Tokugawa Ieyasu also had a splendid aura like Nobunaga in Tokugawa Ieyasu, but it was cool as usual, but if you are a teen celebrity now, he is Ken Sato, Haruma Miura, Yuuto Chiba Even though they were in the same age, they did not have youth.
If Takeda was also set as a villain, it would have been better for Nagashi to make it to Nagashi's 1575 year instead of 1560 in Okehama. Well that time it was already shaved for some reason Harumi (Shingen)
Even Yamamoto Kosuke was a deceased person, but not only the son's victory and the Maeda family, the hero of the next year,
Baba Shinshu, Yamamoto prefecture Shangshui, Naito Shohei and others who are relatively famous were still alive.

However, such leverage did not work well, but unfortunately it has been censored from the development that came furious, but the actual rasubosu was the dog's prostitution that killed the ancestor.
At first glance it was proud, but the action was "commonplace Machiavellist".
Although it seemed to be a middle boss case, the Hayabus who eventually saw his capacity and stood a character. Well, I was wondering how to settle, and I could not have done that at the end of the year, but if there were someone like JoJo's vanilla ice cream, there would have been no such ending. After all it did not read the behavior pattern of crow, it did not cover the faint's corpse completely by vengeance It became a big death and it may be a cruel way of saying to him, but after all " It would have been that it was a rogue. It was a pathetic procedure that I could not become a name villain.

There were plenty of good materials, but it seemed that they could not be engaged.
Of course, the evaluation is not only the above Nobunaga, but the person drawing such as orchids and Masatake was a place that said "bad" closer to "bad" taking into consideration that it was excellent.

2013/10/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1708 Host:1508 Browser: 5386
[Good point] The picture is cool

[Bad point] None

[Overall evaluation] It is very interesting

2009/06/02 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14336 Host:14441 Browser: 5600
The rapid development of the story, the end of the trailing dragonfly, etc., there are also rare works where the sign of discontinuation drifts soon.
This is the impression of this work.

The flow of a rough talk begins with an episode in which Masatake enters the enemy deep into the enemy and deeply hurts the human soldier and takes the head of the enemy general,
Ran people 's village encountered the assault of power to use the endangered, Ran people who escaped the village and Masatake met with Kinoshita Fuji Kichiro, after Oda Nobunaga won the battle of Okechi,
Tenshin Tenshin held by Takeda Shingen and Masatake fought and the story ended.

Talking with humans in human language, mastering swords, riding horses, bending swords with super power, fly in the sky,
The ability of Toshinobu has collapsed, and the part which does not boil off as a historical figure enters from the middle of the story was conspicuous.

Because there are plenty of excuses on the author side, "worst" is not attached.

2007/12/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12232 Host:12154 Browser: 7590
Sengoku Ninja manga written by Professor Yoshihiro Takahashi serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1988. Time is Sengoku period. Among the ninja families needed in the warring era of the arrogance, the "Hair Expansion Clan" outperforms human intelligence and ability by secret mystery `tangin 'down covering dogs loaded with secret medicines and special needles on dogs Creating a ninja dog 'Tangin', he was naming his name. The spectacular action story that "Leader" who is its leader case "Masatake" and his master "Survives the world of war".

In this work, Mr. Takahashi's work "Ginga - Shinki Gin Silver -" was completed after the project was over, and a gangbang called "Red Eye" came out also at Ginga and used various ninjutsu , I changed it to the age of warring States. Therefore it is becoming an action drama with a grade higher than "Ginga".

The story is that the "Nagatoriru" 's "Masatake" and its Lord "Ranjin" are active in battle or the like with the ability to set the battleground as the stage, but the dog survives the word of the person Telepathy uses telepathy To use skills you want to use to skip the sky, it was too big for the scale, so I could not keep up with it. Besides, the enemy 's fang' s fangling brutality manipulated people, it was as if the dog dominated the person. It is too absurd over Ginga, maybe that has pulled the reader. Still I am interested in something of the era, especially the Warring States period, so I liked this work as well, but suitable for publishing in a juvenile magazine in order to be a realistic image of Professor Takahashi on a complicated warring country era Perhaps it was not there. Besides, I think that I did not do abrupt deployment that I will fight in the first episode and suddenly become a battle with the enemy's ancestral family and the sunrise clan will be destroyed. It seems like it was still interesting if you develop it so that Masataka Toshinobu makes various achievements in various battles. I think that the editorial department of the jump should have considered the neighborhood more.

