[Comics]Arc the Lad 2

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Hideaki Nishikawa
Monthly Shounen GANGAN
Japan Released:1998/01/22(Thu) / End:2001/10/22
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1. http://www.swan.channel.or.jp/swan/software/line_up/index_ARC01.html (Translation)
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2011/05/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3375 Host:3325 Browser: 12823
Although the story progresses slowly at first, there is a feeling of being stuffed from around 9 volumes.
I wanted it to progress carefully in the second half with the feeling like the first half.
In the original, Elk is a shadow from the second half. Since this time it ends with the confrontation with Galiano and the entanglement of the genes until this end, only the arc stands out, and Elk and Riesa are working solidly.
Galiano and Jean etc are better than the original ones. I knew the original, it was surprising.
Elk's past depicts more firmly than the original.
A fine human relationship is good. Dr. Wilmer, the son of the uncle of the construction site, a guy in black clothes, a mother, an epile, etc. It is originally a supporting committee, and likes the exchange with an appearance character of only manga version.

[About the picture]
There are good places, there are places I thought it was bad.
First, the character deza is dense.
Elk, arc and toss were cool. Shante may rather be here. Goggen, Poco etc are also OK in general. However, Riesa is not very popular.
Shu was a narrow-eyed character, it was a character that felt like becoming stronger when seriously put out. I like this for this.
Monsters and chimeras are grotesque anyway. I can not recommend this point to a lot of acquaintances.
However, there was also a pretty design like Kerak or Mofuri. I am relieved to see this.
What is completely different from the original is that Andel is too young and Jean is a different person. Jean is fine, but Andel wanted it to be like a bad man like the original in drift.

Shu and Elk 's Crossfire unexpectedly laughed.
Then, Jihen's special form was also a feeling "Eh!"
It is not saying that it is by no means bad. I could rather laugh.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I did an original work, I also saw anime, but I also like this comic version well.
Anyway, arranging is good, it has changed greatly from the original, but it is OK personally.
Although I say what I thought was bad, the packing condition in the second half was bad.
Lastly, interaction with Shante, and the race of the rugged, Guruga, Ega, Sanya.
It was painful as the latter half was seeing such as. If polite development like the first half continues, I would like to continue more than 20 volumes. In that case, you can also allow participation such as Guruga.
Service to fans is also good. Mortal work and quotes were ruptured in the dialog.
Personally I enjoyed quite well! It is very good.

2010/03/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27699 Host:27724 Browser: 2903(Mobile)
"good point"
Elk's past. I think that it is a good older brother, at the end of Zaza, Jean's change, the last of Millil, it is sad. However, as well as making other disadvantages chara

"Bad point"
The appearance of only the last of a darker Eaga painting waste (Ark 1 from a friend (sweat))
The tone of Goggen (when Millill became a chimera)

Arkeiger "I forgot Eaga" We are looking for a white house ~ "
Ark (... I forgot to tell you that it was crushed)
Kukuru (... I forgot to ask for a cherry blossom viewing)

Riesa sleeping naked in the bed of Jagos island (Elk next to bed)

2008/07/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37996 Host:37991 Browser: 8593
It is a big fan of the original game. When I first read it, I felt that the original setting was something about the nose ...
As you continue reading, it is interesting and funny. The original game is interesting, but the story is fresh white,
Since there is a feeling that explanation is not enough, I think that this work whose figure of Elk's firmly drawn is a fan should read once.

In the original, it died soon, I also drew a close look at Jean and Millill 's settlement that is not impressed by this.
I will take full advantage of the setting of childhood friend and will be impressed with the skill of the author who made it into a scene that can cry.
Often, I think that I mistakenly think that I've failed the original development by collapsing the original (but private) though.
This is one of the rare cartoons beyond the original.

The bad thing is ... Was not it familiar to the arc which was cool like a woman like a hairstyle?
Also, the face of the monster is dense each time (laugh)
Overall the face of the character is dark, so the pattern may split up and down.

Although it ended cleanly (as in the scenario it was also nice to break), as an arc fan I wish I had been watching their adventure for a while longer.
Well, the original is pretty long so it would be impossible to write until the end ....
Oh, after reading back, I'd like to play Ark 2.

2008/03/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25637 Host:25487 Browser: 7322
The original game is a little played at a friend's house, but it remains quite impressive. I also liked a serious story.
So, when I browsed at a bookstore, I was reading a little bit, after all I read all 10 volumes by browse.

I do not quite understand the difference from the original, but I liked a serious story.
Galiano was a character such as "evil!" And had an impact.

I have been passing for quite a while since I finished reading, so I often forget it.
However, the last one was apparently running fast. It was also how to beat down how to knock down.
About 10 volumes serialized for about 4 years. Considering that the original was released in November of 1996, it was unavoidable.
Is this also a fate of the monthly magazine (Pok莨〓on special, etc., too, because deployment was delayed considerably from the original)

2007/03/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39980 Host:39986 Browser: 5237
I've never played Arkzalad's game, but I read it in Gangan and I read it somewhat, but I wonder if it remains in honest impression.