Although this work is quite sophisticated in terms of its contents, it seems that the dog talks about human nature or uses superpowers too far too far apart, the feeling that the backland of the Sengoku world is too far too far, a little It was not for juveniles, and the deployment from the last stage was too much forced too much and the aftertaste was bad. So the evaluation in this work is [normal]. I was excited just by being "Ginga", so I think that I should have been patient patiently in the longer eyes. Results Although it is in the form `first part. Complete ', it ends in half way. Then Mr. Takahashi will leave the jump. Mr. Takahashi seems to have thought about a long idea and I think that it is too bad to end it with such a bad form of crispy so if you have the opportunity, I would like you to draw around the sequel around a youth magazine.

2006/05/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8533 Host:8564 Browser: 5234
The absurdity setting that the dog wearing the armor "Tousengin" speaks and fights is a big impact.
However, it was a shame work that I could not find interesting in other respects.
Once the enemy's thugs have destroyed the village, then met Oda Nobunaga and Kinoshita Fujiwakiro,
Although he showed excitement as it was, behind the battle of Oke Okabe, he was unable to wipe the boring impression by all means.
It was an impression that I finished for the last minute too (I feel sorry for the person who cut the ankle).

There is a case (?) Left in the impression with this work.
While the title of the work is listed on the cover of WJ, this work is described as "Ran people (name of boy of semi-protagonist)" why.
Although it may be a memory mistake, at least it was "Masatake" ... I thought on my child's mind.

Although the talk went wrong, Nobunaga painted in the battle of Oke Okama was cool,
It might be good to have a young magazine here mainly (although there are many rival genres).

2006/05/07 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11442 Host:11143 Browser: 4483
It goes without saying that there is a popular character, "Ninja red eyes", at the origin in "Gingae ~ Shooting star ~ Silver".
However, it seems that the animation of dogs has advanced too much and the work became absurd over the ginga fangs.
Masatake, the leading character in the first episode of the series, showed overwhelming fighting ability, and the enemy side has 100 men who are comparable to him (?), Such as 100, or the development of the early stage The power balance of the work was pretty messy.
Historical characters Charles Kinoshita Fujiyoshiro and Oda Nobunaga made it appear in the middle, but it was completely unrelated to the early stage and the final stage.
I think that if you carefully handle the existence of "Tsunobu" a little more carefully, the series also continued a bit more.

2006/02/09 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10418 Host:10237 Browser: 4487
Actually, in 'Dog Manga' by Takahashi Yoshihiro, in real time I read in [Ginga] or [White Warrior Yamato] but it is this work.

During the Warring States Period, there were clans that took advantage of the "Tsunobi" that they can have human intelligence and can talk with them by covering a dog who has trained with a special medicine with a needle painted with a special medicine, and the protagonist is its endangered Masatake is working.

Even if it is talking in the work so far, it is only between dogs and animals to the last, communication with human beings was basically not established, but these dogs are intellectual In addition to being able to speak, finally you can even manipulate humans. In that sense, I felt a smelling atmosphere even for tons.

At the beginning, Masatake "Mr. Tanbutsu" together with their masters as mercenaries (in the era of warring States, so-called pirates and guns of miscellaneous were active as mercenaries, as if it were such feeling) I participated in the battle and showed the skill to the reader, but the young of the surviving family, the land, which was destroyed in the fight against "Tenshi" released by the man whoseir village was "false" I forgot to spell the kanji so I dare dare write it) and memories that became the story of the feeling that Masataka Shoobi fought against the fangling under his father for revenge on fangs is there.

In this period jump, it seems there was a jinxu that "things in the age of warring States do not hit", did you endorse the surrounding opposition to defeat that jinx, although Yoshihiro Takahashi started as a dog cartoonist Sengoku cartoon , It was punish that it was not good from the reader after all. As a work there is no impression of saying that it is a trash, was not it weakened compared to the impact of [Ginga] or the fact that it was a fact that there was a feeling of a thunder stinky Sengoku Mono, did not it?

By the way, in the last round around the end, all of the blacksmiths are endangered, who were they? Who killed the brave general of the brutal warrior of the endorsement of Shingon, in fact even the fangs were manipulated by that proverb There is a feeling that it ended before it was not understood that it was only a puppet which is being done. I think that it is not Masatake 's mother' s "fire" (which was also a nanny of Land), but it is remembered.