2006/10/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33550 Host:33616 Browser: 4184
Although the early stage etc. are games with many dark story, they are well expressed, without comic also omitted.
It's nice not to be developed fast.

2006/09/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40026 Host:39877 Browser: 3875
This cartoon.
It's pretty hard to evaluate ...
In fact, I also had a "worst" part in part and "part of" the highest ".
Game comics that the author's arrangements and so on work so far are unusual.
Approximately in the evaluation, until the scene where Millil dies is "Good ~ Highest!"
So, after Elk fell, it is "very bad ~ worst".
Dark development has been continued just ... Although it is an aside but this work has no teleca or can not appear in ToraCa (although it may be a copyright issue), it was being touched variously.
Did the readers get away with that dark development?
Actually, I do not remember the contents, but I remember it in a bad meaning that it was dark and it was a dark development.
I was a fan at the time, but I was sorry to feel that I was betrayed quite well.
Initially, I was hoping for a more warm development ...
Although it may be good to say "very good" at the beginning.
Elk and Riesa's love comedy seemed to be adolescents and it was funny.

But I'm complaining a lot, but I like this work.
The unique flavoring of the author is interesting, I could laugh at having used a heroic technique because the small fish says "semi-death student" for some reason.
The fish is dark and interesting.
Catharsis is effective and it is interesting.
It is okay to break down huge slime, Jean (beauty form), Ander (beauty form) or the original.
Still, it is also good to incorporate the line of the original as much as possible.
Warm shuu and shy, but cute Riesa is good.
It was nice that the elk grew properly, and the heat is also good.
However, the arc seemed very cool and I felt not much charm ... It is not the image of Yuuki Hiroshi, you wanted me to portray his destiny a bit more.
Poco and Shante which were out a little were attractive.
One character is not impression thin except Poco.
What I thought was good is the final round that was painful but became a happy ending.
It is interesting that Shante came out in an unexpected position.
Although Guruga and Sania were complete snakeshots.
By the way, it is what happened to Shante, but I recommend that you see SEVENFOLD STORI of this author.
The book is recommended because I can see the past of Shu, such as the tenderness of the arc that was not drawn in this volume, the story of a smiley Poco.
Another scene where Elk returns an music box to Jean, this scene ... I cried ... I can draw growth as well.
This scene was "the best!" In the final stage ...
I was glad that the goodness of this work has returned again.
This kind of human emotions and kudo but it is good to express firmly emotions.

Also, it's also a high point to read "shock" as "rush" and unique arrangement of games.
I was able to read without being bored and it was fun.

Impression There are a lot of bad parts, but the part that is shining really was impressed, so the evaluation is "good".
I hope that this world does not lead to 〓〓〓and it will become peaceful.
Because it is a good impression that I saw the strength of things spinning the world.
From the continuation of the stasis, the last tune and the beginning of the last near the last came back so I like this work.

2006/02/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32328 Host:32311 Browser: 4354
Comic rise of Arkzalad 〓〓〓 published in Shonen Gangan magazine. What is strange that what I was wondering before Arc the Rat in the Enix magazine before serialization is impressive.

Although it is a comicalization of the game - although it is a work like Teacher Nishikawa's exuding from all pages, original parts, original character, original character design and detailed addition of episodes - are noticeably conspicuous (I do not think that it will be an episode of less than 130 pages with five episodes by no means "slimming down sewer" slime).
Because of that, if I read it now, I feel that the sense of "game comic calling" is quite thin. The view of the world and the architectural design, too, must be a very tic of Mr. Nishikawa due to the pattern.
As a game comicalize, it seems that the owner's stuff is included so extraordinarily that it is a work that the evaluation seems to be divided depending on what kind of feelings it holds for that neighborhood. In my opinion, I think that it is good to be "very good" up to the episode of Miril's sorrow.
I think whether you understand when you read ... ... Anyway it is hot. It is a hot boys' manga.

Although I think that it is good, although it was not able to completely digest the original game, although it was not able to fully digest the original game (for the time being, I came up with the end of the comic original), it became such an arrangement There is sense, there is an impression that the way of finishing became a little scared. That part is pretty disappointing. It is also the place where good or bad is different as an impression (in the sense that it is necessary for epi, if it is necessary) that the original character is more exposed than the character in the game.
I wonder if the pattern of dark eyes can be divided among preferences. Is not it a feeling that it is very popular recently .... But this is a work that started serializing about 8 years ago

The impression of the final stage is bad, so we pull that portion and evaluate it very well as "good".
Privately, Mr. Nishikawa's direction is a favorite category, but it seems that liking is also likely to be appreciated.